Monday, July 23, 2007

Microsoft TalkIT

I was urgently needing a software which could read and pronounce a word. I was finding it for all the web but most of them are not free. I remembered i had similar softwares with me. I dug into piles of my data burnt CDs and finally found it. I tried to search it on net and found nowhere but only old pages.
Microsoft TalkIt

So, Microsoft Talkit is a small program which would pronounce a word and we can hear it properly if speakers are turned on. I really needed it because i wanted to learn difficult pronunciations. Now, that problem is solved and phonetically, all the pronunciations are accurate and no doubt. Now, i would be taking help of it and learning difficult pronunciations tomorrow onwards.

Download HERE:


ashish said...

ahh this software. I remember using it a long time back.

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