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Has Technology Invaded our lives?

Human lives have been greatly improved with this unstoppable technological advancements. Techonology has changed the way we live our lives. Today, what we think is what we have. And it is all due to the quest to betterment of living life. Most of the time, people blame technology for their negative impact to health but they forget the benefits that technology has given us. We can eliminate all those negative impact as suggested by the ergonomists. Most of the people usually comment that too much using computer gives strain on our eyes, body and overall to thinking capactiy. This is not true for me. Technology has eased my way of living. Few years ago, i used to rush to book stall to get a newspaper even on those frequent rainy days just because i may missed it. Similarly, i had trouble many times like standing in the cue at Cinema Hall, shopping departmental stores, ordering things from international market just after looked upon some magazine cuttings,.. i had faced so many hassles.

Now, the situation is not worse as i had faced once. If i want somethings from international market, i can search it and buy it instantly using online transaction facility(e-commerce enabled). I can book movie tickets online. I can watch news online. i can order things online. So, if i can do everything just a click away, then i'll really appreciate it rather than facing all those day to day time consuming troubles which i had faced once. I can promote my father business just a click away. People are getting connected to this internet thing more and more and day by day. People are putting their existense or identity on internet in the form of their website. So, if the world is moving across, then why are we hanging on the old aspects of life we were having. I totally disagree that technology has invaded our lives. I rather say it has supported our living standard. It has saved lots of precious time and trouble we were facing. For about those offline reading materials like books, newspaper and magazines, they are much vulnerable to physical destruction like fire,insects,weather etc and we cannot preserve them for years. But technology has provided ways to store our information for years. These days, the concept of E-books are in minds and in the developed countries, it has been already implemented in the small gadgets calls e-book tablets where one can read a complete book. Techonology savvy people are compiling books of great authors for this next generations books and magazines.
Technology has invaded our lives and access to a variety of information is only a click away today. As a result, the reading habits of people have changed too. What do you say? Have television, radio and Internet replaced books,newspaper, magazines and other reading materials at your home?


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