EarthQuake in Kathmandu, Nepal

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Posted by Navin

These days,there is a hot issue going on which is all about Earthquake. Peoples are making wrong/right assumptions, i don't know but making guesses about so-called upcoming destructive earthquake in Kathmandu. To my surprise, it's also said that within a specific time period, there is strong chances of witnessing a very massive destructive earthquakes.

Map of our country, Nepal

I don't know how this rumors got spread like a wildfire, but whoever you ask, i bet, they've heard this more or less. There have been minor earthquakes in past. But the most devastating earthquake in our country's history was of 1934 A.D(1990 B.S), nearly 73 years ago from today's time. This incident took place within the boundary of Nepal-bihar area and nearly 16,000 people got killed together from Nepal and India during those days. My grandfathers were kids during those time and when i ask them about that 'nabbey(90) saal' atrocity, they barely remember it. So, 3 generations have been born since that natural disaster of 1990 and we've not yet faced any fierce tremors like that. But, these days,speculations are being made comparing the same historical disaster. People are feared that it could happen anytime in coming days. This kinds of rumors were spread around 4 years ago too. When i, along with my buddies were passing by the narrow 'gallis' of Ason, we were blatantly making gossips like ' what would happen if earthquakes come right at this moment,.. look at these narrow pathways, we're gonna squeeze like insect inside these rubbles, there would be no electricity,communications if that happens blah blah' .. and now the same talk is getting hot.

'Nabbey Saal' reminiscences (Click for the larger view). An entire temple structure has been shown wiped out, after that quake.

I pray to god that don't let this happen ever but we can't help and stop nature's play. We can at least take precautionary steps before any disasters. No humans can stop natural atrocities, but due to advance of science, we are at least in the stage to predict the upcoming natural havocs. Scientists can foresee Tsunamis and major flood/storm situation and inform related authorities which in turn help people evacuate in time. Nobody can stop these. But, in the context of our country, we've no option and we don't even have any infrastructure to support proper evacuation.

I read that mother earth keeps changing it's shapes from time to time. The continents were not like this around 1000 years ago. The changes in platonic rocks will definitely create vibration and those vibration,(scientist termed it as seismic waves), will change the face of earth from time to time. The continents got separated. Seas formed. Once green area transformed into desert. All because of this quakes. So , this is an inevitable natural process. We can at least be ready for such atrocities. But, when i see the densely packed old houses in center of Kathmandu, i pity on them. What happens to them, if this undesired incident takes place. Do they have any chance at all to escape away? i think certainly not. There are thousands of old houses which are not properly built or say not a shockproof at all. But i don't either believe the big engineered complexes buildings too. Around a year ago, i read on one paper that in Pokhara, a new Hospitals ceilings fell off and many peoples died on the spot. Now, when such new buildings are prone to risk even without a slightest shake of a quake, then are we in a state to see all these new buildings as a safe place? i think these huge buildings will be the real killers if this happens.

People can try to run and stay at the plain areas where there is no huge buildings but plain grass area. In Kathmandu, i see that huge tudikhel ground to remain safe. But, during the course of time, Kathmandu has got the maximum population it could attain. Now, there is no free land left. Even as a kid, the free ground i saw and once was my playground, there are houses and playgrounds everywhere. The bagmati rivers where i used to swim and nearby riverbanks where we used to take rest and lift a breath of utmost bliss, now there are big carpet factories and other sort of pollution generating industries and ugly chemicals flowing directly to the rivers. So far, there is no free space in my area to run away and get safe. There are electrical wires running thousand volts current, big unsafe transformers(can act like an explosive during such situation) in each crossroads and the path i walk. God bless us.

Let's see, this rumor be just rumor.

Be safe.
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  1. Speed said...

    ok this rumor was spread by some baba .......... he has claimed that not only in nepal but there is going to be "mahabipatii" in the whole world and only two fourth of the world is going to survive ......... also clamied is that pakistan is totally gonna be flodde and wiped out of existence from maps ........ the baba further estimates that in nepal almost 3 lakhs people are going to die .........

    all these claims are bull shit as even with advance science rigs the exact time for the earthquake to occur cannot be predicted ....... but it is a fact that nepal is one of the zones where earthquakes can occur and by the present contex if earthquake occurs the causulties is gonna be veri high in kathmandu ...........

  2. Navin said...

    eh kasto hai??

    tehi baba haru jastai ley ho, ma uhiley school padhda, 'Maha Pralaya' aauncha rey.. kasto dimaag kharab bhako ni teti khera ni. Pachi ta kehi pani bhayena,huna chahi, tara news ma chahi, Pralaya aaucha bhanera ghar-khet bechera SAB moj garera udaye pachi road ma aako.
    (Carpe diem before Judgement day) he he he.. teti khera..

    ahiley pani khai, hijo ek jana saathi lai sodheko, yo ahiley ko season chahi Quake ko season nai ho bhancha bhanna lai.. aba herum k huncha..

  3. Prem said...

    So...means today is the last day......and be ready to die tomorrow at 6:15 AM....All of Kathmandu people....So today is the only day left for enjoying.....
    So Aaja ekdin bhayepani hasera ramailo garera banchau.....Kya pata kal ho na ho....

  4. Navin said...

    Prem, i don't believe such PAKHANDI baba. see, it's already the end of day and nothing happened.


  5. Navin said...

    Tyo baba ley dhulai bhetecha.. he got nice beatings from people.. he really scared lots of people.. he made people sleep outside their home and thats why they might have beaten him. thanks to police, he is saved. ha ha h aha h ah aha

  6. Speed said...

    Trishul baba is jailed ...... Gaushal local people lai thanks for beating the baba ........... aba tyo baba ley chetyo hola :) ......... nepal ma hero bata zero ma jharna kati ni timi lagdina bhanera ......

    i heard that this baba used to charge rs 15 jus for seeing him and rs 150 for asking him few questions ..........

  7. Navin said...

    speed bro,
    tyo saaley lai ta maar dhulai hannu parney rahecha teso bhaye,
    tyo ta sarasaaar thagi bho ni

  8. Speed said...

    Hami pani bheda ho ....... jasley jey bhaney pani teskai pachi sochdai nasochi dagurni ......