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I'm still trying to be happy!!!

Today, i was way happy to find out that people are taking note of my blog articles seriously. I've found in many boards and forums, a discussions being made on my article and pointing out to my links as solution. Apart from them, i've filtred only few of them, which i thought is most deserving to mention in this post here.

I was making wild searches on my blog and what i found is this following link-

This link takes you to a chinese site where there is a topic called "Nepal: Roar against Internet Shutdown". My statement was also briefed there. I think it's posted by a Nepalese journalist. I dunno really. It was a hot issue when ISPAN(Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal) imposed Internet Blockade to people for few hours daily for some stupid reasons. It was the most stupidiest thing they've done in the history of information age. Now, that's passe.

And, when i first started blogging around few months ago, there was a debut of new tech TV programme called I-videogame. I made an article on it and a site called borrowed from my site. Thanks to them, gave me my full credentials.

There is a site called It linked back to my site and topic on PRASHANT TAMANG. I'm pretty much honoured that i'm drawing attentions of some indigenous site too.

And the following site has european accent. I couldn't understand the language much but at least, my site is listed on it's main page. To me it seemed some kind of bookmarking site.
and there are so many other boards,forums where my blog articles have been discussed pretty much. I really felt good when i think at least my articles were of some helps to people and that encourages me to share more of my knowledge.

Besides,my friend Sulav told me has revamped it's interface lately and without delay when i checked, it's indeed very creative and beautiful. But.. Oh Big Butt, no no, not that BIG BAD BUTT, but a Big BUT.. so many links are still missing and it's a work-in-progress stuff out there in Therefore, the impression is down once more. May be very soon they'll have this fixed up but... it left bad impression to me.

Talking about, i give free service on behalf of them. I'm not lying. It's for sure. So many MeroMobile users come up with their own problems online and i've to solve them all. Check this link:
i've tried to solve all of their problems and they never came back asking for more. This link above is from my old blog.
Few of them came back for good solutions or for unsolved mystery, but i did save their time and cost. May be must be taking note of this or may be smiling thinking me as some free volunteer doing some tech-support work on their behalf for free. Watever, it pleases me.
Having that said, goodnight for tonight.


Anonymous said…
It feels good doest it bro. Kati manche haru ley bro ko blog lai refer gareko raicha. keep it up.

mero tyo sholay ni 2 ota jati blogs ma post bhayeko raicha and malai ni kya khush lageko.
Navin said…
yeh exactly bro, i felt glad and i can feel how you felt.

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