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Excuse Me!!!

Today was a complete hectic day. As always weather played hide and seek with me. When i went out from home, it wasn't raining but i had that raincoat put on. When i was returning back to home, it was raining and i wasn't wearing any raincoat. What a fuss?? and on the way to my training, i witnessed an accident. A motorbike rider was badly hit by a public bus and for half an hour, there was a big jam. I closely saw the guy, who was hurrying for hospital by some of his relatives(i guess) and his conditions was very bad. For him , it was even hard to breathe. Everyday, here and there, accidents keep occurring in the galis of our city. I blame those traffic policemen who issue license for newbies without proper exam and test but under bribe. I also blame them who recklessly drive and think the road is their grandfather's property. Moreover, the congested roads and ever growing population is another cause for these kinds of accidents. Its better if we don't make hurry in the roads,streets of Kathmandu because running death is always there waiting for someone.
Every morning i've to shave before i go anywhere. Do shave in the morning and by the evening, it comes again.. i'm tired of doing this on and on..shhhyaat

Reason i was out today: I went to US embassy today and i waited their for around 1 hour after which i was talking to someone on that window. Good news, i was asked to visit again on August 1st for interview. Before that i've to complete some more documents which i've to make ready by then. And then, i wish that interview be successful else, i won't get that VISA stamp on my PP.
I'm a religious guy, see the prayer flags behind me.

Whatever it is, i'm happy and sad at the same moment. Happy because, i'm having enthusiam to get abroad and sad because, i've to leave my country. I'm gonna miss my loved things,pets here. I'm gonna miss two of my dogs, Sheru and Tiger.

Tiger(1 Year old) and Small Sheru(3 months old and sick)

Tiger (2 and 1/2 years) old and playful big Sheru(1 year old)


Anonymous said…
yup bro. accidents happening all the time. Today saw a man trying to pull out a cab driver our of his cab maybe because he was touched by the cab.

U have to shave everyday hai. I'm very lazy and I shave once about a week. Tara today ta I did not shave. Abo next week shave garnay. Shave garda ni rush garnu hudaina natra accident huncha face ma.

Best of luck for your visa and cool dogs.
Anonymous said…
Omg. Sheru is sooooo SO SO CUTE! I want! Tiger ni cute, but Sheru is Cuter!

Mmmmm, looking very nice with your shaving picture haha.

Sad to hear the accident. Don't think Nepal will ever change.
Ani yha pani same, kaile gham kaile paani. SO confusing!
Navin said…
Ashish, hahahaha.. thank you bro, i won't be that frustrated while shaving. and yeah, you are so true, "aajkal kehi hunu hudaina, sano kura ma bakhada khada garcha.. chusukka kehi bho ki Jaam bhai halcha"

Prerana, you are right, Sheru is so cute and he's very obedient and at times very naughty , very vigilant and very aggressive at night. When i play with him, after sometimes, if i leave his company, he promptly snatches my legs or hands or pants anything so as to tell me "don't go" and i say to him" eh la la, ma jandina ahiley, la?" and he makes something like happy face. ehehe.. and Tiger is very very aggressive to a dog of our neighbour. That dog died few days ago, i don't know how. Tiger is also obedient but not so vigilant like Sheru. He's stray and i adopted him when he was so small(around 3 months),wandering so hungry here and there. I brought him on my bag on that cold evening.. ha ha ha when i recall that situation and see my own bag which is just big enough to fit a magazine and papers only, i wonder how fast they are grown up now. Now, it's hardly his head fits in that same bag of mine. Anyways, they are my friends of loneliness. i'm gonna love them for ever.

Prerana, thanks for the compliments and if i've to say some words for you " i love your tiny bright eyes, they are so magical" ..

Nepal aba khai, k bhanney, maanchey haru khattam, but mero desh sarvottam.

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