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IPOD killers

IPODs killed Walkman/discman. Now there is a series of IPOD killers in market.

Microsoft Zune.

The features include a large 3-inch QVGA (320x240) LCD screen, 30 GB of disk space, WiFi for sharing songs, FM radio, MP3/AAC/WMA audio playback, JPEG photo viewing, and WMV/MPEG-4/H.264 video playback. The Zune will also be compatible with the XBOX 360 for streaming multimedia and the firmware is upgradeable. In the future, the Zune will also allow video sharing. The Zune reportedly has a 13-hour battery life for audio and 4 hours for video.
It's Nepalese equivalent cost would be around Rs. 17500 exclusive taxes.

Creative Zen Micro Photo

All the familiar features are still there, the easily replaceable battery, a standard mini USB connection, and the hold switch. There's also a choice of ten colors. But the main difference, of course, is the Zen Micro Photo's small-but-pretty, full-color OLED screen. It measures 41mm (1.6 inches) diagonally, can display 262,144 colors, and is viewable from any angle.

The innovative touch pad that made its debut on the Creative Zen Micro carries over to the Photo, though it has been slightly improved. The face of the player has a textured feel to it, lending a more tactile sensation to the controls. The layout of the touch pad remains the same, with a vertical scroll strip flanked by back, rewind, play/pause, fast-forward and menu keys. This, combined with a great user interface, makes for highly intuitive navigation. Creative recently patented the interface found on the Zen MicroPhoto. In fact, the Creative interface is used on many popular MP3 players, including the Apple iPod.

Samsung Yepp

In a case of small being beautiful as well as packing a host of features Samsung’s Yepp YP-MT6Z offers a massive 1GB of internal flash memory and 42 hours of playtime powered off a single AA battery. Single AA battery??? yeah.. that's true. :)

It incorporates a digital FM Tuner with 20 pre-sets, inline MP3 encoding, a voice recorder and eight EQ pre-sets all of which make it more than just another upstart yapping at the iPod Micro’s heels. Capable of playing MP3,WMA, ASF, Secure WMA and Ogg Vorbis music files and supporting MP3 bit rates from 8 kbps - 320 kbps this is clearly a contender.

Philip’s GoGear HDD6330

With a 30GB hard drive and features such as a photo-friendly color screen, support for WMA DRM 10 subscription content, an FM radio tuner, and a voice recorder Philip’s GoGear HDD6330 is the closest the company has come to producing a viable iPod rival.

Better still this is the closest a WMA-compatible player has come to rivaling iPod’s sleek design presenting an intuitive, touch-screen interface and the kind of user-friendly control you have a right to expect from your mobile entertainment unit these days.

If one hates IPOD, it's name and fame; then these are the alternatives to IPOD players.
Click here for more portable players.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
I like the Zune and i guess it is priced lesser than the i-pod
Navin said…
that's why, it's called IPOD killers.. :) same contending features but less price..
but we can't muchh believe microsoft..

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