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Nepal in Natural seven Wonders ! Cast your vote at

Same group or an organization known as New7wonders foundation which announced new seven wonders of the world at the official Declaration Ceremony on 07.07.07(i.e 2007, July 7th) in Lisbon(Portugal), has come up with the idea of Natural 7 wonders. Before making gossips on Natural 7 wonders, lets discuss about New7wonders Foundation.

Bernard Weber is the man behind this New7Wonders foundation who conceptualized the idea to unite the world by honoring our common heritage. His concept took a shape and hence it's called New7Wonders foundation. The foundation is working to promote the UN's Millennium Development goals and has been officially recognized by United Nations Office for Partnerships.

It is said that more than 100 million votes were cast worldwide to elect their favorite wonder. Out of New seven wonders, Taj Mahal got the maximum votes. I still remember how deliberately they promoted and convinced people to vote for their wonder. Either be it Indian News channel or be it entertainment industry, almost every indian gave their full support to make this happen. Now, New seven wonders are : the great wall of China, Petra, Chichen Itza, The statue of Christ Redeemer, The colosseum, Machu Pichhu and the Taj Mahal.

In my opinion, we really needed new seven wonders because older wonders that we kept in history and text books, they were really not in a condition to stand their ground. There are now buildings/structures or are being built which are projected to be taller than Eiffel Tower. This proves it is no more a wonder(though it still will be remembered as old wonder). And the reason to be limited to seven is because of it's 2000 years old historic value and norms, according to the foundation.

Coming to the point, Natural7Wonders is another project led by the same foundation. Since the 7 wonders is man-made, these natural 7 wonders have to be strictly natural, not man-made though there are certain terms and conditions to follow and decide which are natural and which are not. For more info please check

The foundation has not yet listed any nominations but at first, they want our votings to list most voted natural wonders, and at second, they'll list it for nominations(precisely they'll list 21 nominations after consideration) and then we've
to give our all effort to vote for the listed nominations. So come on, lets vote for our own natural wonders. It'll go through 08.08.08. That means we've exactly one year left.

Since there is no listing for nominations yet, how do we vote? For that, think of any heritage, monuments or natural sites that we think should appear in the list.
Please give our choice of natural wonders for nominations out here :
There give your email address,select your country where you are from, and think of seven nominations in your mind and send it. Please do it from now.

NOTE: Send chain mails, newsletters or create forums,blogs,online polls whatever, please act now. This little contributions of ours will make us known around the globe.


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