Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Samsung Ultra Mobile PC(UMPC) SPH-P9200

Recently, this small looking Ultra mobile PC(SPH-P9200) has been exhibited in Korea market during there some sort of Tech exhibition known as Samsung 4G Forum 2007.

This little beast has 5 inch touch screen running on Windows XP, with foldable QUERTY keyboard and 30GB HDD. I was astonished when i read that it has Wireless internet support and VOIP phone via Mobile WiMax. I couldn't get my eyes off it. It's damn cool and i wish i play with something like this in coming days.. whaoo


Anonymous said...

OMG! It's soo cute I want it!
Kina tehi Korea, China mai huncha risuhtne.

Navin said...

ehehe.. yeh small gadgets attract me like a honey attracts bee. :)

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