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'SPAM KING' busted !!!!

A Seattle man was arrested Wednesday morning for illegal spamming activities. The arrest follows an indictment by a federal grand jury in Seattle last week. The indictment charges Robert Alan Soloway and his company, Newport Internet Marketing Corp., with fraudulently selling broadcast e-mail products and services that amounted to spam. The U.S. attorney's office for the Western District of Washington refers to Soloway as a "spam king," for the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail his company produced. He is charged with mail fraud, identity theft, fraud, and money laundering. Soloway advertised a mass e-mail service that sent messages to an opt-in list of addresses, but didn't actually use such a permission-based list, the indictment said. He also sold software products that customers could use themselves to send out mass e-mails. However, the product often didn't work and if it did, it sent e-mails using forged headers. He also failed to offer promised supp

Biggest woman of our time

Somewhere in the news(may be many years ago, i read about a giant woman) and today, i've found her on internet and thought to make a blogpost on it. May be when i'm in any corner of the world someday, i can show that to anyone near to me. :) Just for record sake, look at the size of this woman. She's so huge. And when she is in front of a well built man, look her size, she's so huge. God, it's just unfair creating girl of this size, She should be in Herculean age, not at this time.

Meet or Delete MTV India

'Meet or Delete' is one nasty fun filled geeky TV program sponsored by HP, PC Giant. This program has it's own versions in different regions of the world. Since, i'm in Asia, i'm interested toward the MTV India's 'Meet or Delete' edition. I wrote this program as a nasty because, the participants dig into other members hard drive's content and based upon that, the judgement is made if it's good to make them their most buffed chum or not. Yeah, you read that right , 'Hard drive'. Since it's sponsored by HP, it's definitely related to Computer. HP,in collaboration with MTV India, has ventured this program which is mainly geared towards the new generation or lets say youth with which they can make dates, make friends and so. If it's acceptable, they'll click "Meet" and if it's unacceptable, they'll click "Delete". I've been seeing this shows last time and when i saw that 'Meet' button, i

Wireless Electronic Communication to go Nation Wide

Nepal Telecommunications Authority(NTA) has decided to go for Unified Licensing system. With this System, Telecom companies don't have to get new license for every new service they introduce. Yes, that is today's scenario where Telecom has to get new license if they're to launch New Services. Getting new license for new service means spending CRORES of Rupees on that. Which i think is total turnoff for Telecom companies. Today UTL(United Telecom) and NT(Nepal Telecom) has limited mobility CDMA phone. Similarly, Spice Nepal has only license for GSM. Now, if this new Unified Licensing system is applied, they've full freedom to operate many services under same license. I think that's pretty much positive initiative going on. Lets assume, if this happens, those telecom companies don't have to spend crore of rupees on license. If they don't have to spend that buck, they can cut down the price of services they offer to public. That means pure competition and w

Other Choices that we do have

No no no. Don't wrong me, this is not a dummy of real women thing. This is just a output of a sexoholic MousePad designer. This is a mouse pad. This is windows file animation - click this image for better view. Whenever thing goes wrong in computer, you get to push that button or what??

Bill Gates interviewed on Vista

Jon Steward interviewd Bill Gates asking about couple of things on Windows,PC,Windows vista, it's usage but in very funny manner. Never saw Bill Gates in such an awkward position. This video is taken on Jan 30th,2007 in Italy. Must watch if you are using Windows Operating System. src: Uploaded by Funny_Boy

Internet Guff

Click the images for larger view(read)

Future of display

There was a prototype of thin display few years back which a lot of people boldly expected to replace the contemporary paper newspapers and so. It was just prototype then but now, it has become reality. Sony has just debuted 2.5- inch full-color bendable display. It is just as thicker as normal paper i.e less than 0.01 inch. This innovative Sony's paper-thin color display currently is produced by Japanese company. The best use of it is, it can be worn like clothings, thereby integrating motion rich signs and advertisements. Since it's bendable, the company claims it's almost unbreakable and since it's also so slim, now, it's cent percent sure that mobile gadgets will even get lighter and slimmer using this kind of display technology which is neither LCD,TFT nor plasma. I assume, this is the future of Display

JACKASS the Movie

As a fun lover, (well to be true seriously a prank lover), i recently enjoyed watching a movie called 'JACKASS' the movie. I got it firsthand ripped in one DVD with both series of this movie like 'JACKASS' I and II. I liked PART II much since it's not only stunts but seriously pranks too. It'll definitely give you ROFL experience all the time. The one that i enjoyed much is the prank played by one of a guy who is acting a Terrorist and he was the prank on a prank. Like MTV Bakra Style. One gotta watch this to have serious fun. Besides, there is an old momma, precisely a bitch, who just keeps showing her 90 years old titties hanging up in public and people gets scared and run away. That part is much hilarious. And that 90 years old bitch is non other then one of the crew jackass acting up and disguised like an old momma. Steve O is getting ready for FART-BLAST and he vomits after he gets smell in tight air-locked vase, just FART FART inside that Glass WEE-MAN get

Online PC benchmarking

For example, one I just received this morning takes advantage of fear by informing me that I have had too many attempts logging into my bank account and as a result, my account has been locked out. I'm given what looks like, but is not, the website address of the bank asking me to change my password. It was clear to me that this is an internet hoakes because I don't have a bank account with the company listed in the email. If I had and was not aware, I would have followed the link, entered my information and given away my password. Internet Hoakes also come in the form of warning letters. For example, someone might send you a message saying that there is a virus circulating the internet and you are one of the first to be notified. It will ask you to help others by simply sending them an email notifying them of this new threat. These type of internet hoakes chew up valuable employee time and resources and do nothing more than create a false sense of urgency and unnecessary fe


GOOD NEWS from GOOGLE --------------------- Say WorldLink Nepal, they are giving economic email storage of around 2mb for Rs 1100(exclusive VAT). Now, in other hand, take GOOGLE(which is for free). They are giving 20 MB attachment while sending 1 mail at one go(previously it was 10 MB maximum email attachment). What will happen if someone sends 20 MB attachment email to that 2 MB storage email?? so, for the dwellers in highway bandwidth, they got no problem and they're going ahead and ahead but look at this shit called WorldLink's service. Only 2 MB?? They are going backward and backword. But anyway, it's time to thank GOOGLE. They are giving too much, wayyyy too much. and BAD NEWS from GOOGLE. ------------------------ I read Jennifer Slegg's post here where she wrote that all the fake blog sites which are made just to earn money from google adsense and with no original content, they're going to be shut down starting from this coming JUNE. According to her, own

Hollywood Guff ( John Rambo and Mean Girl)

These are the latest shots from movies of (some of)my favourite actors. Lindsay Lohan(from 'mean girls'), a HOT ACTRESS for this month, is playing a tortured stripper in "I Know Who Killed Me". She's one of my favorite diva(i consider her as one of the most sexiest hollywood females). I'm eagerly waiting for that movie. And Besides, the adrenaline RAMBO is back in RAMBO IV. He's now too old. I watched his last movie ROCKY BALBOA last year. He was depicted in Playstaion 2 Game within a movie too. Now, RAMBO IV is coming very soon. These are the glimpses from his same action packed legacy, RAMBO IV. image src:

Visual Subst

Visual Subst can associate any folder with a virtual hard drive in order to make it readily accessible in ’My Computer’ or by simply typing in the virtual drive letter in the folder address prompt. If you frequently work with a folder or folders that are buried deep within your system’s folder hierarchy (say, something like “C:\Program Files\KillerApp\Templates\Folder”), you can use Visual Subst to associate said folder with a virtual drive, (”x:”, for example), making it much more easily accessible simply by typing in “x:” in any folder address prompt or clicking the new “x:” drive directly from ’My Computer’. Note that this program does not actually change the location of your folder (it is still in its original location and can be navigated to from the folder structure). Also, the virtual drive can be easily removed at any point. It can be downloaded here (src: )

Putting 'Insert' Menu in CD/DVD drive's Context menu

Putting 'Insert' Menu in CD/DVD drive's Context menu We already have 'Eject' in the context menu of CD/DVD drive, which ejects the drive tray. But to insert the tray inside,we've to manually push insert button on CD/DVD drive. There is a workaround which lets you insert the drive tray without touching it physically. Simply by putting the 'Insert' sub-context(as shown in above figure) menu on CD/DVD drives Context menu. For this to happen, we've to call a dll file from our system32 folder. First of all, download this file and extract it. There will be two files CDeject.dll and CDeject.reg. Now follow the step by step procedures. 1. CDeject.dll -> copy this file to X:\windows\system32 folder (here X is your corresponding drive letter, mostly C:) 2. CDeject.reg -> execute it. It shows a warning message, accept that and click OK. That's it. Now, don't touch that drive anymore. All you've do is use the options from the conte got secured. , as name suggests, it's one of a site to make long named URL link to short neat form. There is a recent addition to this site. "Preview Feature". Preview feature will enable us to check where that Short URL will take us to. Before, we really don't have any idea, unless we click and check ourself the link. This "Preview Feature" will act like a TORCH LIGHT in pitch Dark Night. We know there are lots of zombie sites, which upon just visiting, may get us into trouble. For security reasons too, this step of TINYURL.COM is very much appreciable. For example, i dont' know where this tinyurl link will take me: But in browser's address bar, i'll type "" and ENTER. Note that 'preview' prefix just before the That's the magic. And the next page will lead us to the actual link. When we do that 'preview', if we don't see the page we desi


I was firmly believing that this Windows Vista is almost uncrackable but time proved it wrong. As old saying goes on and on "nobody is perfect". That nobody is 'Microsoft'. I bought it in local market and tried to install it on my old spare system. It took few hours and it got installed. Though interface wasn't good enough. I once read, that this Vista has adaptability to suit itself with the minimum bare requirements compromising all the graphical charms it enjoys in powerful system. I'm not yet in a mood to review Vista but yes, there is cracked VISTA which i got in MahaBoudha and it worked. I came to home and started searching on cracked Vista. And, the result confirmed it's fully working copy of VISTA. I was wrong about the post i made earlier(Windows Keygen Hoax). Microsoft really should start initiating steps towards this. From the source that reads," This is not the first time we've mentioned a Windows Vista crack, and it won't be th

Some of my Windows Tips

Some of my Windows Tips, that i think i should share. 1. To lock computer(XP) pronto Answer: Win Key + L 2. To go to System properties page( In Windows 98, it would bring Device manager window) Answer: Win Key + Pause Break 3. To check, directx version Answer: Start-->run--> type without quotes " dxdiag" 4. You need to flush DNS cache, when you are downloading from sites like rapidshare else you've to wait for hours to get next download as a free user. Answer: a. Start --->run---> type "cmd" without quotes b.type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes 5. Usually, it's impossible to see filename/folder icon actually without name. But i can do that. I mean i can change (for eg.) 'My Computer's name in desktop to 'nothing'(a file without a name). Can you do that?? Try it for yourself!! Try renaming the name of files/icons to 'nothing' which means type nothing. (Answer inside) Answer: Rename,type "alt key +

1GB Nike Shoes USB drive

(थरि थरिका यू एस बि ड्राइभ) This Japanese-made 1GB Nike Shoes USB drive is attratively price at around Rs 1400($20) which is compatibile both for PC and Mac(needless to say these). This stylish Nike Shoes design implemented on USB drive hasn't yet drawn attention of Nike Shoe company. But when it does, there would be lots of legal complications. So, it is rush buy. Get it quickly as possible, because tommorrow, it won't be there. This USB drive has keychain utility as well as the 1GB portable storage as it's main purpose.

Spyware makers sues Spyware removers

At first, it sounds weird that spyware makers are suing Anti-Spyware companies but that's the reality. In Nepalese context, we've a saying 'jo chor uskai tholo shor' that simply means "a thief who makes loud noises" in English. Now, we know that spywares/trojans-they are information stealers and real threats to PC users. Do we want them on our PC residing without our consent? Of course not. Then why do they bother arguing with companies like ZoneLab,PC Tools? There is a recent news where Adware provider Zango(previously known as 180solutions)has sued an anti-spyware software developer,PC Tools and it's Spyware Doctor. As a PC user, i'm always with Anti-spyware software developer and regarding Zango's sues, my personal view is totally against them and i regard them as illegal claim. These 180solutions had previously sued ZoneLabs which they later dropped the charge themselves. May be they thought they would loose the case. It's better off to d

Internet Browser fun.

You've to put the following codes without quotes in the browser's address bar(the place where you type But before that, put the browser in Restore mode, not in maximized windowed mode. Works both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox. Try this, Catch it if you can , put the IE window in Restore mode(not in maximized window mode). Put(copy/paste) the code below exactly in address bar without quotes. 1. "javascript:a=0;x=0;y=0;setInterval("a+=.01;x=Math.cos(a*3)*2;y=Math.sin(a*2)*2;moveBy(x,y)",2);void(0)" 2. "javascript:function reverse() { var inp = " moc.ffugorem:ysetruoc ! dekcah si tnuocca liamtoH ruoY "; var outp="";for (i = 0; i <= inp.length; i++) { outp=inp.charAt (i) + outp;}alert(outp) ;}; reverse();" 3. "javascript:a=0;x=0;y=0;setInterval("a+=.01;x=Math.cos(a*3)*200;y=Math.sin(a*2)*2;moveBy(x,y)",2);void(0)"

300 GB space,Unlimited bandwidth,Unlimited MySql databases,Unlimited Scripts support and more at

300 GB space,Unlimited bandwidth,Unlimited MySql databases,Unlimited Scripts support and more at In the context of our niche, where domain/host seller charges people with around Rs 3000 or more/year for mere 5mb/10mb shared hosting with one domain(they call/market it as free)provided,extremely limited bandwidth(you must have seen 'maximum bandwidth exceeded' message in some sites when many visitors visit the site i.e because of limited bandwidth) and 1 database/no database, there it's almost impossible to imagine getting 300 GB massive storage,unlimited domain,nearly unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mysql databases,unlimted script supports,unique and intuitive LIVE CHAT support system just for mere nearly Rs 6650/year. Their control panel is amazingly easy to use and their FTP is the fastest i've ever seen. Moreover, their support system is incredible and i've never found a chance when there is no person on other end. At least, there is someone who

O&O Defrag - The Best defragmentation tool

O&O Defrag v8.6 is the newest generation of the very successful O&O Defrag. Simply, quickly, and securely, you can get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments - and all this with only a tiny investment of time and energy! The new O&O Defrag V8.6 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks the hidden Performance of your computer. This software will optimize your hard disk in Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows NT 4 Workstation, securely repacking fragmented files together for more efficiency. In addition, O&O Defrag v8.6 Professional Edition boasts outstanding usability and a myriad of important functions not found in any other defragmentation software platforms on the market today. Supports 64-bit versions and Microsoft Windows Vista. New : World-exclusive Defrag Screensaver included. Blazing system starts. Up to 100% more speed . Complete automation with O&O OneButtonDefrag.Spec

Recover deleted data from Any Media(hard drive,digicam,USB drive,pen drive etc)

The News became sensational when public leaders attended the matrimonial ceremony held by the infamous corrupted businessman Sitaram Prasai few days ago. When a Photo Journalist belonging to 'Naya Patrika' Daily tried to take the snapshots of the event, he was snatched like Falcon to it's prey, and all his photos were deleted from his Digicam instantly. He was misbehaved,threatened,beaten and as a last resort, those goons deleted his camera contents thinking that was the best methods they could do to be safeproof. But do they know, they can't cheat the technology? I'm not trying to be political here but since, this is something related to Technology, i'm writing everything possible disclosing everything here. The very next day, the same journalist recovered the deleted photos from his DigiCam? and all the hypocrites are exposed on today's Daily. I'm going to show step by step procedures how to recover data from any media. First of all, i want to discuss

Love happens !!!!

"girl: i love you -Boy: yeah i know everyone does! -Girl: really? -Boy: yeah... everyone of my friends that are girls tell me that everyday -Girl: oh... but am i only your friend? -Boy: no... youre my girlfriend... why? -Girl: so when i say i love you i really do mean it -Boy: yeah i know you do mean it... its just that you dont need to tell me that you love me anymore cuz i know you love me since the day we been together and i love you more each and everyday. -Girl: ...... -Boy: so wanna go somewhere tonight for our 7th anni? -Girl: yeah... where? -Boy: i dont know... maybe movie then dinner? -Girl: ok -Boy: ill pick you up after i get off and get ready ok? -Girl: ok. what time do you get off? -Boy: in 2 hours and then i gotta go home and yeah get ready which takes about 15-20 mintues... -Girl: aye... i thought you didnt have work today... -Boy: one of my co-workers called in sick -Girl: oh okay! so ill see y

E-Cigarette helps quit Smoking

Scientists already proved that nicotine is not the killer, it's the harmful gases that comes out along with the nicotine burning, that kills a smoker and bringing lung borne diseases as cancer,heart failure etc. I personally don't know how addictive it is but with the way smoker wouldn't easily give up this habit, China has come up with an innovative yet not harmful technology, a gadget, a product called electronic Cigarette(battery operated) which mimics the real cigarette. It feels/looks like a cigarette, it even emits smoke and vapours, yet it's not bad for health but a way to help smoker quit their smoking habit. Price at NRs 14000($200) approx, i think it'll be an expensive deal for smokers. More read here

Plato Video To 3GP Converter

With this utility, converting any video into cellphone format video(3gp) is a cakewalk. When we manually encode the video, there may be Audio/Video synchronization problem while playing in Cellphone but Plato Video to 3gp Converter easily takes the job on. I personally recommend it to anyone who has Video playability on their cellphone. It converts almost all kinds of video files such as rm, rmvb, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt, vcd, svcd to Cellphone video (3GP) format. Besides, it's freeware. Interested?? download here. For manual encoders,recommended settings about "Bit rate, Frame rate" on their favoured Video encoders for some cellular phones are listed below for best smooth playback. Sony Ericsson K750i Video Bit rate: 104kbps Format: mpeg4 Size: 176x144 Frame rate: 25.00fps Audio Format: mpeg4aac Sample rate: 22050Hz Channels: Mono Sony Ericsson K700i Video Bit rate: 500kbps Format: h263 Size: 176x144 Frame rate: 25.00fps audio For

Mr. Bean's Holiday

I'm a great fan of Mr. Bean, a British comedian. I've enjoyed all his movies which is a fun and hilarious to watch. There has been a recent addition to his movies. "Mr.Bean's Holiday". In this movie, Mr. Bean wins a vacation trip to Cannes, France. He also wins Camcorder and his new adventure with his camera leads him to another fun-filled tension which we as viewers would definitely gonna love and enjoy. I really enjoyed watching it, what about you. This movie is extra hilarious and his gestures.., I'd love to watch this movie again and again. There are moments when we witness the conflict rose because of the conversation between French and British. All his journey to Cannes, it's filled with humorous moments. If anyone wants pure entertainment, then follow the Mr. Bean series and it's his latest addition. 'Mr. Bean's Holiday'. A definite 'Watch' even for a first-timer. Besides, i can't criticize on his movies, because i love

Photo Fun

Don't let anyone take your picture, else see the consequences here:

New (Okamoto) Condom in Kathmandu, Nepal

No.1 made a debut by running campaign across the country as the cheapest,safest means of protection. Now, there is new Condom in Town, Japanese-made,boldly claiming skinless skin for it's condoms called Okamoto Crown Condoms. I read this AD in one local daily and thought some may be interested. When i read the AD, they claim it's the condom which makes men feel they are not wearing anything, sensitizing the most pleasurable moments. Men usually deny wearing condoms because it made them feel they're not getting full sensuality. It seems this is answer for them. PRODUCT STATS Head Width: 1.75" Shaft Width: 1.75" Base Width: 1.75" Length: 7.48" Thickness: 0.0018" Lubrication: Water Based Special Features: Reservoir Tip Looking at the width size,it's gonna be perfectly fit on normal size or even tighter which is definitely a must for any couple around planning to make love.

Chat from within Hotmail !!!!

From Gmail, (even without GoogleTalk), i can Chat with other Users using the integrated messenger feature.Though Hotmail claims,this feature is available for HOTMAIL users as well, i didn't find it anywhere. According to Wikipedia" As of June 2006, Hotmail users can now send instant messages from within Hotmail using the integrated Web Messenger function, without having to be signed in to Windows Live Messenger or have the program installed at all. At the Hotmail main screen, users can access integrated MSN services such as Calendar and Contacts (the latter being shared with Windows Live Messenger)...... " check this link under Miscellaneous Section I wonder if it's there.

10 Reasons Geeks Make Better Lovers

Reasons: 1. Geeks build it so you can come 2. Geeks get personal with tech 3. Geeks dig consensual role playing 4. Geeks interact 5. Geeks get things done 6. Geeks are hot 7. Geeks don't shock easily 8. Geeks know kinky people 9. Geeks understand multi-dimensional relationships 10. Geeks aren't threatened by new tech or "the future of sex". All the reasons elaborated insides: I've read recently that geeks make better lovers because they are so unaccustomed to romance that they will do anything for their mates. Also because geeks don't have the social skills to cheat (wanna bet?). Yeah, ha ha, let's chuckle at the stereotypes. Might as well add that geeks won't waste valuable relationship time watching football. Or that geeks are clueless and fashion-impaired and have the social skills of a bowl of fruit. But you know what? Humorous Top-10 lists aside, geeks really do make the best lovers, for reasons that have nothi

CNET Vista Upgrade Advisor

"CNET Vista Upgrade Advisor" lets anyone find online if his/her computer is compatible for Vista Upgrade or not. Upon visiting CNET 'Vista Upgrade Advisor' link , i'm presented with the note that they'll not steal any of my information. They would check or get my system informations with the help of ActiveX or Plug-in called 'System Requirements Lab' from Husdawg,LLC. which i've to (accept)give them permission to install on my PC when asked. From their site: "Before CNET and System Requirements Lab can analyze this computer you need to give your permission to download an ActiveX or Java Plug-in component called System Requirements Lab or SRLApplet from Husdawg, LLC. For more information about this component, see below. You may need to disable any Pop-up blocker you are using in order to use this service." Well, my PC is suitable for Windows Vista. THanks to me. And i got screens like this. Click screens for larger view After getting thing

The Best Antivirus in the world

NOD32 is the best heuristic antivirus software for windows which takes very low resources and it's extremely efficient than any other Antivirus i've used so far. Being on-demand scanner, it's real time protection works under four different modes: AMON(Antivirus Monitor) : monitors overall system for any incoming virus attacks DMON(Document Monitor): monitors any documents containing Macro script like MS office documents. EMON(Email Monitor): monitors any incoming and outgoing emails from client IMON(Internet Monitor): monitors most open port of TCP and it's best suited while being online. Enjoy safe computing. If you've any query,mail me at

Beautiful Liar

Beyonce's new album 'B'day' has featured Shakira,legendary Latin pop singer on one of her song and it's beautifully,seductively visualized in a music video. Being fan of Shakira, i think it's no harm putting something on her. This song is about two women falling for a single man and telling eachother about how he is. But finally, the song tries to blame a man for his disloyalty. I didn't care much about the lyrics, it's the beats,rhythm and music. That's just fabulous. Screenshot from video -------------------------- Please wait while the video(Beautiful Liar) gets downloaded. The lyrics: Beautiful Liar by Beyonce(featuring Shakira) Ay A Ay, Nobody makes me a prey... Oh, you don't say Beyonce Oh, Is Sasha, Is Sasha (Hey) He said, Im worth it, his whim desire (Yo se cosas que tu, nunca querres saber) He kissed me, his one and only (This) Beatiful Liar mo tu toleras eso sabiendo todo? Por qu?, no se Why are we the ones who suffer Ahora dime, He Wo