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Nepal Telecom -- Pirates of Nepal-'ean'

Uff. i was supposed to make this post on Thursday. But, it's late night 12:09 am and already Friday. Anyway, i consider Thursday as a black day for me. In our culture, not all days are good to initiate some important work. For goodluck days, it's call 'Swaja' and for badluck days, it's call 'Sijja'. I never believed these things but today, my important job has been delayed and now , i confirm this Thursday as my badluck day. I'm pretty much disheartened at the moment. Anyways, my father called me up and boosted my ego. As he says, this is life and life goes on. That's right, i've to face obstacles.

And, i just met a friend online, Sulav Aryal. He was sharing some tech-guffs with me and i was enjoying chat with him. When he started to share his part of world, i got frightened how badly this Nepal Telecom sucked him.

Sulav writes,
" I live life at 56kbps just like my internet connection slow and dull. Uneventful as ever but still expensive. NTC claims BroadBand adsl is going to be the savior but I feel like lecturing about the definition of broadband internet because NTC as we know it would be setting a new definition of broadband internet. 64 kbps is going to be new broadband I am waiting for that day. Everybody knows why so called IT Park is empty now. All they were asking for was 512 kbps and they couldn't deliver it. Hey did you know that the data service from cdma phone does not cross the 10kbps mark. They promised the speed of up to 192kbps. For those who are waiting I say dream on. One day pigs might fly. Any way adsl is coming and lunch date is set as jan 2008. This is no hoax I have got it in my mail. I asked those guys at Now all I have to do is arrange some loan to buy the adsl modem of course. Can anyone arrange me some loan I am broke. "

Oh god, this is Nepal Telecom's treachery. This is how they make loot out of people. They tell one thing and do another things. After all, it is said privatized,however there are reminiscences of old hypocrite conventional work pattern.

I wonder, what happens if all the people in the country at the same times ditch this Nepal Telecom and get used to with Mero Mobile. Certainly, people will have better connectivity and no more 'ahiley besta cha (busy signal message)' message from Nepal Telecom. I really have a hard time calling to NT network through Mero Mobile service. And, i blame only and only to those NT badass. I still remember when those NT didn't give spicenepal(meromobile) to interlink with their network.

more on next time, feeling bit sleepy..uh.. but will make one more post..


Anonymous said…
I wanted to know if anybody has tried NTC's 3G service.... 3G has max speed of 384kbps... anyone...
Navin said…
Hem sir,
these are the bells and whistles of every new technology.
may be developed country is experiencing all these with full throttles on.but in country like us, people can be easily cheated in the name of broadband.
i agree definitely 3G has to be super-fast technology to transfer data and as you mentioned 384kbps. our neighbouring countries are having 1Mbps bandwidth whereas Nepal Telecom always brags and boasts.
Nepal Telecom should start working instead of talking big. Work Big,then we'll have some respect for it but since it's looting people with it's big mouth, i've no respect for Nepal Telecom and i'll always be criticising it till it exists. Hem sir, if someone is using 3G, please email me the person's contact. I want to talk to him as a friend and share some experience.
Anonymous said…
Actually navin, for my studies i am currently in india.. i heard it some time back about 3G in nepal . an i think its only available to postpaid customers with some 5000 deposit .. i guess so. if i were in kathmandu i would definitely make use of my 3G pda.. if u talk about neighbouring countries have bandwidth of 1Mbps its because they are letting foreign investors in it . ( example india ) without the high speed internet their software boom was not possible. even where i work ( HSBC india ) has 3Mbps of internet speed.. ( its more than u mentioned i experience it everyday.. ) but its connnected to hongkong server by fiber link india has nothing to do with this.. its hong kong which is giving 3mbps to me. i respect NTC.. as i see its only government company performing well in adverse conditions also. Please find someone who is using 3G in kathmandu and write an actual report... i would highly recommend it... though i agree NTC's claim of calling 64kbps a broadband... but they should nowhere publish it officially.. and their technical employees must know what broadband means... and i guess they do
Navin said…
Hem sir,
definitely and thank you for your nice suggestions.
Nirab Pudasaini said…
NT leased line 512 kbps .........

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