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All of us know more than 40% of earth's population lives in China. It's kindda regular and normal to see/read news about China's strict policy upon Information Technology. It's very freaking for other free world when they read that China bans this and that sites and imposes restrictions on other online activities and so.. creating/implementing new laws everytime. It's not a big news when i write once has been banned there. The idea to write this post popped up when my friend Sulav made me aware of a mirror site of google I had once spent sometime on the site before he referred it to me. At that time, it showed me everything in mirrored form, you need actually a MIRROR to read the result. Everything starts from backward. I didn't care that much at that time. But just now, when i read about elgoog(opp of google), it acted as saviour to Chinese Netizens when google was banned by Chinese government. elgoog is still unmatchable to google, because google is superior to elgoog and elgoog looks and feels like a prank or joke site.

I'm also compelled to write about one more search engine. If you are wondering why i wrote that first sentence(fact figures) in this post, then i'll tell you now. is second largest search engine in world today after Believe it or not, and i'm using for more than 2 months. It's not i've written or reviewed it in my post but it's always on my mind. It's second largest search engine because it's used by Chinese netizens and that's why, it's second largest. At the same context, the worlds most spoken language is not English but Cantonese, is the growing search engines. It's in Chinese language but using simple common sense, one can promptly exploit this search engine at max. has got a simple interface, since it's in Chinese, we have to hover our mouse cursor on link to read it's English link in status bar of the as to figure out what the content or hyperlink takes us to. There is separate search for mp3 too. Google won't allow us to search mp3 precisely only the expert user or someone who is profilic in google's hidden command can get through it. But has simplified it for visitors and when i search for specific mp3, i get it in no time. I've already downloaded tons of my favorite mp3 through it. What are you thinking about pal..go and try it for yourself.

I shall reveal more interesting sites in coming days.
Till then take care.


Anonymous said…
try this also

i have not tried them but they say they are good at finding mp3.
Navin said…
nice sites yaar, i really liked them
Anonymous said…
I tried but I'm getting too confused by the bhasa
Navin said…
umm... click mp3 out there and check if any songs that is rare.. is available for download.. ehehe.. to me it works great..
Anonymous said… is wonderful, tried it, works perfect

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