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Windows XP in NRs 210 soon

A Recent Announcement made by well-known philanthropist Mr. Bill Gates indicates, later this Year, Windows XP and all other Microsoft Office applications will be available for just as low as Rs 210(mere $3). This plan is targeted for students and developing countries like Ours. The Windows XP and other softwares will be of stripped down version. In a question for the availability of Windows Vista for price as low as $3, Orlando Ayala, Microsoft's senior vice doubted if it is going to run properly on low end machines of general public. So, for the time being, Windows Vista Starter Edition won't be available.

People steal because they can't afford the price to buy the product. Now, country like ours where people couldn't offer to pay for legal softwares, this step of Microsoft would definitely cut down the piracy as well as inclination towards Open Source projects too. Since, Windows XP and other Office app will be available at such a low price, who would buy pirated crack version or who would get themselve into trouble installing/tweaking indivitual settings of Opensource programs. It is the exorbitant price of Windows software, which led many people to use pirated softwares. If i get Legal Windows XP at Rs 210 rather than Rs 17000, who'd consider thinking other way.

The main motto behind this, is to double the number of computers users in the world by 2015. May the initiative of the software giant, Microsoft, be fulfilled and in return the people of developing country could take these benefits.


Anonymous said…
I think I won't buy it. I already have windows xp. But it would be nice to own an original copy.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well event though Microsoft is releasing the low priced version, i think that it will be somewhat crippled. I mean even in the past when they have released their low priced softwares it has been seen that the had provided so much less than the original software. And the question now is when you can buy a fully functional pirated version for NRS 50 , why would you buy a crippled version for NRS 200.

But there is brighter sides to piracy too. I mean today's pirated software user can be tomorrow's potential coustmer . Plus if a person is using a pirated XP in his home he would also Want to use the same platform in instution like office or college where he is going to transfer files to.

The stats you presented is much less the the original pc users. In china alone there are more than 1.25 pc users. well But a noble effort from microsoft . i think that they should use this low priced XP as os in their tablet pc they are developing for students of third world country.
Salik Shah said…
Well, I think Speed is saying the reality of the existing scenario in this country, in China or India or any other South Asian countries. But the question is what can be done to reduce piracy? I hope Microsoft is doing good thing by introducing lower price softwares- it'll urge people to but 'genuine' XP. It's always helpful to have that, Speed.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
Well a better use of this OS could be that it could Used in cheap tablet PC that are being developed. I think the MIT's 100 $ laptop is using Linux so the OS for the another tablet PC could be this $3 XP.

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