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1. In, 3500BC to 2900BC; the Phoenicians develop an alphabet . The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing- pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets. The Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing. 2. In,1775BC ,The Greeks use a phonetic alphabet written from left to right. 3. In,1400BC,Oldest reocrd of writng in China on bones. 4. In,1270BC,The first encyclopaedia is written in Syria. 5. In,900BC,The very first postal service, for government use, in China 6. In,776BC,First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send a message the winners of the Olympic Games to Athenians. 7. In,530BC,The Greeks start the very first library. 8. In,500BC to 170 BC; Papyrus rolls and early parchments made of dried reeds- first portable and light writting surfaces. 9. In,200BC to 100 BC; Human messenger on foot or horseback common in Egypt and China with messenger relay stations built. Sometimes fire messages used instead of humans. 10. In,14AD,The Romans establish postal services. 11. In,37

Downloadable Goodies

Very useful sites, all free, all full versions, got my hand dirty. Check Inside Collection of Complete computer tutorial ebooks useful for students,computer engineer,programmers,analysts,geeks. It's easy download. Just right click, save target as and choose the location for saving. OR you could use some other download managers like FlashGet too. This is the collection of commercial java games for mobile phones supporting JAVA technology. There are lots of addictive games under various genre If your phone is Symbian based, then this one is the best in world so far. It has everything, everyyyyything. You name it , you get it. Just register for free and start to have fun. This is russion warez site for mobile phone games/softwares/tones. I won't recommend it but if you can find and know how to dig that site, you'll be charmed. not

Man mistakes porn DVD as woman's cries for help

Oconomowoc - Instincts took over, James Van Iveren says, when he rushed out his door to the sound of a woman being raped in an apartment above. "It was a woman screaming," he recalled Tuesday. "She was screaming for help." Sword in hand, he bounded up the stairs, kicked in the door and confronted a man who turned out to be alone - watching a pornographic movie. Van Iveren "Now I feel stupid," Van Iveren said. Worse yet, police seized his sword - a family heirloom - carted him to jail and referred the case to a prosecutor who charged Van Iveren with three criminal counts. "This really is nothing," Van Iveren insisted, "nothing but a mistake." Van Iveren's "mistake" unfolded on the morning of Feb. 12 when Van Iveren, 39, of Oconomowoc, was listening to music in the apartment he shares with his mother behind Red & Bunny's Diner on S. Main St. Suddenly, according to Van Iveren, the distinct cries of a woman pleading fo

Opensource Windows Application

By Opensource, most of us naturally mistake it only as Linux based softwares. Almost all softwares for Linux operating system are free and they are quite capable to stand next to commercial windows Application in terms of their performance,usuability and stability. Now, for them who don't want to dive into the world of Linux to taste those opensource programs, they can still enjoy using Opensource Windows Application. We know few of them OpenOffice,Gimp etc. is one such location for free opensource windows application. In their words: "Open Source Windows is a simple list of the best free and open source software for Windows. We aren't trying to be a comprehensive listing of every open-source Windows application, instead we want to showcase the best, most important, and easiest to use. This page should be a handy reference and a useful tool for getting more people to start using free and open-source software. If you think we're mi

Prank a friend

This is a funny clip how a friend plays a prank on his bestfriend. To find out if your bestfriend is woes or not, check this video out and get some idea. (Don't forget to turn on sound else it's useless to see and laugh at. ) It is YouTube video

Using your Digital Camera for Best Photography

Photography is an art to capture those moments of our lives for future reference. I was taught these things when i took a basic crash course on photography and indeed it's very true. Taking the best shots of subject without knowing much about what you are into, it has no meaning. A picture speaks a thousand words and to portray that into, photography is must. A great ebook on using digital camera. With this, even a novice would have a concept on how to do photography. One can learn very fast with the concepts in ebook. The ebook download link is inside. Please check in. From the book: " All great images, digital or otherwise, start by capturing a great photo and capturing great photos requires an understanding of your camera. It's these aspects of digital photography that this on-line book is all about. A great photograph begins when you recognize a great scene or subject. But recognizing a great opportunity isn’t enough to capture it; you also have to be prepared.

Nepal Telecom Launching GPRS , MMS And CRTB(Caller Ringback tone) from 15 falgun

Nepal Telecom is launching GPRS - MMS and CRBT (Ringback Tone Solutions) from 15 falgun, 2063. GSM Post-paid Customer can subscribe GPRS and both Post-Paid and Pre-Paid customers can register CRBT Service. -Configuring GPRS General Packet Radio Service offer 'always-on', higher capacity, Internet-based content and packet-based data services. GPRS enables services such as Internet browsing, e-mail on the move, multimedia messages. GPRS offers complete solutions through which you can always stay online and get connected with family, friends. How to Access GPRS? Following are the pre requisites to utilize GPRS on your handset 1. GPRS compatible handset or mobile devices 2. Service activated on your mobile number 3. Respective handset / mobile GPRS settings on your handset Settings for Sony Ericsson k700, k750i 1. Enter the main menu. 2. Select Connect (Connectivity) select Data comm select Data accounts 3. Press YES at Add account? 4. At Account type, select GPRS data. 5. Ente

How to install Nepali Unicode??

Due to lots of requests and askings, i'm compelled to write this article here. It's about enabling Nepali unicode on your machine. I showed them the way to but still they come and ask me to do that myself. So, i've put this very very simplified version here. By default, unicode support is present in windows XP unlike Windows 98/me etc. So, you really don't have to care much about reading unicode enabled websites or documents from Windows XP unless you want to create one at your own machine. For this you've to install Nepali Unicode Enviroment if you want to type in Romanized Nepali. Well, unicode is 16-bit character set standard, designed to include characters appearing in most languages. This is very helpful in localization project. Nepali unicode font has been developed by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya (MPP). Since, unicode is a standard, we really don't have to think of individual font. For ex; Preeti font(It is true type nepali font), if so

How to Get Emails from Gmail account in outlook express

To get mails into your outlook express(or any other client), two steps are needed. 1. Enable POP access in Gmail Account 2. Change Settings in Outlook express 1. Enable POP access in Gmail Account *Login to your Gmail Account *Choose Setting from the top Gmail Navigation Bar. -->Select "Forwarding and POP" tab *Select POP for all mail *Save changes 2. Change Settings in Outlook express(or with any other email client) *Select Tools-->Accounts-->Add-->Mail *Type your name and click Next *Enter your Gmail Address and click Next *Make sure that POP3 is selected under 'My incoming mail server is .... " *Type "" under Incoming mail(POP3,IMAP or HTTP) server *Type "" under Outgoing mail(SMPT) server and click Next. *Type your full Gmail address under account name and Gmail password under password and click Next *Click Finish *One more thing, highlight the newly created gmail account and c

Catch Me If You Can

He posed as a doctor, a pilot, and a lawyer without any training and got away with it. But he'll appear simply as himself to keynote an upcoming security conference. Frank Abagnale, whose life story was depicted in the film "Catch Me If You Can," has signed up to keynote the RSA Conference Europe, taking place in London in October. Within a five year period, starting when he was 16 years old, Abagnale cemented his reputation as a famous confidence man. He cashed over $2.5 million in fake checks and illegitimately worked in a variety of professions, including college professor and pediatrician. Abagnale got caught in France when he was 21 and was released after five years in prison on the condition that he teach and assist law enforcement agencies without pay. Since then, for more than 25 years, Abagnale has served as an associate with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, conducting lectures about forgery and embezzlement for trainees. He has also developed techno

Windows Live Messenger Ad threat

Well fellas! this news was released worldwide in 20th February 2007. But i forgot to write something on it. Now,i'm doing that. Microsoft has always been into arguments/contradictions and scandals. They are the targets of many hackers/crackers/spoofers/scammers.. Now, the recent news discloses that a false AD has been generating on Client sides messenger, that's apparently on Windows Live messenger. That AD is related to security application and it warned the IM user, a computer has been seriously infected with virus or some other malware. Something like that, and the innocent user has no other choice but to purchase their bogus program. That program, as microsoft said, falsely generated illogical threats in computer so that users could be scared. News ahead.. Banner advertisements for a security application said to report false or inflated threats appeared for at least a few days on Microsoft's instant messaging (IM) program, prompting warnings from security analysts

Evolution of Computer Virus

1. 1949 Theories for self-replicating programs are first developed. 2. 1981 Apple Viruses 1, 2, and 3 are some of the first viruses "in the wild", or in the public domain. Found on the Apple II operating system, the viruses spread across Texas through pirated games. 3. 1983 Fred Cohen defines a computer virus as "a program that can affect other computer programs by modifying them in such a way to include a (possibly evolved) copy of itself." 4. 1986 Two daredevil Pakistani Progammers, Basit and Amjad, replace the Executable code in the boot sector of a floopy disk with their own code designed to infect each 360 KB floppy accessed on any drive. 5. 1987 The Lehigh virus, one of the first file viruses, infects files. 6. 1988 One of the most common ciruses, Jeruselem, is unleashed. The virus, affects both .exe and .com files. MacMag and the Scores virus cause the first major Macintsh outbreaks. 7. 1990 Symantec launches North Antivirus , one of the f

PopStar Britney Spear BALDED

"Look at that jerk, myan.. it's kevin federline..darn him. he is such a jerk. It's so much shame on him to feed on britneys money." i never saw him as a celebrity like Austin Timberlake or other. These are the words for kevin federline when i see him on TV, everytime. Now, ever since, he was found cheating on britney's back, as news source quoted, britney signed on their divorse paper lately. The rumors are on that eversince that happened , britney's gone out of mind, reckless and mad. Her behaviours in public,party bars were adequate to prove her mental condition. No matter if her proponents won't agree with the fact but amateur photo shots and video reveal pretty much. Now, she is loosing her career. She is on the verge of her destiny. she earned a lot of thing and now, she is loosing them one by one in a split of time. Her official fan site club is now no more. It's stopped. She is condemned for her deeds. Her fans are turning into rivals. Bu


I was getting bored late afternoon. I knew what is concerned at that moment, i went to one local shop in mid-ktm area and bought a movie with a skinny guy posing awkwardly in its cover. His name was Borat, i figured that out after i watched the movie. It was quite unusual to see an american flag on Muslim looking guys hand. At it's cover, there was subheading"Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan". i couldn't get at first go what was that really meant but it's how Borat make conversation with others in the whole movie. His broken language at times made me laugh whereas leaving other native speakers speechless out of curiosity or anxiety. whateva,.. he belongs to his country land called Kazakistan and the whole movie is based on journey to America to learn american culture for the benefit of kazakistan. I think he is presenter or reporter of his local news. In the middle somewhere, i felt it's a documentary episode bu

War of mobile phones

Being loyal to Sony Ericsson phone for so many years, greed to own a symbian based smartphone, i switched to Nokia N70. That was the best with the money i could ever buy. In fact, i wanted to buy N80 but with the price it was tagged with, i couldn't get with my limited budget. Anyways, i've no regrets owning N70. Because, it's feature rich,3G ready and more. You could just google if you are interested on any mobile phone. Okay, the fantastic things i've done with my N70 is that i've installed an app called 'N70 torch' and whao, this phone is super-crazy torch light(very helpful during loadshedding). I've installed some emulators which let me play gameboy and NES games. Now, it's handheld game device for me as well. May be lots of people don't know about what they can do with their devices, usually i tinker around with everything i own, most of the time, seriously. One night, i was updating N70's firmware to latest one and it took whole 4 h

Killer Thermometer

I never knew the mercury inside the glass thermometer is so harmful. It is on today's local newspaper i found that if accidental spilt of glass thermometer occurs, it can cause serious poisoning effects on human body. We have been using glass thermometer for so many years which contains the most lethal ingredients. Mercury, silvery liquid like metal, easily turns into vapour at normal room temperature(i.e 22-24 degree Centigrade) and when someone inhales it, it gets absorbed into the human body. It's very common that we ignore the accidental breakage of glass thermometer. The mercury which can be easily absorbed by our skin into the blood stream, leading to tremors, nausea and blurred vision. Mercury is a neurotoxin which attacks the human nervous system and brain. it is more fatal on growing children than on adults. It can cause coma and death in many cases. Other symptoms mostly seeen on adults are tremors,headaches,blurred vision, poor concentration, hair loss and nausea

Wikipedia breaks into U.S. top 10 sites

Wikimedia Foundation popular Wikipedia online encyclopedia cracked the top ten list of most popular Web sites in the U.S. for the first time in January, according to comScore Networks. Wikipedia sites ranked ninth with 42.9 million unique visitors last month, ahead of the sites from The New York Times (No.10), Apple (No.11) and Viacom International (No.12), comScore reported Thursday. Wikipedia, which already ranked in the top 10 list of most popular Web sites globally, has been quickly gaining popularity in the U.S., where its parent company, the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, is based. In January of last year, Wikipedia sites ranked in the 33rd spot with 18.3 million unique visitors. By July, it had climbed to the 18th spot on the list with 28.1 million unique visitors, and in November it ranked 12th with 39.1 million unique visitors, according to comScore. In doing its tally for Wikipedia, comScore also counts visits to other Wikimedia sites, such as Wiktionary, Wikiquote

Windows Mobile phones to pack Opera

Some of the first Windows Mobile 6.0 phones to hit the market will include Opera Software ASA's mobile browser, in addition to Microsoft Corp.'s browser. Motorola Inc.'s Q as well as phones from High Tech Computer Corp., Asus and Toshiba Corp. will include Opera Mobile, Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder and CEO of Opera, said at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.0, the latest version of its mobile phone operating system, this week. Internet Explorer Mobile, Microsoft's browser, comes with the software. A number of handset makers announced this week plans to release phones running the operating system. Von Tetzchner said the handset makers decided to add the Opera browser because most of the phones come with big screens and may be relatively expensive so they want to offer customers a good browsing experience. "People do want a quality browser when on Windows Mobile," he added. Opera's browser technology renders W

Television Shows!!!

Television is the great source of information,knowledge,entertainment,music,politics and movies. There are so many channels in different regional languages. To talk about my hood, the history of Television channel is not very old. It's just mere 14-15 years old. We used to have one channel and starting with that one channel, we now have abundance of around 100 channels these days. It takes so much time for me to concentrate on single channel. So, i keep changing channels on and on. I love something related to special effects which are used in movies,music videos songs etc. I also watch programs based on technology,computer games, etc. Almost all channels are satellite based which we get through the receiver antenna of local cable operator. Those cable operators, i don't know much, have authentic as well as pirated channels being shown. Of all the channels, it's really irony not to see a single channel showing properly on tech issues. May be i haven't noticed any such

NETWORKING pinpointed

1. 'Finger 'is an Internet tool for locating people on other sites. It gives access to non-personal information. 2. The term 'petabit ' is used in discussing possible volumes of data traffic per second in a large network. 3. RDF(Resource Definition Framework) is a set of rules for creating descriptions of informations available on the World Wide Web. 4.SOAP( Simple Object Access Protocol) is a protocol for client-server communication that sends and receives information on top of HTTP. 5.Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is a technology that enables a computer motherboard to switch itself on (and off) based on signals arriving at the computer;s network card. 6. A hacker with benign intentions is called a "white hat". 7. A 'blue bomb' is a technique for causing the Windows operating system of someone you are communicating with to crash. 8. OSCP(Online Certificate Status Protocol) is one of two common schemes for maintaing the security of server. 9.Certificate R

Rape Punishment

So many of us have heard of extremist society's rule governing their citizens. We know stealers/thiefs have to trade off in jury by letting their hands cut off. It's like brick for brick, an eye for an eye. Now, this video is something graphic and mind disturbing. Here , a rapist is shown mercilessly beaten and later his genital is cut in front of victim and other general public. This kind of punishment in muslim society is not rare. If you are weak heart or underage, i warn you not to watch this video. It's inside!!! Download Video here(1 MB)

100 ways to insult

This little nifty tool will generate countless 'insulting sentences' for you that you can throw at your foes at chat rooms,forums wherever. If you like you can download, you've to run it in compatibility mode under windows XP. If so, Download here(20 KB)

More than 10 ways to Fart

Every single living being, who eats from mouth shall release the gas or air swallowed along with food chewed, through lower hole and that release of air is, well, farting. Some smell and some is so quite and doesn't smell at all,that it goes unnoticed. Well, celebrities farted,your friends farted,your girlfren farted, your teacher farted, your brother farted,your sister farted,your doctor farted,your uncle farted, your aunt farted,your cousin farted, your boss farted,your worker farted,lawyer farted,scientist farted, farmer farted,everyone farted, so, why do you care when you fart?? give it a blow and feel that action one more time. This fart tool is flash program. Download this here(480KB)

Valentines Day "E-LOVE"

The consequences of Electronic Love. If you want to know the real faces of electronic love, online love, wateva, then this little flash, attractively made shockwave movie will leave you laugh for long. Download this movie here(907KB).

Ella - The classic chatbot for your Windows OSes

This is based in part on the program Eliza written in the 1960's by MIT scientist Joseph Weizenbaum and named after Eliza Doolittle. EllaDemo5 is also based on ideas and work of several others in the field, but I will not attempt to list them all here at this time. My code was written in loosely coupled cohesive objects that can easily be adapted for use as part of an efficient interface between a database and Active Server Pages for Internet access . One straightforward enhancement could be to add voice synthesis to the words Ella generates as text. Kevin Copple Check inside for download link. Download EllaBot here(305 KB)

THE INTERNET pinpointed

1. Yahoo! derived its name from the word yahoo coined by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels. A Yahoo is a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human! 2. In the Deep web, the part of the Web not currently catalogued by search engines, public information said to be 500 times larger than on the WWW. 3. Researchers consider that the first search engine was Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. 4. The first search engine for Gopher files was called Veronica created by the University of Nevada System Computing Services group. 5. Tim Berners-Lee predicted in 2002 that the Sematic Web would "foster global collaborations among people with the diverse cultural perspectives", but the project never seems to have really taken off. 6. The top visited websites in February 2004, including affilated sites, were Yahoo!,MSN, the Time Warner Network, EBay, Google, Lycos, and 7. In February 20

99 Useful Run Commands

Do you use the Run feature in Windows XP? For most, this feature remains unused (or rarely used). Why is that? Well, First off nearly all of the Run Commands Correspond to a particular Control Panel Item or a Utility, Tool or Task that can be accessed through Windows. There are, however, tools and utilities that I bet you never knew you had that can be accessed through the Run feature. The main reason most people don't use the Run feature is because they don't know the Commands. So, to solve that problem, I decided to put together the following listing, which lists 99 Run Commands and what they correspond too... Accessibility Controls access.cpl Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl Administrative Tools control admintools Automatic Updates wuaucpl.cpl Bluetooth Transfer Wizard fsquirt Calculator calc Certificate Manager certmgr.msc Character Map charmap Check Disk Utility chkdsk Clipboard Viewer clipbrd

Wikipedia in REAL danger!!!

Florence Devouard, chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation, caused a bit of a stir at the recent Lift conference in Geneva by suggesting that Wikipedia is running out of money and could “disappear” — The original report came on a blog written by Philippe Mottaz, a Swiss multimedia producer and journalist. According to his report, Ms. Devouard told the conference: “Wikipedia has the financial resources to run its servers for about three to four months. If we do not find additional funding, it is not impossible that Wikipedia might disappear.” There is also a similar report from Bruno Giussani, an author and the European director of the TED conferences. Meanwhile, a Wikimedia staff member named Sandy Ordonez has posted a comment on Nick’s post saying “Ms. Devouard’s comment was taken out of context” and that “Wikipedia will not be closing any time soon. Ms. Devouard was simply referring to the ongoing, pressing needs for funds that Wikipedia, like most nonprofit organizations, face.”

Vista successor "Vienna" planned for late 2009

Now that Microsoft has freed Windows Vista from the shackles of a five year development process, the company is attempting to wow us by revealing that it plans to have its next major operating system ready within the next two-and-a-half years, giving Vista's successor an expected release date of late 2009. Speaking to PC World, Ben Fathi, the executive in charge of the OS's core components, made it clear that he was referring to a whole new OS -- known to have the codename "Vienna" -- and not the upcoming Vista service pack, codenamed "Fiji." Other than this tentative release date, Ben didn't have much new information on the future for Windows: in response to the question of what Vienna's killer feature will be, he said "I don't know what it is" and then proceeded to suggest that full virtualization and a radical new user interface will be the aim. Both of these suggestions lend credence to previous reports that a break in compatiblit

TIMELINE of Computing

1.1976 US Presidential candidate JimmyCarter uses e-mail to plan campaign events. Queen Elizabethsends her first e-mail. She's the first state leader to use this service. 2.1982 The word "Internet" is used for the first time, short for "internetwork". 3.1984 Domain Name System (DNS) is established, with network addresses identified by extensions such as .com,.org, and .edu. Novelist William Gibson coins the term "Cyberspace". 4.1985 Quantum Computer Services, whcih later changes its name to America Online, debuts. It offers e-mail, electronic bulletin boards, news, and other information. 5.1988 A Virus called the Internet Worm temporarily shuts down about 10 percent of the world's Internet servers. 6.1990 The first effort to index the Internet is created by Peter Deutsch at McGill University in Montreal, who devises Archie, an archive of FTP sites. 7.1993 Marc Andreessen develops Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Windows Live Mail Now 'Live Hotmail'

In an attempt to allay confusion over its new AJAX-enabled webmail system, Microsoft said Thursday that Windows Live Mail was being renamed to Windows Live Hotmail. The decision follows a recent switch to keep the classic Hotmail interface for existing users. Microsoft says that during beta testing, which began last March, it learned that users were "extremely loyal to the Hotmail brand" and "a bit confused by name change." Therefore, it hopes the Windows Live Hotmail name will reiterate that the new service retains what users liked about the old system. "As we prepare to launch the final version of our new web mail service, we recognize the importance of ensuring that our 260+ million existing customers come over to the new service smoothly and without confusion," Windows Live Hotmail senior product manager Richard Sim wrote. "We hope you like the approach we're taking and see this as a positive change." Initial responses weren't th

Fun things to download

I used to think my english is damn bad. But after listening, this mista talking, i changed my perception. His english talking got whole meaning wrong to another listener. Why not you too listen this piece? Download here ,it's also an audio mp3 file. More inside!!! I'm sure you guys have grown watching Donald Duck cartoons. I too have enjoyed their shows. Now, do you want to see, i mean hear Donald Duck in action?? not of much.. but i'm sure it'd be fun. Download here , then unzip, it's a sound file. I was ,at first, got puzzled,but that's not the case now. What you've to do is, think of one card out of shuffled cards and amazing, that card is gone. Can you find the trick?? Download here , it's a little win32 executable program. Have Fun!!!

Monkey Buziness???

I don't know but there are some resemblance among persons. It is said, truly, there are 7 exact copies of one human being. I mean to say, there are seven look-a-likes of one single person. May be you see your lookalike at TV or some other part of world, who Knows? but there is interesting thing to see Human lookalike in animal kingdom?? It's inside. And there is another one, Monkey-in-disguise?? ha ha ha lets figure it out , inside!!!

Mero Kathmandu

These are some of the aerial photos of Kathmandu Value. Few of you(including me), who have not got chance to see how it looks like from sky, here is your chance to see it. This pictures are not mine. I got them from net and it was saved useless on my harddrive. I felt you could see and analyze which road leads where. It was quite fun for me with my friends to analyze that way. They are inside. Check them out.