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War of mobile phones

Being loyal to Sony Ericsson phone for so many years, greed to own a symbian based smartphone, i switched to Nokia N70. That was the best with the money i could ever buy. In fact, i wanted to buy N80 but with the price it was tagged with, i couldn't get with my limited budget. Anyways, i've no regrets owning N70. Because, it's feature rich,3G ready and more. You could just google if you are interested on any mobile phone. Okay, the fantastic things i've done with my N70 is that i've installed an app called 'N70 torch' and whao, this phone is super-crazy torch light(very helpful during loadshedding). I've installed some emulators which let me play gameboy and NES games. Now, it's handheld game device for me as well. May be lots of people don't know about what they can do with their devices, usually i tinker around with everything i own, most of the time, seriously.

One night, i was updating N70's firmware to latest one and it took whole 4 hours on my mere crawling Dial up. But, it was really horrific moment when it was updating it's firmware because, the connection could die any moment. It was infact a praywork that worked most. :) If connection would have lost, it would have rendered my newly owned N70 to useless crap, irrecoverable. Lucky me, i succeeded.

Well, i was about to blog about Apple iPhone. So far, to my personal experience, APPLE computers were and still are owned by different group of people who could pay more for a computer. Apple computers often called as Macintosh system, i don't know, are the luxury for richest or for them who hates Microsoft and IBM whatsoever.

Whatever, i've not yet used Macintosh, i was astonished to read about their IPOD's popularity. Now, they released iPhone. If i'm not wrong, it's their first initiative on mobile phone business. Now, time will tell us if their Apple iPhone will become a success story as of their Ipod series or just a mere failure. There are already big fishes in a pond like Nokia,SE,Samsung,LG,alcatel and more. It's now Apple iPhone.
I came to know they changed their corporate brandname APPLE COMPUTER to Apple Inc. Now, this is a sign that they are into variety of businesses. They are no more restricted to computer business. Good for them.

One thing really fascinated me about iPhone is their multi-touch display technology. I mean one needs no stylus or any sort of pen-like sensored device, it's just your finger with which you've to access innumerable menus and application within it. But sadly, i also learnt no symbian app or java app would work there. I call it Apples way of doing business. But who cares, there are emulators in progress, may be. Lets see that to in coming up days.

To learn more about apple iphone, you can check their official url

You may also be interested on Samsung unveils mobile phone with features similar to Apple's iPhone

More on next time.


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