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My Ktm, Our Ktm : Junction of all Kathmandu dwellers : Nepal Youth, Youth Nepal with slogan our union our strength

More and more teens,school goers,public figures, leaders, thinkers, researchers, scientists are spending their most of the time online. Without computer and without being online, it's almost impossible to think of anything today. Banepa's IT Park is struggling for it's existence just because, it has no infrastructure built to provide web connectivity to it's parties. Today, to imagine office without internet and email, it's like being laugh stock of the crowd. So, with this immense adaptation of online activity, people are slowly becoming not so social but whatever, being online has lots of benefits. Without caring of horizons and boundaries, people can interact to each other promptly and in realtime. Thanks to Instant messengers. People these days, turning towards BLOG entries rather than old way of writing diaries on hard copies. I think this is some sort of change we should accept and we should keep up with.

Today, i want to remark on a site called . This is a forum based on popular open-source phpbb script and day by day, it's growing and it's user base is increasing with the fabulous topics and threads. This is one of the most popular forum based online portal where more than 600 people instantly keep posting fascinating topics and threads and help each other with the advices and suggestions.

If you've come here through some search engines and reading this page, then, bookmark , register your name there and get to know a lot of cultural,social and economic aspects from Nepalese teens around the world.

Nepal is a beautiful country inhabited by beautiful people like you and me but ruled over by ugly crooked leaders. If anyone has anything to say regarding our country NEPAL, then go nowhere, just hop into and start making comments. But be ready to get lots of ramblings, criticisms,suggestions and so.

Mero Kathmandu, Hamro Kathmandu, Mero Nepal, Hamro Nepal, my Kathmandu, my ktm, our Kathmandu, our ktm, My Nepal, Our Nepal


Prerana said…
Ourktm rocks! hehe
Anonymous said…
yay. ourktm.
Navin said…
it really rocks.
Anonymous said…
yeah ourktm rocks but i dont see prerana in ourktm nee btw kun chai prerana ho yo ... cupido prerana ke ???
dartee said…
ourktm rocks, soils, waters, sands, and every other things....
Nirab Pudasaini said…
yeha really great ...... but i think we need more involvment in some sections like books section and computers section ......
Anonymous said…
hamro kathmandu ko result haru ta kya chadai chadai change huney raicha. meroguff ko yo post chahi 5th tira cha, ourktm ma post bhayeko euta poem chahi 3rd tira cha.

and ourktm rocks .
Navin said…
yeah, ourktm rocks : )
Binay said…
Appears there're so many from ourktm. Well I'd heard of ourktm but I heard that in a negative way (dare i say) as a ditto copy of Apart from similarity from the nick I'd even seen nicks like LSD, Amit, uTosTan and the rest of myktm folks ..well as admins :D and engine is also phpbb.. coincidence?
Whatever be, I think the community there is strong with lots of active users and it might turn better but guys there's gotta be some originality!
Navin said…
Hi Binay, thanks for your concern. I really didn't know about the nick being used in ourktm as in myktmcom. When i started posting in ourktm, i didn't find any nick like that in existence. May be in the very start, but to me it's okie now.

i think i've talked about this before too in some forums. phpbb is the original source,not myktm and may be ourktm existed because of myktm. This kind of things are done in real too. If one opens a Coldstore, neighbour also opens Coldstore.If one increases the building storey, another also does the same. I think this is how life goes and competition exists that way.

Now, the contents are not same to myktm. All the people who hated, who was outraged by the egoistic so-called moderators in that forum and so are actively involved in ourktm and i find it pretty good to see so much traffic in Ourktm than in myktm these days.

This post in my blog is just one step showing my support to and it's down-to-earth bunch of people actively participating it. I'm now no more on but sometimes i don't want to miss people like you in their irc. Binay. SO, i sometimes, hop in to their chatroom.


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