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My need for speed

Lately, i felt my PC being little clumsy even after a whole day of defragmentation, startup file customization etc. And, the list of hidden processes growing which i hardly could terminate because of it's utility. My old system with configuration like 2.2 GHz Intel Processor on 845GV ECS motherboard running a very old video card Geforce 5200 128MB with 512 MB DDR-SDRAM and couple of PCI cards on it. On storage, it's 80 GB harddisk with 6 partitions. Running windows XP with lots of background programs sitting as icons on taskbar,it's like more than 20 icons, definitely slowing down my PC down. So , my definite need for speed started to grow.

There were two options infront of me : A) Either stick with the same old configuration except partial upgrade(like some more memory) OR B) Upgrade the Entire System.

Sticking with Option A was good for me, because i was short in budget. If i would have opted for Option B, i'd have Core 2 Duo compatible board with latest PCI-e slot for graphics & high bandwidth DDr2 memory banks with other future proof features which most of us never care about.

Even when i bought my 845GV motherboard, i thought it was future proof, since i could upgrade my processor to 3.0 GHz HT and Memory to 2 GB RAM. But, with the entry of latest technology, all those my future proof things have started to fade somewhere. Dual-core,Quad-core,DDR-2,PCI-e already invaded teh market. How could i be looked like a fool to see these charmas and be happy with my old configuration. So, within myself, i convinced even if i couldn't afford them, i would gain a few score of speed no matter what on my system.

So, i chose Option A, since it's budget friendly to me. I was supposed to buy DDR for my system at first place. I headed towards Newroad, junction of all latest gadgets and gizmos in KTM, at least. And, i stepped into my favourite local dealer's shop. In fact, Bishnu dai(a local dealer) is so easy person while i've anything to upgrade my system. He would let me have new items, deposit my old parts to him and at certain minus-plus, he would adjust the bargain and i'd get some upgrades in my system. But this time, i slightly changed my dealing. I didn't give him my 256 DDR RAM, instead i bought 1 GB DDR RAM for wholesome price of Rs 4800, kept old one to myself. He was ready to get my old 256 DDR for Rs 1100(which i bought for Rs 2400 few months ago) and he told me without hesitation,he'd sell it for Rs 1700. His way of doing business.

Now, my system got new 1 GB+256 MB RAM altogether and everything is quite speeder than before except for graphics processing. This is making me search fo AGP card. I'm okay with Geforce 6600 GT or 7300 GS 256 MB if found. But, seeing dominance of PCI-E video cards in market, i'm not so hopeful getting it. But tommorrow, i'll be definitely hunting store by store trying to get it.

May be it'll take couple of years for me to experience those dual core or quad core system. Right now, it's way too expensive to own.


Anonymous said…
wow bawaal upgrade ...... tara ahiley ta jati upgrade garey ni kati chito nai out of date hunchaa
Navin said…
he he babaal upgrade?? hoina bro,
ram matra upgrade gareko..

aba, 6600 GT GPU chahi rahecha ek thau ma, kantipath ma, tara bargaining cha li ra cha haal lai..

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