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नेपाल टेलिकमको चर्तिकला

नेपाल दुरसञ्चार, नेपाल टेलिकममा परिणत हुँदासम्म यसले खासै केही सकारा्त्मक कार्यक्रमहरु ल्याउन सकेन। वास्तवमा हामीलाइ क लागेको थियो भने सरकारी स्वामित्वबाट छुटेर निजी कार्य प्रणालीमा जाँदा यसले सर्वसाधारणको हितको लागि कार्य गर्नेछ भन्ने लागेको थियो तर त्यस्तो भएन । यिनीहरुको ठगीको,अदुर्दर्शिताको प्रत्यक्षदर्शी मात्र भएर बस्यौ । हुन त "जस्तै विउ, उस्तै रुख " भने झै त्यो बेलाको सरकारसँग आशा गर्ने ठाँउ पनि थिएन । तर आज समय फेरिएको छ । सुचना तथा सञ्चार मन्त्रालयको बागडोर माओवादीको पोल्टामा परेको छ । उनीहरुलाइ सँसारमा दुर्त गतिमा बिकास भइरहेको सञ्चार माध्यमको पुर्ण ज्ञान छ । यस हिसाबमा नेपाललाइ छिट्टैनै उनीहरुले सुचना तथा प्रविधिको क्षेत्रमा बिकास गर्नेछ भन्नेमा दुईमत छैन। खासै भन्नु पर्दा अहिलेसम्मका अवस्था निकै नै डामाडोल थियो र छ । नेपाल टेलिकमले विभिन्न बहानामा हामी जस्ता उपभोक्ताबाट बिभिन्न शिर्षकमा करहरु लिदै आएका छन् । कर वापत हामीले कुनै सविधा पाएका छैनौ । टेलिकमसँग मेरो एउटै गुनासो के रह्यो भने उनीहरु विश्वका अरु राष्ट्रहरुसँग प्रविधिको मामिलामा प्रतिस्पर्धा गर्न सकेनन।

CONDOM - A browser??????????

I was surfing net but stumbled upon some strange name "Browser-Condom". At first, i thought it's a prank but it wasn't. Those developers have named their new internet browser as "Browser Condom". 'Browser Condom' is currently in Alpha phase that means it's in early development phase. So, 'vappware' a software developing company who is maker of upcoming full fledged 'browser condom' is currently seeking testers around the world. The logic behind this CONDOM resembles a lot to real life action. If any bad scripts get executed, it wouldn't go behind the layer of CONDOM(Browser), that means, other files of computer are safe. So, i really don't know how are they going to do this, i mean make their browser wear that layer just like a condom but i'm sure, this is gonna be a buzzword in a coming days soon or may be not. The name CONDOM.. ha ha ha ha.. i'm not sure female surfers would use it because, look at their p

Latest 'Google Pack' NEW

Google Pack.. it's a collection of utility softwares which google made for it's users. Users mean everyone who knows a word about google. I happen to use couple of them in google pack like google earth,picasa,google desktop search, google sketch, google talk etc. More of a fascination, another third-parties have joined the clan. Symantec's Norton Security Scan,a free antivirus has been added. Similarly, PC Tool's Spyware Doctor is another addition to the pack which claims to offer a faster scan, better protection from all malwares/spywares . Guess what? they are free and Vista compatible. If someone wants to live Google way, Google Pack is a must as it's a bunch of very very very free useful utilities. Now Google Pack has applications like Google Earth,Google Desktop,Google Picasa,Google Toolbar, Google Photos ScreenSaverr,Google Talk,Google VideoPlayer,Mozilla Firefox,Adobe Reader,Norton Security Scan, RealPlayer, GalleryPlayer HD images,Skype and Spyware Docto

हामी नेपाली,नेपालीमा रमाउन्

च्याट त सबैले गर्नु नै भाको छ होला। त्यसमा पनि अङ्ग्रेजीमा होला । तर मैले जब २००३ तिर युनिकोडको बारेमा थाहा पाको थिए, त्यसबेला नेपालीमा च्याट गर्न पाए कस्तो होला जस्तो लाग्थ्यो। छन त 'नेपाल' रुम लिएर अनेकौ 'जाभा','आइ.आर.सी 'मा आधारित च्याटरुमहरु छन् । तर कमैले नेपालीमा च्याट गर्ने रुचि देखाएका छन। त्यो बेला मैले 'एम.एस.एन'को मेसेन्जर च्याटमा नेपाली टाइप गर्दा साथीहरु अचम्म मान्दथे। अहिले त्यस्तो छैन। 'विन्डोज एक्स.पी ' छ भने नेपाली युनिकोड मज्जाले पढन सकिन्छ तर लेख्नलाइ भने केहि सफ्टवेइरको मद्दत लिनु पर्ने हुन्छ । जस्तै यहाँ हेर्नुस् । मैले दुइटा नेपाली च्याट रुमहरु भेट्टाए । हेर्नुस् त ।

Sony Ericsson hires Hritik Roshan as an Ambassador

Hritik Roshan, this name is very popular name in bollywood and abroad. I'm seeing his Karizma bike Ad even these days. Now, the days are not so far, when we are seeing him for another exciting AD which Includes Sony Ericsson products. Yeap, he'll be endorcing Sony Ericsson's products including those coolest of coolests handsets. As we know, whoever becomes the brand ambassador of the company, he/she gets all the new products launched for free in addition to the remuneration. Whao. Now, Roshan will be updated with latest SE handsets and gadgets. As quoted from a news source: "Speaking on the occasion, Sudhin Mathur, General Manager, Sony Ericsson India, said that India is a very exciting market for the company and Bollywood is one of the most effective routes to reach the Indian audience as it offers instant entertainment, instant identification, instant star power and it strongly influences popular culture. So, Hrithik was an obvious choice for them, as he is the pe

The Geek Hierarchy

Ha ha ha . This one is really funny . Check this picture out . Click for Larger View


Count every "F" in the following text: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RE SULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTI FIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS.. (SEE BELOW) HOW MANY 'F's You Found? ................... 3? WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke. READ IT AGAIN The reasoning behind is further down. The brain cannot process "OF". Incredible, or what? Go back and look again!! Anyone who counts all 6 "F's" on the first go is a genius. Three is normal, four is quite rare. Refer this to your friends by clicking link below "Email This". It will drive them crazy! And keep them occupied for several minutes.

Top 21 things a Nepali does after returning from abroad

21. Tries to use credit card in road side hotel. 20. Drinks and carries mineral water and always speaks of health conscious. 19. Sprays duo such so that he doesn't need to take bath. 18. Sneezes and says 'Excuse me'. 17. Says "Hey" instead of "Hi". says "Yogurt" instead says "Curds". Says "Cab" instead of "Taxi". Says "Candy" instead of "Chocolate". Says "Cookie" instead of "Biscuit". Says "Free Way" instead of "Highway". Says "got to go" instead of "Have to go". Says "Oh" instead of "Zero", (for 704, says Seven Oh Four Instead of Seven Zero Four) 16. Doesn't forget to crib about air pollution. Keeps cribbing every time he steps out. 15. Says all the distances in Miles (Not in Kilo Meters), and counts in Millions.

Driving License Document of BIHAR

Bihar Istate Gorment Driving Licen Sekson Tiraaphic Dipartment DRIVING LICEN APPLIKASON PHAAROM ----------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Pleej do not shoot the person at the applikason kounter. He will give you the licen. For phurthar instructions, see bottom applikason. 1. Last name: (_) Yadav (_) Sinha (_) Pandey (_) Misra (_) Dont no (Check karet box) 2. First name: (_) Lakhan (_) Sivprasad (_) Jamnaprasad (_) Laloo (_) Dont no (Check karet box) 3. Age: (_) Less than phipty (_) Greater than phipty (_) Dont no (Check karet box) 4. Sex: ____ Male _____ Phimale_____ not sure _____not applicable 5. Chappal Size: ____ Lepht ____ Right 6.Occupason: (_) Politison (_) Doodhwala (_) Pehelwaan (_) House wife (_)Un-employed (Check karet box) 7. Number of children libing in the household: ___ 8. Number of children that are yours: ___ 9. Mather name: _______________________ 10. Phather Name: ____________________ (If not noun,leave

Cell phones getting smarter

Mobile phones are the innovative devices which gets released every month, or say every week if we cover world's scenario. Some are so addictive to new shape and size, that it's their ritual to change mobile phones with the every new release they like. May be, this is the reason, phone companies are driving their research team to develop new design and features. Besides, the competition among mobile phone manufacturing companies is another reason for newest release of cell phones. That's why it's said, mobile phones are the only gadget which get obsolete very soon with times. I think who carries a phone older than a year is considered uncool. But, in KTM,Nepal?? (as my previous blog titled "Nepal where technology lands last") , people use even 5 years old set. he he..:) Well.. i'm using 2 years old set and i don't mind being uncool. Anyway, There have few releases recently. 1. Samsung SGH-p310 2. LG VX-8700 clamshell 3. LX-570 CDMA clamshell 1. Samsu

E-mail Warriors !!! Yahoo going unlimited Storage

During a few past days, while Gmail users are struggling to access and sending their mails, Yahoo was preparing to offer something new to it's users. Now, it's open air news that reputed IT company like Google is really having a hard time to figure out the real problems,their servers were facing. The problem which caused many users not being able to send/receive mails at all. There have been similar outage cases like this in previous months too which was solved. If someone is experiencing problems like that, then one can check this link for support. Ahh..Yahoo. Yahoo is a big name in email service providers list. Suprisingly, i don't have a yahoo id. But, whoever is a Yahoo users, there is good news for them. Yahoo is going unlimited starting this May to mark their 10th anniversary. Now, this means, a yahoo users can store whatever he/she likes in her yahoo mail for ever, for lives. It's possible because of the plummeting price of th

Microsoft Office 2007 localized in Hindi

There is a recent announcement of Microsoft on the release of their Microsoft office 2007 hindi version. In the context of Nepal, Microsoft has released a patch to give Windows XP above SP2,a Nepalese language enabled environment. This was on the project based on localization of Microsoft product in past. Now, in India too, Microsoft said, it is the commitment they made under 'Project Bhasha' in 2003 to promote local indian language. Now, the fully localized Hindi version of Microsoft office 2007 will be equally valueable for Nepalese users too. This is my own judgement because, the lipi that we use and indian use, they fall under same one category, i.e devnagari. So, i think it won't make much difference on usage since we can use that for our own use too. Besides, Microsoft is preparing to release thirteen indian Language interface packs(LIPS) later this year,they are Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayam, Kannada,Konkani,Telugu,Urdu,Assamese and Oriya. T

it was CAN InfoTech, Now it is 'CAN Softech 2007'

We know and have heard of exhibition like "CAN InfoTech SHOW". The same people have come up with the new idea and program named "CAN SoftTech 2007". CAN Infotech is related to all about the computer hardwares, albeit, some were showing their own softwares too. CAN Infotech has been kind a both Computer Hardware and Software related. Now, i don't see any clue why they come up with this idea "SoftTech". If the software industry in Nepal has started growing and they felt that they need separate platform or idea to uplift this sector, then it's a good idea but if it is purely for getting AD Money, cheap publicity, getting visitors or for getting donations in any way so, then it's a bad idea. I'm not yet sure if there is any piracy act in Nepal. Without implementing these piracy act, they won't get flourished. It's impossible to dream about software growth in here. Anyways,it's their fresh start conducting something new like this.

मेरो नेपाल अनि निकम्मा सरकार

जहिले पनि english मा आफ्ना मनका कुरा लेख्दा दिक्क लाग्दो रहेछ । त्यसैले आज युनिकोडको सहारा लिदै छु । दिन भरि आज मलाइ निकै गर्मी बढेको महसुस भो , लगाको कपडा समेत फुकालेर एकछिन त्यसै बसे । निकै उकुस-मुकुस भै राथ्यो । यसो कान्तिपुर टिभीमा प्रचन्डको अन्तर्बाता हेरे , त्यो हिजैको पुन प्रसारण थियो । त्यही हेरे र प्रचन्डको कुरा सँगै देश कहिले स्विजरल्याण्ड हुने हो, आशा र कल्पनाको सँसारमा डुब्न थाले । देशको स्थिति दिनानुदिन बिग्रया छ, यँहा कसैलाइ 'बाल' छैन । प्रचन्डको अन्तर्बाता सकिन साथ आएको कान्तिपुर समाचार हेर्दा झन दिक्क लाएर आयो । नेताहरुको भागभन्डा मिलेन रे, त्यसैले आजको वार्ता पनि विना निष्कर्ष टुँन्गियो रे । कहिले अन्तरिम सरकार बन्ला, कहिले सँविधानसभाको मिति घोषणा होला, अनि कहिले आफुले भोट हालेर चुनेको मान्छेलाइ जिताएर देशमा प्रगतिका रेखा कोरिएला भनेर बसिराँ बेला जहिले नि त्यही कुर्सीको लागि मारामार देख्दा त 'थुक्क नेता हो ' जस्तो लाग्यो । माओवादीलाई उनीहरुले भनेको जस्तो कुर्सि दिए त भइ हाल्यो नि । यो अवसर उनीहरुले बारम्बार पनि त पाको होइन । यसो देश बिकास गर्छु भन्नेल

Alternative Resources in Nepal

These days,anyone living in Nepal knows the real pain of breathing air here. I think we're the most unfortunate human beings living under system like this. Statistically, we read that we are rich in hydro-led sources and ironically, we are under severe trauma of overly burdened load-shedding onto our heads. It's same thing, there is always an opposite proximity between theory and practical subject. We're geographically surrounded by a huge lands,precisely we're landlocked. Now, the only source of fuel is to get these fuels using those neighbouring lands. I don't know what game was running within our own oil corporation in past, now, it's on the verge of collapse. It's so much into the debts of indian oil corporation. The policy itself proved very wrong during the course of time. They hiked the fuel prices when international price went high but they intentionally didn't lower the price when international price went down. This is the main reason of vandal

Nokia N95 in Nepal

Nokia... 'bhani ranu pardaina hola', As Microsoft is to Operating System, Nokia is to Mobile phone. I've met people who don't know either what apple OS is or what the heck Macintosh really meant?? But, i've met them who've heard atleast 'windows'. They know 'windows', i know 'windows', everyone knows 'windows'. Windows is ubiquitous. I'm not bragging against macintosh. i'm just rambling about what truth really is. phewww.. i was about to make a post-up on Nokia N95. i'm sure eveyone must have heard of Nokia N95 hype surely for it's GPS capability. Now,GPS is Geographical Positioning System, a satellite based system to allocate at what longitude and latitude of the geography one really is breathing. ummm.. Now, when happen when this technology is implemented on a mobile phone, well, then it'll be a Nokia N95. I've watched documentary on Discovery regarding this GPS which is strictly used by US army for inves

Kingston DataTraveler Reader

Much of the pendrives and mp3 players circulated in Kathmandu, they are flashed based. More or less, they are chinese and third class quality. There are few branded names like Kingston. Kingston's new flash memory based portable(pen) USB drive is different than others because it not only has 4GB alone of flash storage but also an onboard SD/MMC expansion slot which can read almost all memory card formats like SD,SDHC,miniSD,microSD,MMC,MMCplus,RS-MMC(my N70 eats this),MMCmobile and MMCmicro card. Now, i assume, with this option of upgradeability, i don't need to switch for other option for more storage. i think it's future proof. Moreover, it's both Mac and PC complaint. Well, it'd be of course PC complaint. :) After all, there are 90% PC user around the world. I came to know that when this drive is plugged in, two drives are shown in computer as I: and J:(let's say). One for accessing it's own Flash memory and another for expansion slot. Very friendly,

Playable online NES games

Mario is super hit game character. Mario was first seen on Nintendo Entertainment System(NES)Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) was a big hit around 10 years ago. It was the only gaming console by then. These modified chinese NES are still available for around Rs 500 in the market. When i first got NES, i'm told it costed around $4500. The catridges were the most expensive. I had one Catridge called 'Super 1500 in 1' and that thailand woman charged me Rs 1500. Other single game catridge costed me no less than Rs 900 or Rs 1000(Now it's Rs 50 to Rs 100). It was time of NES, then SEGA saturn entered the market of ktm but it wasn't popular. Slowly playstation 1 came, dreamcast also was seen, playstation 2 came which is now a big hit. Now, names like XBOX , XBOX 360, PS3 are the buzz in peoples mind. Click screenshot for larger size Those sidescrolling pixel-image based 8 bit NES games are playable online. I'm talking about a site called I tried a

Vista Upgrade Prank v1.00

The Vista Upgrade Prank starts by emulating the Windows Update service screen. Clicking the install or cancel button closes the update service window and appears to initiate the Vista Upgrade Advisor. This Upgrade Advisor scan the system (actually does nothing) to ensure the computer is ready to upgrade to Vista. If you click the Cancel button, it disables itself. You are unable to close the screen or stop the progress (don't worry, its harmless). The Upgrade Advisor completes within 15 seconds or so and then informs the user their computer is able to run Windows Vista. Yippee! Here is where the fun begins. After the Upgrade Advisor our Vista Upgrade Prank will initiate a 'fake' Upgrade to Vista. This part includes many flashy icons and flavor text about the joys of upgrading to Vista. The user can click next or wait a few seconds and the upgrade to Vista simulation begins. Again, clicking cancel will do nothing, the process runs until the progress bar is complete (this p

AreYouMadeForEachOther v1.0

AreYouMadeForEachOther v1.0 is a program which will check if the partners(husband/wife,couple,gf/bf) would go for long run relation or not? The compatibility check of this program will depend upon the user's answers. It'll just take few minutes for this program to predict the output. You can download this nifty program here . (standalone 62 KB zip file) A bug was found in the previous file. The updated version is here . This program needs VB6 runtimes in Windows98/ME.Windows XP compatible machines can run it easily. Feedbacks are most welcomed. Distribute it to your college/schools/universities. Regards


I really had to do something important on net and my Connection refuses me to log in the gateway of internet. I called upon the support section of my ISP and they replied me that there will be no more Internet connection for 2 hours daily starting from today, i.e. , March 20,2007. Someone told me that these kind of program is being conducted by the association of ISP's called ISPAN. This is the first time, i ever heard that Internet Service provider are being politicized in a sense they're are conducting their own agitation programs. Now, being user, i've paid them the subscription fees,why are they indulging us in their programs. Why can't they just go and make sit in themselves? Are they trying to penetrate us so as to create pressure on government? Everyone is doing ever since, now, ISP is doing this. It's such a shame to relate ourselves to this system. Hello Mr. Businessman, you are beaten up, we've sympathy for you. But to get your vengeance, why are you

Hail USB !! Hail USB monitor !!!

USB is the dynamic technology. That's my personal experience. Before USB, one has to tinker around with the parallel or serial ports which required innumerous reboots of system to make something work. That was a real headache. Now, USB is getting more powerful and advanced. So far to my knowledge, i've used USB NIC card,USB modem,USB TV card, USB hard disk and list goes on. Now, USB display monitor!!! That's too much of an advancement. USB is a technology which is plug-and-play and someone noticed it as hot-plug technology. That means, one can install any device without rebooting his machine. I can insert USB pendrive and start working immediately. These days, bios recognises USB devices at POST and one can easily boot system off the USB drive. Oh i was talking about USB monitor. No VGA port, no DVI plug but just USB. Till now, it's just prototype of what it is going to be like, how it'll work. It's Samsung's 19-inch SyncMaster 940UX LCD monitor. Samsu

Optimus Keyboard

I have never seen or read about a computer keyboard before whose individual key can display individual graphics/letters/image as per user's requirement?? It's like every key acts as a display unit rather than conventional letters printed on plastic keyboard. This keyboard is unique in a sense, it can display letters on keyboard in different language as per user's need. Lets assume, someone is playing QUAKE and he can't remember all the keys assigned in games, well, this keyboard can display all ammos,weapons in graphical forms on the display LED of keys. With that said, it has multipurpose and it can change it's colour according to the working environment or as per the application being used. This keyboard is named as " Optimus Keyboard " and it's priced at $1500 which is to release this coming November,2007. Now, comparing Rs 500 keyboard to this $1500 keyboard, it's way too much for normal user like us. But looking at the features it suppor

Something about Operating Systems.

1. When Windows 3.1 was launched, 3 million copies were sold in the first two months. 2. Windows 95 can officially run on a 386DX at 20 MHz with just 4MB of RAM. 3. The Win95/98 logos were created with free hand on a Macintosh. 4. At the turn of the millennium, Bill Gates went head to head with the United States Department of Justice over the company's bundling of software. At the trial, Gates claimed that Internet Explorer could not be unbundled from the rest of WIndows. But an expert witness for the prosecution went to work in the courtroom and unbundled Explorer in just 10 minutes!. 5. Did you know that the 'Save' icon-the floppy-in Microsoft Office applications is wrongly depicted? The small rectangle is on the right instead of on the left. 6. Though the highest possible encryption in Windows 2000 was 128-bit, Microsoft only sent the 40-bit version to india, because India was under US sanctions after Pokhran. 7. At Microsoft,'Gone Gold' is when a gold

Oh My God !!!

Oh My God!!! That's a PILES cream, GOD save someone when he does't know how to read in ENGLISH It's not easy being Elephant and shit like a human

Some of best jokes so far i collected !!!

"You need not be afraid of my dog", said a housewife to salesman hesitating at the gate."Don't you remember barking dogs seldom bite". "I do remember the saying," said the salesman, "but how do I know if the dog remembers it or not". *************************************************************************** "Why are you not going to school today, my son", enquired the mother. "No, I won't go". "But why?" the mother again asked with curiosity. "Because our teachers always keep in shifting their ground". "How's that?" "Day before yesterday my teacher told me that 5 and 2 are seven and yesterday said 3 and 4 are seven. Well, what's the use of going to such a school"? *************************************************************************** Student: " How much for a hair cut?" Barber: " Two bucks" Student: " How much for a shave?" Ba

The Ultimate Rejection Letter

Herbert A. Millington Chair - Search Committee 412A Clarkson Hall, Whitson University College Hill, MA 34109 Dear Professor Millington, Thank you for your letter of March 16. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me an assistant professor position in your department. This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite Whitson's outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet my needs at this time. Therefore, I will assume the position of assistant professor in your department this August. I look forward to seeing you then. Best of luck in rejecting future applicants. Sincerely, Chris L. Jensen source :-

Evolution of Storage Devices(primary/secondary)

Now, this part is for magnetic storage evolution or any other computer memory that is evolved with times. Facts and figures are so intriguing that noone hardly manages to keep out of it. The fascination is just overwhelming to experience. There was a time when per MB costed around $100. Imagine harddisk of 10 MB for a personal computer of that time. Now, how much would it cost for 40 GB at that time?? (i.e 1024 x 1024 x 40 x 71= NRs 2977955840). By the way GigaBytes of harddisks were a mere dream at that time. Now we are dreaming of Harddisks starting with the capacity in Terabytes. We wow at 750 GB Sata drives at the moment. I think after 5 years, we won't wow anymore for 750 GB of drives. Because, by then, harddrives would be more volatile,portable and with humongous capacity. Did you know,Seagate introduced the first hard disk for PCs in 1979. It held 5 MB of data. he he.. and that Sony introduced the 3.5 inch floppy in 1981. Now, these days, nobody uses floppy disk and drives

What happened to Michael Jackson?

Let's analyse a visual physical change in Michael Jackson's appearance which is very shocking. 1971 - World at his feet An adorable 13 year old cherub-faced Michael gazes at the camera. He is about to embark on an incredible career and an incredible life. 1975 - Jacko's spotty teens Now 17, Michael is in the grip of adolescence. He told Martin Bashir he suffered terribly with pimples and that his father bullied him about his nose. 1981 - Changing faces On the set of his video for Billie Jean, Michael's nose begins to look thinner than in previous photographs. His skin also starts to lighten. 1984 - Surgery jibes The first rumours begin to surface that Michael has had surgery; on his face. The skin is paler, his nose thinner and the lips are more pink in colour. 1993- Black and white Now aged 35, Michael's nose looks more pinched and upturned than ever before. The skin now looks almost completely caucasian. 2003 - A changed Man Now 44, every aspect of

Mighty adolescence

During the adolescence period of teenagers, they tend to have lots of questions about their physical needs and changes they see in their overall body structure. One of the most basic instinct, is being caught while masturbating and feel guilty for all the time as he/she has committed sin of life. Masturbation is a process of relaxation which helps us get rid of depression mentally. Technically, masturbation has got different definitions. Whatever it is, it's one natural human activity. Now, many of the teens who have so many questions regarding masturbation, they can find this compiled ebook very enticing. This compiled ebook will definitely help them find a way or two. (You need Internet Explorer to read this '.mht' format ebook) Download ebook here(270KB). (rightclick and click 'save target as') Basic questions asked or inquired about are as follows, which is already answered in this ebook. 1Q. What is masturbation? 2Q. How does a man masturbate? 3Q. How does


Never knew, doggie could blog.. Sometimes, it's devil inside too.. Firefox Vs IE Microsoft today published the full bug list for it's Windows 2000 operating system. For the first time ever, all known and reported bugs are to be made available to the public. Mr Hyan-Lee Japan(photographed) made the mistake of printing the whole list .... Somebody really didn't have another copy of Classic Popeya VCD. Will it work?? of course not!!! When Windows crashes, entire network crashes. It's Windows Network.

Antique Nepalese Currency Note

Reminiscences of old Nepalese paper notes. These notes did belong to our dad and grandpa's time. Have a look !!! Five Rupees Note(back) Five Rupees Note(front) 1 Mohru Note(back) 1 Mohru Note(front) 5 Mohru Note(back) 5 Mohru Note(front) 10 Mohru Note(back) 10 Mohru Note(front) 5 Mohru Note(front) 10 Mohru Note(front) One Rupee Note(back) Five Rupees Note(back) Ten Rupees Note(Back) One Hundred Rupees Note One Rupee Note(back) One Rupee Note(front)

जेनेरेटरबाट गाउमै कम्प्युटर कक्षा

त्रिवेणी र्-पर्वत, फागुन २८ - "जहा इच्छा, त्यहा उपाय " । प्रविधि मोहमा होम्मिएका पर्वतको दर्ुगम गाउ“ त्रिवेणीका युवाले यही उखानलाई चरितार्थ गरेका छन् । बिजुलीे पुग्न नसकेको दर्ुगम गाउ“का यी युवाले जेनेरेटर चलाएर कम्प्युटर सिक्न सुरु गरेका छन् । बेहुलीबास गाविसका दीपक काफ्लेले त्रिवेणीमा खोलेको ओम इन्स्िटच्युटमा यहा“का विद्यार्थी र अभिभावक कम्प्युटरमा झुम्मिन्छन् । इन्स्िटच्युटमा दैनिक २० जनाभन्दा बढी कम्प्युटर सिक्न थालेका छन् । एक जनाबाट महिनाको एक हजार पा“च सयदेखि २ हजारसम्म लिने गरेको काफ्ले बताए । सरकारले वितरण गरेको विद्युत् लाइन पुग्न नसके पनि लाखांै खर्चेर उनले जेनेरेटर र कम्प्युटर खरिद गरे । गाउ“लेलाई सेवा दिने र व्यवसायसमेत गर्ने उद्देश्यले आफूले यस्तो काम थालेको काफ्लेले बताए । 'सहरमा गएर यस्तै काम सिकियो गाउ“लेलाई पनि सिकाउने रहर लाग्यो,' उनले भने । सदरमुकामदेखि यातायात र सूचनाका लागि समेत निकै पछाडि परेको गाउ“मा स्थानीय व्यक्तिले नया“ प्रविधि सिकाउने कक्षा खोलेपछि जान्ने र सिक्ने रहर भएकास“गै रमाइलोका लागि पनि धेरै जना आउने गरेका छन् । काफ्लेका अनुसार