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My first Portable harddrive

..I've been trying to get all my data transferred to portable harddrive 80 GB(i bought it for NRs 4900). i created two partitions using 'compmgnt.msc' from the Run command in Windows XP. From that computer management, storage--> Disk management and rest was self-clear. I was trying to encrypt my data and i stumbled upon 'TrueCrypt', an opensource Encryption software. There were two options of encryption, one is selecting/naming file, creating a dump storage(volume) and mounting it with the help of 'TrueCrypt' software itself. Second option is to encrypt the entire partition/device. I selected Second Option and right now it's formatting and encrypting that drive uhh second partition. It has been running since 20 minutes and progress bar shows 30 more minutes to goo.. ughhh.. dunno, what's wrong but to me this speed of formatting is very slow. But file transfer was pretty good, 480mbps. I really liked it. I just wanted that if i plug in the drive, to access the encrypted partition it would ask me password else not. Lets see, if it works that way or not.

So many foreigners come here and buys hundreds of movies and softwares worth millions dollar for just mere few thousand bucks. This is not my saying but one of the dealer in MahaBoudha China market says. He told me that when i asked him if he could buy all the DVDs/CDs i bought from him at nominal second hand price. His advise was not bad. I returned back. Despite, there I wanted to burn my own DVD's but that's almost not possible because, it's way too many DVDs that i may end up burning all my data up. So, this portable harddrive came to rescue. lets see it doesn't deceive me when i need some of my softwares back through it.

yesterday, i watched Transformer the movie. My small cousin brothers already have the toys of Megatron, Optimus Prime etc. The movie was damn cool. i really liked all the effects and the story too. i came to know surfing for a while that it's originally comics. Just like spiderman,batman etc. I've become it's fan because of the special effects.

more on next time...


Anonymous said…
give me your portable hard drive and i can copy all the movies in it to mine.

U lieked transformers? I thought that the special effects was too much. I could not understand whether it was the robots head or behind during the fight scenes. But I lieked some scenes very much. Like when that scorpiod robot thing jumps from the ground in desert. Cool scene hai. And the villians in the transformers could fly where as the heroes could not. They were cool cars hehe.
Transformers is a comic originally :O I thought it was just a silly cartoon.
Anonymous said…
OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Transformers! Such a cool movie hai, I thought Optimus Prime was so nice and Bumble Bee was so cute.

I wanna watch The Bourne Ultimatum!
Navin said…

Transformers.. yeap bro.. those bio-machines with feelings story.. quite interesting.. one thing that sucked big time was like good machines were not being able to fly. besides, all the fight,explosion i really liked. there are two main heroes. one is a young guy trying to sell things on ebay.. and another is an armyman wishing to see his baby girls.
these two men at one point meet and how they together accomplished the mission trying to destroy that cube. I really like that part of the story though there is nothing to do with them eachother. Transformers is cool movie. i really enjoyed watching it. effects are great. I wish you guys watch it in real DVD than pirated hall print ones. Even the great movies look ugly on those. I just got this movie from my neighbours son. its cool.
Anonymous said…
Oh thats kinda cheap now.. i got 60GB seagat 2 yrs back for 10000 .. which ones i urs?
Navin said…
babaaa, 10,000?? may be price was exorbitant back then and it's cool to own something like that.

mine is seagate , 80 GB, 5200 RPM and and the drive-2-USB casing is IBM traveller. it's like seagate inside and IBM casing out side. here, people assemble even things like this.

i was once trying to find PATA-to-USB drive controller but couldn't find. So, i gave up and settled to this.

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