Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mail A bullet ??????????

I was just surfing around when i came upon this really funny site. Well the basic idea here is to threaten your foe by Sending a bullet through mail . You can even write your foe's name in the bullet (in two language) . Well the site has been created as a joke and it has been clearly stated in the disclaimer section.

" The threats created by this script are not serious. They are an artistic statement following the recent threats of politicians in the Netherlands.

project-euh cannot be hold responsible for any serious fears or threats.

If for some reason you have a problem with this script and the mails it sends, please tell somebody.

In case you don't know anyone, use the contact page. "

You can send the bullet from this link :-


Anonymous said...

sounds interesting

Navin said...

speed, that's nice post up,.. i enjoyed this thing, name on bullet.. "Goli-goli pey likha hai, Goli khaney wala kha naam"

ashish said...

I hope that bitter truth bro got the bullet i sent. :D

Navin said...

nice to have that :)

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