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Harddisk of old time

Since our school days, we are taught generations of computer and so we learnt about vacuum tubes, which were as large as room or even bigger than a compartment to say. But , what about Harddisk.

This is a mere 5 MB harddisk used during 1956. But considering our brain which is equivalent to only 1 or 2 MB for storing information(as i read somewhere), 5 MB was indeed an adequate option for information storage at that time.

Now, i possess 80 GB while there are already 200 GB to 750 GB harddisks in the market.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
yeha ahiley hard disk ta keya sasto bhai sakyo .......... philey mailey comp kinda 80 GB hdd was somwhat of luxry tara ahiley 250 300 GB ko HDD ni keya sasto. price heryo bhaney 20 rs/GB parchaa hola.

Ani manchey ko dimag 2-3 MB matra hunchaa bhanera timiley payeko information chain ekdum galat ho . Human brain has a huge capacity of storage i guess in tarabytes , mero euta bio p[adni sathi ley bhaneko. :)
Anonymous said…
I remember vaccuum tubes and transistors. I did not know that there were hard disks during that time.

Mero ta hardisk matri 40 GB. Kya jhyau
Nirab Pudasaini said…
ashish bro aba chain harddisk upgarade garey hunchaa 80 GB athwaa 120 GB ma ............ dad sanga paisa jhikalera
Anonymous said…
didaina malai dad ley paisa.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
haha bro ......... paisa jharnu ni euta art ho ....... try gara mahir hundai janchaau :)
Navin said…
ha ha, paisa jhaarney art?? interest..

Speed bro, may be you are right but when i was giving SLC, my teacher told me human brain of that size.. i think i've to make search on it..

ahiley Portable HD haru pani cha ni yaar.. Backup ko laagi ek dum ramro. ra normal Harddisk lai kasari Portable Harddisk banauney, tesko laagi, euta interface cable chahincha, tyyo khoji ra chu, pauna saath, Do-It-Yourself post raakhi haalchu.

ashish bro, mero 5 years old laptop ko harddisk size ta laazai laagney khalko cha, just 4 GB yaar.. he he.. timro ta 40 GB cha ni at least.. hai?
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Trust me we store high defination audio video in our brains and well we must at least have a TB storage for that in not more. Timro school ko teacher ley yo fucheey lai jey bhandey ni bhai halyo ni bhanera bhaneko hola sayed . mailey ta ek jana bio ko vetran sangga nai inquire gareko khulduli lagera.

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