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$24,400 for a cellphone

Vertu(Nokia Corp.'s Subsidiary) is producing and selling limited edition of 60 phones each priced at $24,400. The phone "The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60" is created to celebrate sports-car maker Ferrari SpA's 60th anniversary. According to company representative, the phones are hand assembled using top-of-the-line stainless steel and titanium components, as well as leather from authentic Ferrari suppliers.

People would be paying money for it's craftmanship and high quality branded material used for it. Paying $24,400 only for a phone is out of reach for middle-class like us but it's for sure, someone diehard fan of ferrari or celebrities gonna own this one for sure as a status symbol.


every one dream to have mobile phone its become a fashion symbol for all and lots of people do have (a cheap or modeate ).those who have money they will buy it and those who cant affort it they have to satisfy by seeing photo no your blog. i also dream to own some full feature latest mobilephone without draining my pocket too much
by the way im from nepal comment on your blog .as i am a new comer to this blog i like it very much i get chance to be face to face with latest intresting it news and all the thing posted on this blog
AR said…
nice blog you've going here! most blogs are usually neglected after a while, but yours seems to be updated regularly! good job! :)

and hey, i'm not commenting simply so you'll visit my blog. please don't visit it, i stopped updating it years ago.. haha! take care bro!
Navin said…
rujesh, thank you very much and i really appreciate your kind words. you can check tips and tutorials section for more interesting articles. These are limited because, i myself first go through those tutorials and then only put it there.
You are right, these fabulous are out of our reach. Euta ghar kinna sakney paisa ley kaha mobile kinnu.. hoina ra?

Braindead, why did you stop blogging myan? keep this job up.. i've been to your blogs and they're old by a year or so.. and checked your profile. me too from USA and you too.. nice to meet you pal..

Welcome to MeroGuff, my new friends.. and if you want you can share your wonderful ideas, it's just an email away or a post away.. :) thank you
Anonymous said…
so expensive. I can buy a small house with that.
Navin said…

..but for billionaires, who always seek out how to spend money, it's nothing for them. i guess..

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