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Bluetooth is a wireless technology named after Denmark king HERALD BLUETOOTH. Sony Ericsson, a swedish,mobile manufacturing company owns Bluetooth Technology.Bluetooth lets wirelessly send/receive a files across the devices. The range of the bluetooth is not very high while transfering files. It's just around 20 meters or so.

Connecting bluetooth device to another bluetooth enabled device is pretty easy. Enable bluetooth service on both devices and they recognize eachother. Now, sending files is as easy as cakewalk. Select Transfer method as 'bluetooth' and rest is easy. For eg.: One bluetooth-enabled phone can be connected to another bluetooth-enabled phone this way.

For connecting bluetooth phone to Computer has a bit different procedures than phone to phone procedures.

Bluetooth Phone would need a bluetooth support in other end,i.e on PC. Definitely PC would have a USB port, so, we need a USB bluetooth dongle to give PC a Bluetooth Support. When both sides have Bluetooth support to talk eachother, rest is not so hard.

Our only requirements would be:
1)Bluetooth Dongle(which is priced at around Rs 400 for Chinese-made)with driver CD. Install provided driver on computer, plug in the USB dongle,restart the computer

2)Enable Bluetooth Option in Phone set

3)As soon as bluetooth driver in computer is properly loaded, the software of Bluetooth dongle starts seeking a nearby devices. It'll find your phone set(whose bluetooth is enabled).

4)Now, both devices are connected. During which you may have to supply with the 4 digit same security codes on both sides. Give your choice of code.

5)Getting files from phone to PC: Driver Software on PC will show the default folders of mobile phone. double click any of the folder, select files to download, rightclick and copy. And paste to any folder in PC.
Sending Files to phone: Drag and drop the files from PC to the 'Phone names' detected by Driver Software. And files will be sent.


Anonymous said…
"1)Bluetooth Dongle(which is priced at around Rs 400 for Chinese-made)with driver CD. Install provided driver on computer, plug in the USB dongle,restart the computer"

Chadai bigrincha. Maile kineko 1 week ma bigryo. Kaile computer ko usb port bata nikaldina thye tesaile ni bigreko ki?
Nirab Pudasaini said…
wolvi khiley kahi tyo fron wala usb port ma high voltage aunchaa tesley ni bigrena sakchaa ........
tara chinees samman bhaneko chain sab luck ko kura ho ........ 10 din ma bigrena ni sakchaa 10 barsa ni clalna sakchaa
Navin said…
there is a saying "
China?? aaja cha bholi Chaina "

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