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Proposed Information Technology Park of Banepa , Nepal in Vain

The buildings constructed by the government after investing tens of millions of rupees to run Information Technology (IT) Park have remained useless nowadays.

The government had constructed four residential, one commercial and one administrative buildings for the IT Park in 227 ropanis of land at Dhaneshwor in Kavre last year.

The buildings have remained useless when one foreign company, which started works here before eight months, shifted to Kathmandu. Over 290 million rupees has already been invested for the construction of the IT Park.

None except some security guards stay here nowadays. The government last year called a tender to run the IT Park. However, only Javra Software Company of Netherlands filed the tender. After passing the tender, the Javra had started works before eight months. However, stating technical reasons, the Company left the Park and shifted to Kathmandu since June 15.

President of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN), Biplavman Singh said no foreign and native companies showed interest in the Park as the government increased the rate of tax.

After the completion of the Park's construction, foreign as well as native companies had shown interest to work in the IT Park. However, due to the government's attitude only one Company filed the tender at the last moment, Singh blamed.

With the view to make Banepa and its vicinity as IT City, the government had started the construction of the Park. Facilities of producing new Software and hardware; selling of produced software and hardware; importing of new technology immediately after launching in foreign nations and earning foreign currency, are available in the Park, IT experts said.

Problem of connectivity had emerged in the IT Park when the Javra Software Company started its work. The running of the IT Park is under the Science and Technology Ministry and there is also the responsibility of Ministry of Industry to develop the Park as an industry, so the running of the Park was affected due to the lack of coordination among the Ministries, said a member of the IT High-level Commission.

After the construction of the Park, many persons here had received computer trainings, said proprietors of Computer Institutes. Many people who were waiting chances to work in the Park have been unemployed.

"I received computer training investing thousands of rupees in Kathmandu. Native software companies have not the capacity to provide job opportunities for many people. I am planning to leave for Korea as the future of the Park is uncertain," said a youth in Banepa.

Before sometimes, IT Banepa, Dhulikhel, Panauti municipality and half-dozen VDCs of the vicinity were announced 'Information Technology Zone'. A dispute between Panauti municipality and Banepa municipality had also occurred on the issue of border due to the IT Park. However, both municipalities are quiet nowadays.

CAN President Singh said, the IT Park remained useless as the present government did not initiate any step to run it. The government turned deaf ears while we urged to be serious about the Park, Singh lamented.

Vice-president of the IT High-level Commission, Saroj Devkota said a preparation is underway to call a tender within a month to run the Park.

Saying that the foreign companies were hesitating to come Nepal due to the present political circumstances, Devkota urged the government to decrease the tax rate.



Anonymous said…
I am really sad at this .. someday i will open up a software company there.... ha ha

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