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Beautiful Liar

Beyonce's new album 'B'day' has featured Shakira,legendary Latin pop singer on one of her song and it's beautifully,seductively visualized in a music video. Being fan of Shakira, i think it's no harm putting something on her.

This song is about two women falling for a single man and telling eachother about how he is. But finally, the song tries to blame a man for his disloyalty. I didn't care much about the lyrics, it's the beats,rhythm and music. That's just fabulous.
Screenshot from video

Please wait while the video(Beautiful Liar) gets downloaded.

The lyrics:
Beautiful Liar by Beyonce(featuring Shakira)
Ay, Nobody makes me a prey...
Oh, you don't say Beyonce
Oh, Is Sasha, Is Sasha (Hey)

He said, Im worth it, his whim desire
(Yo se cosas que tu, nunca querres saber)
He kissed me, his one and only
(This) Beatiful Liar
mo tu toleras eso sabiendo todo?
Por qu?, no se
Why are we the ones who suffer
Ahora dime,
He Wont be the one to cry

Lets not kill the Karma
Lets not start a fight
Its not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
Vamos A Reir,
No lloremos m%uFFFDs,
Olvidemos que,
For a Beautiful Liar

I just trusted him
Pero, cuando le segui
I saw you together
I didnt know about you then 'till I saw you with him again
I walked in on your love scene
Bailando Suave
You stole everything
how could you say I did you wrong

Por que no se
When the pain and heartbreaks over
Ahora dime
The innocence is gone

Lets not kill the Karma
Lets not start a fight
Its not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
Vamos A Reir,
No lloremos me,
Olvidemos que,
For a Beautiful Liar

Como te perdono cuando ambas somos victimas?
And I wish I could free you
of the hurt and the pain
but the answer is simple
he's the one to blame

Ay, Beyonce, Beyonce
No puedo hacer esto me
Con este juego
Estoy harta de tus mentiras
Este amor se acabo

Lets not kill the Karma
Lets not start a fight
Its not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
Vamos A Reir,
No lloremos me,
Olvidemos que,
For a Beautiful Liar

Somos hermanas tonight


Anonymous said…
This song is dammi. ANd very sexy too.
Navin said…
yeah.. i think this is first song of its kind. i've never seen music video like this before..
two divas in a single music video. so good
Anonymous said…
Yup! This song is Amazing, and I am absolutely in Love with Beyonce's new album B'day, and teaming up wih Shakira, they've done really good!

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