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Nokia N95 in Nepal

Nokia... 'bhani ranu pardaina hola', As Microsoft is to Operating System, Nokia is to Mobile phone. I've met people who don't know either what apple OS is or what the heck Macintosh really meant?? But, i've met them who've heard atleast 'windows'. They know 'windows', i know 'windows', everyone knows 'windows'.
Windows is ubiquitous. I'm not bragging against macintosh. i'm just rambling about what truth really is. phewww.. i was about to make a post-up on Nokia N95. i'm sure eveyone must have heard of Nokia N95 hype surely for it's GPS capability. Now,GPS is Geographical Positioning System, a satellite based system to allocate at what longitude and latitude of the geography one really is breathing. ummm.. Now, when happen when this technology is implemented on a mobile phone, well, then it'll be a Nokia N95. I've watched documentary on Discovery regarding this GPS which is strictly used by US army for investigation purpose. Now, what would be the results when this technology reaches to public's hand. Some of the major European country are already utilising these technology on their car,mobiles. For the time being, i know nothing about this GPS enabled services available for public at least in Asia. Lets hope what lies ahead in future for us. Now, Nokia N95's hype has no use for us. Since, we've 3G enabled phone but no service. Same thing goes with Nokia's N95 too.

Nokia made an announcement to release Nokia N95 in Asian,Middle east and other continents simultaneously. According to them, N95 is the ultimate portable multimedia computer. I don't know if this is marketing bluff or what but they seem there is really something about this tiny computer. N95 features a 5 mP camera(carl zeiss optics - the same lens we see in many professional cameras-usually printed proudly outboard- in fact i don't know what really that lens is capable of but sounds very capable..geez :-), needless to mention.. GPS support,high modes of supported networks(WLAN,EDGE,WCDMA blah blah blah) and rest is same. Same 'boleto', it uses S60 OS just same as my N70's.

Today, Nokia announced it has started shipping the Nokia N95 in key European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets.

An all-in-one multimedia computer with a unique 2-way slide design, the N95 features a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, integrated GPS functionality, and support for high speed mobile networks. As such, it's a breeze to watch/record videos, listen to songs, take high quality photos, browse the Internet, or catch up on email while on-the-fly.

When this unique release of Nokia comes to our country,->Kathmandu,->Newroad , umm.. it's expected cost to shake peoples pocket is around 76,800 NRs (IC 48000). Approximately, it's 80,000 NRs inclusive all other custom taxes and so. Oh sorry, these people never pay tax for mobile phones though they claim they've paid the custom. They bring it as computer parts, sucka.. they know, there are some priviledges for computer parts while importing. Anyways, that's none of my business, till someone gets the mobile phone marginal to international pricing.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
wow a dream gadget for geeks ????? but this is a really expensive phone for nepali people to own . yo phone ta N80 bhanda ni almost double mango raichaa .
Navin said…
yeap, N80 is great phone but it's still expensive for me .. :)
Nirab Pudasaini said…
46 k pardo raichaa yaar .......... bawaal mango ni

euta let 28 ma second hand milidenchuu bhandai thiyo ........ tara second hand key linu ...... tehi pani afu sanga teti ni kaha bata hunu

v3x ramro lagyo malai 18 k ma feture loaded phone , 2 mp camera , mp3 player , bluetooth edge and gprs irda , java support .
Navin said…
he he, congrats..

v3x bhaneko chahi kun brand ko ni bro..
Navin said…
oh ho Motorola is US's most popular phone..

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