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My Blab Outs

Paying PSTN telephone bill was a hectic moment for me always. Without queueing up in the line, paying bill was just a dream. Now, i am sharing some of my words.

First of all, i check Telephone bill on internet visiting this site here. Then straight, go and pay. if someone is new to check telephone bill on internet, one can register
here and check their billing statement. It's really disgusting to queue up, wait for bill statements for hours and then finally pay off the bill at counter.

We are facing, loadshedding, pretty much. There was no electricity one unfortunate day, i've to pay the bill anyhow and i couldn't access my net, coz no power. Out of hope, somebody told me, that dialing '1606' will help. I don't know if it's a toll free number or not but it came to be as saviour to me. I dialed that number 1606, it detected my home number gently(because it told me my numbers digital way like four... four.. eight.. five....... and so ,....i can figure that short pause between the numbers)and with the 'Intercom' style, it gave me options and it's way easy and i got my telephone bill. For this to work, i've to be on PSTN number, my own number. If i go to cyber and start dialing 1606, it'll show me the bill of that cyber owner.. geezzzz.. I'm quite confident that lots of people know about this 1606. By the way, nobody loves to wait in queue.

Now, this paragraph i'm writing, it's after the 3 hours loadshedding slap. Anyways, without loosing anymore hope, whenever i've to make a purchase decision of Cell phones, i usually check this website
Now, we know, most of the commodities enter our market through indian transit. We also know 100 indian Rupees is 160 NRs. So, what's the fuss?? i can bargain a local dealer here after having that site checked out. It has the most recent cell phone price list in indian market.
Its better off to check this site than window-shopping the dealers in Newroad, asking each of them about this and that. A wise guy ( like me.. he he)
usually check the specifications on internet,compare the prices and then finally hunt for his/her cellphone in the market without much asking.

OH yeah, my cellphone is possessed by a Symbian-based mobile OS. It can handle Java application thankfully. Now, being Nepalese, i really needed some calendar in Nepalese which shows Nepalese dates. I found somewhere on Net called 'MERO PATRO'. It's a Java Application and in JAR and JAD compressed format. JAD is not needed in my case. It just contains the file save information regarding where to save,version etc. JAR is the main file. I think all Nepalese may need this 10 KB java application in case he/she forgets nepalese date. It comes handy at times. I've uploaded it here and someone can download from there at the same time.

Life is good after all. :)


Anonymous said…
Checking the bill on the internet and by dialing 1606 is really easy. But there's another easy way. You don't even need the bill. Go to the counter where you pay the telephone charge and pay there directly. Who needs a bill.
Navin said…
yeah, at times, i had to go back to home for not coming along with enough cash to pay the bill.
I think i need bill to avoid that.. :)
Anonymous said…
reduce your phone calls bro. ani paisa ko dhannai mannu pardiana :P
Navin said…
thank you.. that's a noble suggestion
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Innovative billing systems are cool thing . I heard that in india even suprrmarket bills can be paid trough mobile phone .
But in nepal does it have a future?
Navin said…
ummm if we've protection i mean effective Cyber Law regarding this, then there is future. i guess
Anonymous said…
Thanks for using MeroPatro . Please give my page link for latest version of MeroPatro

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