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'AAA' battery-powered Cell Phone

I've always been wondering what if there would be normal battery used for cell phone. Like 'AA' or 'AAA'. Considering the small size of cell phone, the best bet would be to use 'AAA' sized batteries. Guess what?
Philips(a cell phone company) and Energizer(a battery company) have collaborated to produce a mobile phone that would run off a standard 'AAA' battery. It would come to rescue once the traditional battery runs slow. Now, a cell phone with two kinds of battery in it.
The phone name is awkwardly name "Xenium NRG". One more thing is " both types of rechargeable batteries 'get charged at once if one charges at one go. Now, i think people would love to insert 'AAA' rechargeable battery rather than expensive traditional phone batteries. The battery output is estimated same i.e. three hours of talk time with both kind of battery.

To me, 'AAA' is most easily available battery and one can get this battery from any shop easily. Suppose, if one runs out of traditional phone battery, he/she can use 'AAA' battery with this phone. So, it gets rid of charging tension during most desired moments.

This is totally new concept for mobile phone usage. The concept of fuel cells are still in the stage of prototype and being tested. Fuel cells, unlike, this 'AAA' enabled phone, is something to prolong the battery life of phone. I read fuel cell could give at least of 8 hours of talk time boost as compare to today's 3 hours talktime. But, since, fuel cell is still being developed and researched, this 'AAA' is something which is very new concept for a mobile phone user.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
humm well indeed a gr8 innovative idea AAA battries in cell phone but only time will tell if its gonna work or not .

Well talking bout fule cells its is the kind of tecnology that is used in spaceships and rockets and it is the cleanest form of energy which uses hydrogen and the only by product is water .
Navin said…
oh ho, byproduct is water?? umm..
that's very bad, he he
Nirab Pudasaini said…
kina bad ......... it is very clean ni ..........
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well i posted some stuff in my blog ...... check this out and you may get some ideas about the fule cell
Anonymous said…
this is a wonderful cell phone. have use it.

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