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Remove Restrictions Tool v2.0

1 - Disabled Ctrl+Alt+Del >> so the user can't see the virus and the other applications running!

2 - Disabled Folder Options >> so the user can't set the option to show hidden files!

3 - Disabled Regedit >> so the user can't see what is going on during system startup!

4 - Disabled Show hidden files & folders >> so even if you select "Show hidden files and folders from folder options these files & folder will not be shown!

5 - Disabled Run Command >> so the user can't use it to run some tools to track the virus activites of remove it.

6 - Disabled Windows Firewall >> so the virus can send & receive any data through the network without the attention of the user!

7 - Hidden Desktop items to prevent the user from accessing My Computer and other desktop shortcuts!

8 - Hidden Taskbar >> so the user can't explore start menu!

9 – Restricted Internet Explorer Home Page Changing >> so the user can't change the malicious web page set by the malware!

10 – Restricted Internet Explorer Closing >> so the user can't close the pops up windows that appear when visiting the malicious web page or any other website!

11 – Hidden Internet Options >> so the user can't change any setting set by the malware!

12 – Hidden Internet Explorer Address Bar >> so the user can't see what web page being visited and what scripts being executed!

13 - Restricted Internet Explorer Right Click >> so the user can't veiw the source of the page being visited and other useful things.

14 – Hidden Internet Explorer Navigation Buttons >> so the user will be forced to user the keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the web sites!

15 - Hidden Internet Explorer Context Menu >> so the user can't access this menu which make him able to select some useful settings.

16 - Hidden Internet Explorer Toolbar >> so the user can't use it to remove some unwanted toolbars made by the malware.

Remove Restrictions Tool v2.0

These above mentioned are some of the symptoms of virus-struck system. I've found a nifty tool to re-enable all these settings at one go. So that it could become easy to trace virus marks and delete them.
Somewhere Antivirus missed to correct these problems even after successful removal of virus or other sort of malwares.

Download this tool here.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
will this work even if i dont have an admin access
Anonymous said…
no you have to have admin access.
because of the fact that this particular program has to access the registry and actually modify some of the entries.

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