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Few years ago, there was a classified ad site called and right now it's unworthy to visit because of the spam postings and unmoderated topics scattered all around which is just useless to take note of. So, i just don't go there anymore.

I just came to know about a new classified AD site in Nepal or say Second hand as well as brand new product listing site targetted directly towards buyers and sellers. As they say, there is no commission for the site owner itself. May be they are collecting their dough from Ads displayed on their site. I was surfing the site and it was pretty simple to understand or to make dealings. People were selling their unused stuffs(under second hand category) and selling them for reduced/discounted/bargained price. Some even were selling new things, pretty lucrative hah? I found this site pretty useful for them who don't mind using used things if it gives back it's utility at par. Though seller has to register his/her name(or account) in order to sell their items. To buy, you don't need to even register. Just get the details of product, either send mail to seller or contact on his landline/wireless numbers disclosed out there. Pay a visit to seller and purchase it or purchase it any other way that is most suitable for you based on negotiations. As simple as it sounds. I found it very easy to get the things at cheapest rate. Since most of the goods are second hand, it's of course below the market price.

If you've your own unused stuffs or the products that you don't use anymore, instead of letting it stale at your dusty store rooms, why not make it saleable. Sell your old unused stuffs at this site HAMROBAZAR.COM.
Product categories are as follows:

Apparels & Accessories (12)
Audio & Video (2)
Automobiles (141)
Cars (82), Motorcycle (54), see all
Beauty & Health (2)
Books & Magazines (3)
Computer & Peripherals (142)
Laptops (37), Desktop PC (28), see all
Consumer Electronics (62)
Digital Camera (13), see all
Home, Tool & Appliances (20)
Mobile & Accessories (269)
Handsets (254), Accessories (15), see all
Music & Sports (60)
Real Estate (34)
Services (30)
Toys & Video Games (19)
Travel, Ticket & Vouchers (4)
Want To Buy (17)

As there is a saying in English, " One man's waste is another man's Treasure" .

This is simple yet useful classified AD site for all of us.


lilyruth said…
interesting blog I really enjoyed visiting and I liked this post I may check it out I have quite a few things Id like to sell. I hope yu will visit my blog now and leave a comment also its at http://redirect.alexa/com/redirect? Id like everyone to visit mty weird site and leave comments. I shall return favor if you let me know.
Navin said…
thank you lilyruth
Anonymous said…
Alexa’s crawler is one of the biggest in the Web world. By 2005 Alexa's crawler was hitting 4 to 5 billion pages a month and archiving 1 terabyte of data a day. Today this figure has changed. Now Alexa archives almost 1.6 terabytes of data per day, and hits a total of 4.5 billion pages from over 16 million sites. In an attempt to open up a whole new market Alexa made an announcement that its crawler would be open to up its crawler to requests from the floor to anyone willing to pay.

The programmatic access to Alexa's web search engine was enabled by the Alexa Web Search Platform. However, this platform also tried to start a search revolution. But after a while this platform was also taken over by the Amazon Web Services. Alexa also has a directory which is very similar to DMOZ, the open directory project. The directory has the ability to sort categories by Popularity and Average Review rating. Through the directory one can also access the necessary and related information of websites just by clicking on the title of the site. The Alexa technology was also incorporated into Internet Explorer 5 in 1999. In this way Microsoft also has its share in making Alexa the web giant that it is today.
Anonymous said…
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