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Anonym Mailer v3.0

Sending Anonymous Email to someone is still a very hard job. You can't do that on your own. Either you've to setup a mail server at your home which requires lots of technical know-how or you've to use other SMTP servers provided if there are.

With a tool like Anonym Mailer, you can send actually anonymous mails to anyone. Please check the screen shot below for how-to-use this software. Only, recipents email must be valid and everything else could be anything fake. Use it for educational purpose only. Please don't use it for harassment.

Click here for larger view

I've used around 4 years ago, FAKEMAIL XP(a similar tool like Anonym Mailer), it worked for few days, but later it didn't work.

But with this Anonym Mailer, we can use so many SMTP servers if one doesn't work. Besides,the SMTP that comes bundled with this tool works great.

Moreover, i want to share those deep secrets burdened within myself. This is my first initiative towards this step. I'll soon be unrevealing dark secrets of computing skill. And i urge any viewers of mine not to misuse them. Just for educational purpose only. There are so many assholes who just don't share the knowledge with them. I'm not one of them. I believe in sharing knowledge and learning. Geez :)

If time permits me, i'll be covering tutorials on:
1. how to evade bans/kicks from IRC channels
2. how to freeze others email accounts
3. how to find if someone is blocking you on IMs
4. how to make other sides' computer unusable(packet flooding)
5. how to check exploits on vulnerable computer
6. how to find a chatters location from IM'ss
7. how to find IP of victims, etc.
8. how to serve internet anonymously
8. and more..
(** i'm worried if i turn my blog into hacker blog, and all the tutorials will be written by myself, not copied and pasted but based on my own experience**)

For more SMTP server list and Download of Anonym Mailer v3.0 , please check inside.

Download Anonym Mailer v3.0 here

SMTP server list:

List from Mailservern (all servers run on haven 25):
mail l l .au
from .id .ar .id .br .au
UTMJB.UTM.MY .my .au .au


Anonymous said…
Thanks bro. That was useful. Now I will be able to send ANONYMOUS MAILS. But I believe that such tools which allows us to fake emails should not be misused.

And I will be waiting for your tutorials on:
How to get unbanned from irc channels
1)Disable other's email accounts
2)Find out who blocked us/me in msn messenger or even yahoo messenger
3)Surf internet anonymously using proxy, proxies and firewals and access banned sites.
Navin said…
i'll soon post them all
Anonymous said…
Dear navin I cant able to use the anonym mailer v3.0. I think this may be due to the non registration as it requseted while on installation will please give the any tip what might gone wrong.
Anonymous said…
it should work. Few days ago, i could send anonymous mail to hotmail id, but now, they are not accepting any mails from the smpt that anonym mailer used.

Besides, it works on all other email service provider, that i checked today too.

registering is not hard. Try this following serial number if it works or not.

besides, you can patch this AM with this patch
unzip the above file on the program's directory, execute it and re-run the Anonym Mailer once again.

Try Anonym Mailer. by the way, how do you find that it's not working?

i send it on my own other mailbox and it worked.
Anonymous said…
Would you please email and recommend me a working anonymous mailer that works?

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