Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some of my Windows Tips

Some of my Windows Tips, that i think i should share.

1. To lock computer(XP) pronto
Answer: Win Key + L

2. To go to System properties page( In Windows 98, it would bring Device manager window)
Answer: Win Key + Pause Break

3. To check, directx version
Answer: Start-->run--> type without quotes " dxdiag"

4. You need to flush DNS cache, when you are downloading from sites like rapidshare else you've to wait for hours to get next download as a free user.
a. Start --->run---> type "cmd" without quotes
b.type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes

5. Usually, it's impossible to see filename/folder icon actually without name. But i can do that. I mean i can change (for eg.) 'My Computer's name in desktop to 'nothing'(a file without a name). Can you do that?? Try it for yourself!! Try renaming the name of files/icons to 'nothing' which means type nothing. (Answer inside)

Answer: Rename,type "alt key + 0160" and enter

Well, these above are my very own tips. If one is needing more tips. Then i've a very good resource of tips which exceeds more than 300 such do-it-yourself tips. Click here for more tips


Prerana said...

Yeah the baby monkey is kinda cute hai!

Ani these tips are really good. Thanks for that hai.

Ani, about me being bored, leading me to do that. It was coincidence! hehehhe

Navin said...

okay, prena, and thank you too for reading this tips..

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