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Weather Forecasting in Nepal

It has been constant raining since more than one week. It is still raining at the moment while i'm writing these words. Weather is so uncool here because the news of flood, landslides, hunger, plaque that is what eating me a lot. In Nepalgunj(southern terai region of our country), almost 11 people died because of this flood. I felt veryyyyy sad when i heard that people out there have no food supply. Transportation and communication, they are already cut off. And we, people of mountain, sitting in the high altitute just reading/listening news speechlessly. Government has become useless and futile. People are dying and nothing serious has been done to evacuate them or to rescue them who are in need of help,food,home and medicines.
Monsoon has never been this before. I've not seen sun rays 11-12 days herein Kathmandu. It's almost always cloudy and i pretty don't like grey-colored horizon all the time. I wish weather be good very soon.

Weather Forecasting system in Nepal is very conventional. They blame government as we all do, for not providing them with enough finance to purchase latest infrastruture that provides accurate forecasting of weather. It is stupidity to go by their forecasting report. When they say, it's gonna be raining, there would be clean sky and when they say sunny day, there would be hell of a stormy rainy day. Instead, i seek help of internet weather forecasting. I search on local weather condition and that rarely proves wrong to me. I even can estimate and see where cloud is forming or where rain is going to fall.
is official site of Meteorological forecasting division. I never cared about existence in net but found this after a little search on google.

Their forecasting from Friday 27 to Saturday 28(2007,July):
Tonight(Friday)'s Weather Forecast For Kathmandu
Generally cloudy with rains tonight.
(Yesterday night, it didn't rain)

Tomorrow(Saturday)'s Weather Forecast For Kathmandu
Generally cloudy with scattered rains.
(Today,Saturday, it's not a scattered rains, but heavy rains, if you stand open hair for 5 secs, you are all wet)

May be there are some technical difficulties that is preventing to forecast accurate weather conditions. But we Nepalese are suffering from excusitis. If we get good result, we die to get awards but if something turns up bad, then behavioural symptoms of excusitis appear. So, i watch those forecast engineer/scientist(forecaster) saying if we've this and that we'd have achieved this and that else not. After all, these characters are inherited from our very own political leaders,who want to blow their own trumpet if they achieve some small achievements else they start counting opposing leaders head if something wrong goes. That's how Nepal is being run. We really need radical change in everything,every sector. But, that's dreaming and talk of so far away which i'm doing right now.

I read on Internet that this weather condition is going to be for one more week,i'm convinced because i saw the satellitic image too and at the same time,i also heard that our Weather department announcing this condition is going to remain for 3-4 days. Now, it's all upon fluke because weather can play any role. It can change it's way anytime and there could be sunny day within a day or night. After all, nature rules us, we human and our technology can't change nature.


Navin said…
finally, a clear sky with sun in the sky.. i'm loving it.

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