Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something done very funny

Warning: Clicking these images will make them look bigger

This is my dream commode. ha ha ha ha..

If you don't know how to eat with chop-sticks, here's the

Great idea to cool down hot piece of food.

Oh my god!!! this is like "Big things come in small package" MP3 player plus all swiss things

Samsung plus zippo,whao


Unknown said...

I liek your fan. LOL

Anonymous said...


Kasto funny things aswell. Imagine if we actually had these!

Navin said...

wow, that's true. these are the dreams which are only possible using photoshop!!!
hail Photoshop

Anonymous said...

Ani kati nakkali fan ho. Testo luga lagayera photo khichne. Sakena ajhkal ko keti haru dekhera. Hhahah.
Anyway, very nice.

Navin said...

tehi ta kasto nakkali rahecha. :)

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