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300 GB space,Unlimited bandwidth,Unlimited MySql databases,Unlimited Scripts support and more at

300 GB space,Unlimited bandwidth,Unlimited MySql databases,Unlimited Scripts support and more at

In the context of our niche, where domain/host seller charges people with around Rs 3000 or more/year for mere 5mb/10mb shared hosting with one domain(they call/market it as free)provided,extremely limited bandwidth(you must have seen 'maximum bandwidth exceeded' message in some sites when many visitors visit the site i.e because of limited bandwidth) and 1 database/no database, there it's almost impossible to imagine getting 300 GB massive storage,unlimited domain,nearly unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mysql databases,unlimted script supports,unique and intuitive LIVE CHAT support system just for mere nearly Rs 6650/year.

Their control panel is amazingly easy to use and their FTP is the fastest i've ever seen. Moreover, their support system is incredible and i've never found a chance when there is no person on other end. At least, there is someone who will listen to you 24/7.

For country like ours, not everyone has Credit card on their possession but whoever has credit card(at least, their relative may have), they can buy their purchase plan instantaneously and the accounts get activated within a few hours. One can started uploading files within a minutes of signup.

I urge every readers of mine not to go for reseller and in case, if they've no other ways left, ask them for full domain control else don't buy it. Even though you pay for it, those resellers regain the control of everything you pay for. What you own is their bill. So, it's good to own what you buy. Don't you think so?



Anonymous said…
Yah they provide a lot of space and bandwidth that you will never be able to use. That's their marketing strategy. Provide a lot and people will sign up. But you know that you can never use that much. They don't even allow us to use a lot. I've heard that if you use about 20% to 30% of what they provide then it's good but if you use more then they will stop our site giving us stupid reasons. And did your know that hostmonster and bluehost are owned by the same person.
Anonymous said…
i really want to shift but i have already hosted my site at godaddy it will take some time to move all those data backup them... tedious..
Navin said…
next time, sir!!! :)
Anonymous said…

hostmonster is really the best.
Navin said…
Yeah, I bet on that too, buddy !!

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