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I was somewhat lost in a hurriedness and restlessness within these few days. Moreover, i had to remember every evening that my PC is not up-to-the-notch. I guess it's just 3 or 4 days, i'm out of touch with my comp and i felt like i missed a world. Is it some sort of attachment with this thing or are we going tech-savvy? May be modern world centers around the cyberworld activity. May be not all persons have similar thoughts like mine but i'm sure there are people of my perception too who will certainly feel lost if they're kept aside from their comp for few days.

Well, i was kindda busy and in coming days, i'm gonna be even more busy. Sometimes, i even didn't have time to check on news but time keeps flying. I've to send mails, i've to call friends, i've to call my father, i've to make an appointment and whole other lot of works left to accomplish.

my new system being assembled/tested

When my comp got wrecked,first evening i brought uselss conflicting modem, second day i replaced it with new(didn't work) and third day have to bring it to repair center. Well, quite happy to know that i upgraded my system to mediocre level of PC experience. I've to get changed everything. Now, i've 3.0 Ghz HT CPU, with 915 GEV Intel Original board with 512MB of Geforce 7300GT PCI-E graphics,80 GB Sata drive and 1 GB of DDR2 system RAM. I'm quite proud owner of it but it's sad that this Intel 915 board didn't support windows 98(who would use it anyways) and really had major issues with other old peripherals which is quite annoying. I thought this was board's problem but it was the way it's designed or say manufactured.

I checked my blog, it was way stopped(not updated). My emails from ISP letting me know my subscription would be over by a week and so. It was 3 days and felt like 3 weeks. How could i hope for lots of emails, news? whatever, i think it's human brains which interpret things wrongly at times. The same 16 hours of awakening sometimes become so long and sometimes it's so short that we sigh before sleep for not getting things done in time. It happens to everyone when i read/hear their stories and now same is happening to me.


Sadhana said…
Its True!!! Even I also spend most of my time sitting infront of my computer..When I don't have any work or college then I spend around 16-17 long hours infront of my computer....I know its crazy but I can't help myself from doing so.....It has become my best friend..!!

Navin said…
16-17 hours??
oh my god!!!
Nirab Pudasaini said…
well malai ta tyo bichira computer prati daya lagyo ......... how can you computer handle that much of work ..... computer also needs rest .......... computers also have rights ;)

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