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My country loosing it's goodwill

Want to share a story :

Tadatoyo Yamamoto,44, is a Japanese businessman who visits the United States from time to time. While he was checking into a hotel on a recent visit to Chicago, he put his briefcase on the floor. A few minutes later, Mr. Yamamoto reached down for it, but someone had stolen it. Inside the briefcase were about $900 in Japanese currency, his passport, his credit cards, photos of his family and his return ticket to Japan.

A few days later, Mr. Yamamoto returned to Tokyo, disappointed and disillusioned about the United States. But three weeks later, he received an envelope. There was no letter, but it contained his credit cards, his airline tickets, and other personal items. The return address gave the name of Mr. Joseph Loveras in Chicago. Not long after that, Mr Yamamoto received another envelope sent by express delivery. Inside were money orders for more than $900. It also contained a letter from Mr. Loveras that said, "I hope this money order and the items... will restore your faith in the people of Chicago." Mr. Yamamoto was puzzled.

The next time he traveled to the United States, Mr. Yamamoto called on Mr. Loveras. Mr. Loveras was a 67 years old disabled veteran with a total income of $493 a month.
He explained that he found the briefcase in a trash can while he was walking through a parking lot. For some reason , the thief had not discovered the money or the airline tickets in the top part of the briefcase and had just thrown the bad away. Mr. Loveras went to a bank and changed the money into money orders, and he spent his own money to send it to Japan. Mr. Yamamoto was very moved by Mr. Loveras's honesty. "I asked him why he would go to all the trouble to return everything to me. He told me that if he had not done it, it would have made him feel bad for the rest of his life." N ow they have become friends and Mr. Yamamoto visits Mr. Loveras every time he is in the United States.

Moral of the story: Some people are so noble that they are so worried about their prestige,dignity and ethics of their country.

Reason of putting this story: Few days ago, A Bangladesh citizen was robbed near the perimeter of Tribhuwan Airport. Can you guess who robbed him? In above story, it was a thief. But in our context, it was a policeman. So, that crooked Nepalese policeman robbed him off with around $2000. Feeling annoyed,discriminated and ill-treated, he rushed to International affairs department and told his story. Afterwards,that policeman got behind the cell for further interrogation.

Now, that Bangladeshi will definitely tell his countrymen that "all the policemen in Nepal, they are thieves and thugs." This is how we are earning our reputation. It's very hard to build the prestige but to loose it, it won't take a second.

Besides,do we Nepalese have that much modesty to return back someones lost thing spending our own money?


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