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1. In, 3500BC to 2900BC; the Phoenicians develop an alphabet . The Sumerians develop cuneiform writing- pictographs of accounts written on clay tablets. The Egyptians develop hieroglyphic writing.

2. In,1775BC ,The Greeks use a phonetic alphabet written from left to right.

3. In,1400BC,Oldest reocrd of writng in China on bones.

4. In,1270BC,The first encyclopaedia is written in Syria.

5. In,900BC,The very first postal service, for government use, in China

6. In,776BC,First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send a message the winners
of the Olympic Games to Athenians.

7. In,530BC,The Greeks start the very first library.

8. In,500BC to 170 BC; Papyrus rolls and early parchments made of dried reeds- first portable and light writting surfaces.

9. In,200BC to 100 BC; Human messenger on foot or horseback common in Egypt and China with messenger relay stations built. Sometimes fire messages used instead of humans.

10. In,14AD,The Romans establish postal services.

11. In,37, Hellographs-Roman Emperor Tiberius uses mirrors to send messages.

12. In,105,Tsai Lun of Chins Invents paper as we know it. Many say that this, along with the invention of the wheel, wehre what changed the word most.

13. In,305,First wooden printing press invented in China, which used symbols carved on a wooden block.

14. In,1049,First movable type, clay, invented in China by Pi Sheng.

15. In,1450,The first newspaper appeared in Europe.

16. In,1455,Johannes Gutenberg invents a printing press with metal movable type. His first printed book? The Holy Bible.

17. In,1560,Camera Obscura invented primitive image making makes its entry.

18. In,1650,First daily newspaper is published in Leipzig, Germany. It was called the Einkommende Zeitung.

19. In,1714,Englsihman Henry Mill receives the first patent for a type-writer.

20. In,1793,Claude Chappe invents the first long-distance telegraph line.

21. In 1814,Joseph Nicephore Niepce achieves the first photogrpahic Image.

22. In 1821,Charles Wheatstone reproduces sound in a primitive sound boc the first microphone.

23. In 1831,Joseph Henry invents the first electric telegraph.

24. In 1835,Samuel Morese inventes the Morse code.

25. In 1843,Samuel Morse invents the first long distance electric telegraph line. Alexander Bain patents the first fax machine.

26. In 1861,The US starts the Pony Express for mail delivery. Coleman sellers invents the Kinematoscope- a machine that flashed a series o f still photographs onto a screen.

27. In 1876,Thomas Edison patents the mieograph , an office copying machine. Alaxender Graham Bell patents the electric telephone.

28. In 1876,Melvyl Dewey invents the Dewey Decimal System for ordering libray books.

29. In 1877,Thomas Edison patents the phonographith a wax cylinder as recording medium.

30. In 1879,Eadward Muybridge invents high-speed photgraphy creating the first pictures that captured motion.

31. In 1887, Enile Berliner invents the gramophone. This is debatable, though- some say it was Edison, Some say it was Charles cros.

32. In 1888,George Eastman patents the Kodak roll film camera.

33. In 1889,Almon Strowger patnets the direct dial telephone or automatic telephone exchange.

34. In 1894,Guglielmo Marconi improves wireless telegraphy.

35. In 1898,First telephone answering machines come up.

36. In 1904, First regular comic books.

37. In 1906, Lee DeForest invents the electronic amplifying tube or triode. It allowed electronic signals to be amplified, improving telephone and radios.

38. In 1910, Thomas Edison demonstrates the first talking motion picture

39. In 1914,First cross-continental telephone call made.

40. In 1916, First radios with tuners giving access to different stations.

41. In 1923,Iconoscope, the first TV camera, is invented by Vladimir Kosma Zworykin..

42. In 1925,John Logie Baird transmits the first experimental television signal.

43. In 1926, Warner brothers studios invents a way to record sound separately from the film on large disks and synchronised sound and motion picture tracks upon playbac.

44. In 1927, NBC starts twp radio networks. CBS is founded. First television broadcasts in England. Warner Brothers releases The Jazz singe, the first successful talking motion picture.

45. In 1930,Radio poularly spreads with the Golden Age of radio. First TV broadcasts in the US. Movietone system of recording film sound on an audio track right on the film invented.

46. In 1939,Scheduled TV broadcasts begin.

47. In 1944,Compuers such as Harvard's Mark I put into public service.

48. In 1948,The Long Playing record is invented, playig at 33rpm. The transistor is invented.

49. In 1949,Network TV starts in the US. The 45-rpm-record is invented.


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