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Free Domain name, myth or reality??

Today, i read one strange thing on Sudeep's Blog that is about " Getting Free Domain ". We can get free banner/AD supported hosting space with the ugly domain names appearing all the time in the URL bar. But about the domain, i was quit skeptical and am still skeptical.

The site called is giving away free domain names as it claims boldly. It can't give you free space,but just a mere domain name which you must point to some other long URL link of yours. At first it may excite us but giving domain name for free, which we have to pay for normally,seems crazy idea.

The owner of is Vincent Valentine as Registrant and the Registrar of this domain is the notorious godaddy. Now, the question, will Godaddy allow this man to give free domain names?? or is there any tie-up between them? may be Yes, else Godaddy would already have frozen his domain name. He also feared that if this project works, he could be rich else he could be bankrupt. That means, this guy is shelling out his own money for his so-called free domains which as a end user we are supposed to get. This is clear when anyone who signup for free has to wait for sometime or for queue-up. If this guy were an experienced network administrator or engineer, we wouldn't have to wait that long but since he's buying domains from third party and providing us for free(it seems to me that way,at least), it'll take times. Or i doubt does he really give Domain for free? since, Sudeep has not got his domain name yet(after several days of request). I doubt if this guy(Vincent) is cybersquatting.

Trade-off(disadvantage): You'll have to show their Banners at the end of page(which is ugly).

Sign of Sigh(advantage): long url will get short unique name (eg: could be just )

Try your luck, best of luck and words of suggestion: don't give genuine domain names in your mind for the time being. Just try if it works with less important names.


Anonymous said…
I sent a request for a free domain too. I'll be surprised if if i get it.
suraZ said…
Hmm Ashis never to beleive on those service they might later spam you or they may involve directly or indirectly in selling your mail adress to spammers. Not only there are also lots of services who claims that they provides free domain services. Before I registered my domain by paying i used to sign up in many of these sites but its now one year complete and no response from them.
suraZ said…
Don't believe in those things i've also tried it many times but didn't get any response from them even after one years of interval. I tried searching them in or something like that. But better to buy one domain at RS.1000 its worthy. I owned its working great!!!
Navin said…
best of luck, hope he's not doing cybersquatting..
Binay said…
I knew of this service. You go to some forums, be active in their forums so as to earn 'points' and when the 'points' cross certain limit you are rewarded with a domain name. But it's so straight forward here :D.
Navin said…
but this guy is not asking for any kind of forum postings... is it so??

ashish should be able to give this answer.. he has just signed up for free domain.

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