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Infamous Nigerian(african) scam robbed a man worth $1.7 million.

When i read news like this, i feel and believe that there are so many vulnerable / innocent / greedy / foolish people breathing air in the vicinity of such scam. As notorious as Natwarlaal, Nigerians(and some africans) are infamous for email scams. They send thousands of such scams all around the world using Internet and make victims worldwide. Their emails are very lucrative and offer a contract worth million of dollars. Their emails are so convincing that it's hard to not believe their pledge. And, when the victims fall prey to their scam, they make conversations and regular emails get exchanged. They ask for certain monetary return from the victim so as to prove himself(victim) the true/reliable owner of their money to be transferred. So, many victims paid either $500 or $200 and in return they got nothing but tension of loosing their money and being fool. In Nepal also, there are news making headings of such scams. They robbed so many Nepalese, those Nigerians are drug traffickers and mostly involved in counterfeit money making in the country. Dreaming to get huge sum of money from unknown source has driven those victims to fall prey on the hand of such scumbags.

I read a news about an Australian guy,49-years-old who got victim of this nigerian email scam. By email, they showed him $90 million worth of money to transfer on his account under certain business contract. The scam was started around a year ago in Japan and since then, these scumbags ripped around $1.7 million off him in the name of fees under different topics. He came for an appointment in Amsterdam with those nigerian thugs. It was pretty convincing for him since he was meeting them but he got likely suspicious after they demanded more sum of money. So, what else, he headed straight to Dutch police and those bastards got jailed. Six of them are arrested, two were nigerians and other four were south-africans.

Therefore i urge everyone surfing net to stay away from the scam emails which shows you very very convincing facts. Especially, if they write they are son/daughter of some big oil company, or if they are the only heir of their so-called deceased
rich relatives/parents blah blah.. who wants to transfer their huge amount to our bank account, then think it's a scam and never-ever reply to their mails.

if you suspect the email, is the saviour. Do a search on email's subject.


Nisha said…
oh my god.. i get those mails daily since the last 4 years! its really so frustraing and if you block them.. they still make way into our mails.. someitmes i wish i could bang their head up:))
Navin said…
because, company sells our email ids to them. :)
besides, there are email hatching softwares which gets emails from site like too
and we should always stay away from such scam mails pledging us for our help.
Anonymous said…
it,s really nice to read such info.
Navin said…
keep visiting pal or dig inside this blog, i bet you'll find more interesting things.. :)

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