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My own ramblings

Right now, it's midnight and am bit depressed to find that my article on Prashant Tamang has been copied/pasted on some websites without any credit given to me. Copying someone else's work and passing it off as your own is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is everywhere. I am searching way to tackle situation like this. Lets see where do i find myself in couple of days.

And, today, Saturday, it's very normal day. It's rainy season and started raining on my area. Prachanda took week long tour of European countries. Today, it's result of first gala round of Indian Idol. I was checking Prerana's blog to read her post on AAP KA SUROOR. But alas, she hasn't yet made any post on that movie. I was excited to read her post because, she has been deliberately waiting for this movie acted by Himesh Reshammiya, a popular nasal singer who never smiles as it is said. Prerna eagerly waiting for your write-up babe!!!

I infact wanted to post on many tech related issues but my damn connection, it really sucked whole day and as time passed, those article lost it's relevancy too. Now, i'm writing this rambling.

Besides, i'm training myself through one center to familiarize myself to American and British accent. If everything goes well, i'll be heading to Delhi very soon to work there. I am still in confusion if it works or not. But so far, i've to give my best shot. I'm giving my best. The job is very lucrative. Hope i get it.

And, today, i watched two movies 'Speaking on Sex' and i forgot others name. Both are comedy. It was fun watching. But didn't like much.

At the end of the day, i was buying some eatables from Gemini Grocery. These days, there is a series of fastfood shops at sidewalk near the STUPA gate, i'm very much fond of Sausage and Alu Dam out there. There are panipoori wala too but i don't dare to eat them. I think they are not hygienic. As regard to Sausage fry and Alu, they're hygienic, cos, they are well-fried and germs are killed by the time they're oil-fried,my perception ;-). It's always crowd there. Wow, it tastes great eating those sausages and alu with 'piro-piro(hot pickle) golbheda ko achar'. My mouth is watering..gosh at the moment. So many fashionable ladies and gents come to eat there, i'm not so fashionable but still i manage to get along with them. Sometimes, it's uneasy to be there because, some girls are so open, very short skirts, open top, geez.. i feel i were in some other places. Whoever said, females are the victims of sexual harassment, they are not always correct.. believe me!!. There are some girls who might harass you sexually too. I don't want to share more of this but i consider myself as a very vulnerable guy.

More on next time


Anonymous said…
If someone copied and pasted your blog entry then it shows how famous your blog has become lol. And seems like the sausages and aloo are everywhere now. Wherever I go I see a chinese stick food shop. Pani puris are very dangerous to eat during the summer. I only eat them sometimes during the winter.

ani sexy keti haru dekhera ni kohi uncomfortable huncha ra. ma ta twalla parera herdai baschu clevage haru hehe.

best of luck for your job in Delhi. hope you get it.
Navin said…
thank you anon
Anonymous said…
delhi ma?
why not uk ma? lol
I am sure you will get it since you're so good!

My entry on Aap Ka Suroor. I haven't watched it yet because none of the cinemas near me have got it yet. Bholi auda raicha, but tomorrow im going to go and watch it! then i will write about it!

i love your ramblings! more of your ramblings!
Anonymous said…
Heyy that anon was be. 2 ota reply haru anon ko name bata bhayecha.
Navin said…
eh lau, teso po.. hehe
Navin said…
Prerana, waiting for your blog post tommorrow
Anonymous said…
any other good nepali blog you would like to suggest?
Anonymous said…
how do i get access to prerana's blog it says it's locked!!!!!!!!!!
Navin said…
Anon, you can check at the right hand side of my blog, there is list of nepali bloggers. Precisely, the link to nepalese bloggers

Anon, to check Prerana's blog, you've to be Xanga's member too. that means you've to sign up there.

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