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Rouge - Eh papi

These days, this is the most happening song in channels. I saw this music video on two channels simultaneously and i thought, seems like a most demanded music video. Besides, i had to make this video as 3gp for one of my bro's friend. Since i was searching for this video, i thought to write something in here too. May be you too can watch this video and feel what you think. It's one of the hottest song by a band called 'ROUGE'.

There is a horse dancing in last sequence of this song. That horse is beautifully animated and i really liked that. After all, computer animation is creating magic everywhere.

watch ROUGE-Eh papi video

Source writes:
"After the astounding success of hit single ‘Don’t be Shy’, YBR Records presents the most awaited debut of the season ‘Rouge’. This self-titled album features the chartbuster ‘Eh Papi’, with appearances of Legha as ‘Smasheroo’, Laura as ‘Twinkle Togs’ and Amrita as ‘Drizzle Dash’. The album also has other smashing 16 brand new songs including the 2005 smash single “Don’t be Shy” and “Eh Papi & Don’t be Shy” remixes.

And the party is not alone; the debut album also comes with a “BONUS” second CD of chartbusting, foot-tapping peppy numbers from artistes like Jay Sean, Labh Jhanjua, Bombay Rockers, Stereo Nation, Bombay Vikings and others."


Anonymous said…
What a coincidence. I saw this song today and my instant reaction to his was basically "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS."

Maybe because I have been growing up to watching all these English American singers that when I see these three Indian girls do it I just feel ashamed for them because they just look absolutely and utterly awful.
Their clothes, their singing, their lyrics, their tune, their whole video is just, at the least, incredibly bad.
I wish they would stick to their own genre and not try and exceed to the point where they just look frustratingly and disgustinly like proper wannabes.
They should embrace their Indian qualities instead of trying to be something/someone else. It just ends up being so wrong.

I actually guessed straight away that this song probably would be a hit in Nepal with some of the awful past songs which I have heard that have become a hit but the style and all that is much different there than it is here.

Anyway, the song overall is bad. Their clothes espeically are eye soaringly BAD.

OMG. Okay, I just HAD to complain about this song somewhere. After I saw it, I was just horrified so sorry for all this. You gave me a chance, I took it. Hehe.

Okay last thing and I will stop.

Rouge? That's French. Eh Papi? That's like Spanish.
They're INDIAN.
Oh god. Culture Clashing. NOT GOOD IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO MANAGE IT and they CLEARLY do not!

Okay I am seriously going to stop now.

Anonymous said…
Oh yes.
The only thing I liked was that Horsie in the end.

How cute.

But quite random lol
Anonymous said…
One more thing. Lol.

Their names are absolutely terrible. Not their real names but the names they have made for themselves.

Oh aaaaand, that scene where they are wearing their Red costume thing, they totally copied that from Destiny's Child ko video for "Bug-a-Boo."

I hope the other songs where they have collaborated with Bombay Vikings and Jay Sean are much better.

Okay, no more now.
Navin said…
Dear Prerana,
thank you very much for enlightening me. Now, my eyes are open and after reading your words, i felt like they are just kindda copy-cats and lack originality.


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