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File Sharing on Ares

File sharing across the networks is not a new thing these days. Even a kid with internet access knows how to send and receive files,programs etc. File Sharing is different than downloading. Because, File sharing involves simply two parties where uploading and downloading takes place at the same time. That means any two persons with online connectivity can share their harddisk's contents. Imagine what would happen if similar group of people starts to gather and starts sharing files. A network for file sharing would form.

Previously, the sharing of files was based on centralized system. That means particular server was put into extreme usage. Download was possible only after making request to server. Remember the Napster?? that's how it works. But, after it shared music mp3s, it was ceased to exit by MPAA and various other organisations related to music industry. They accused them of loss of billions of dollars. I don't know how they calculated that figure but yeap, it was loss there anyhow. Since people shared music illegally. Illegally because, even those who didn't own the original CD of music, they started to get it free. So, getting patented materials for free is definitely a crime, a steal. If i get free something from my neighbours house without neighbours consent, it's steal. Same logic applies to music files, not music files but almost all patented(software or in digital form) things.

So, there was no any hope to form another same site like Napster. Because, sooner or later, those MPAA would find them and make innumerous charges.

Now, the coders found different way, and they came up with a different idea. Decentralized online file sharing system. That means, now, no single server will be there to take care of these businesses, there will be virtually millions of networked computers acting that way. This is almost impossible to snatch millions of networked computers. But, not to forget, it's still crime to download illegal mp3 and contents in USA. If federal finds you are doing that, you'll be headed towards jail for long time.

In formal language, it's called peer-to-peer or client-to-client file sharing. Sometimes, one client acts as a server , sometimes as a client itself. So, peer-to-peer networking is network which distributes the storage,bandwidth etc between the members of the same network. Now, the previous limitation of centralized file sharing is removed. Every PC can act as a server and client in this networking and sharing files,softwares,music,movies became easy.

Kazaa,bearshare,limewire,Gnutella etc are some network based on this peer-to-peer sharing system and they've their own clients for use on desktop computer. Using that client software on desktop PC, virtually anyone can share files online.

Well, one of the major problem with these online sharing is the fake contents or spam contents or sometimes even malware(virus,trojans,spywares,worms etc) contents. These days, when we search particular items, the objects searched or found are infested with bogus content or beyond the intended application we are searching for. Lets say, if i'm searching for ELVIS PRESLEY video or anything related to him, i started downloading of around 11 mb media file, it got downloaded but when i see the content, it's some sort of bizarre sex scenes. We've to be very careful while downloading these contents since it's no where to what we expect to see.

There is new kid on the block. Ares. I think Ares network doesn't contain such bogus items or contents. I tried it with couple of things in mind and the things i got, they are for real. Try for yourself, forget about bearshare,limewire for the time being. They are full of craps.

According to ,
Ares is a free open source file sharing program that enables users to share any digital file including images, audio, video, software, documents, etc.

Happy sharing.


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