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Enough of a Day!!!!

Past few days, i am not being able to update my blog regularly, reason? it's obvious, it's new place and i've to learn so many new things. Tradition,culture and people, they all are different here. Rules and regulations are another aspects. Besides, i'm on revamp project of one old website of my father. That's taking my lots of time. Technical aspect is okay but writing/editing, they too are being done. So, it's time consuming. Have been working on it as soon as i landed on this country. When i finish the site, i'll put some words here too. So, i was preparing and designing those web stuffs, suddenly, father told us to get ready. What else,we got ready and headed towards 3 hours long drive to San Francisco. The place where we lived is called Santa Cruz. It's located just near the sea and at evening, it's glowing to watch the wonderful sunset. And from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, driving is 3 hours. We drove by the coastal area watching all the seashores and beauty of sea. Time passed fast and 3 hours was like a easy go. i've lots of tech topics coming up right now but i've to do that in time. Just to make sure, i still am alive, this post goes here with the ugly pictures of mine taken in this beautiful heaven called Santa Cruz ..ahh.. included San Francisco.

This one is in Santa Cruz,and behind, all the roller coaster and stuff for total entertainment.

Near by the sea but we're way up.,Bro and myself
This is a seal taking rest. i caught him/her i dunno the gender on my cam, while i was on evening walk along the sea side and there was this huge half bridge which is made up of wooden
This one is cool sunset while we're going to San Francisco
I'm on the twin peak tower mountain or something like that, i forgot the name and below, it's a beautiful San Francisco city. So well-settled.
Again myself, cheering myself watching all those beautiful sceneries and cities.
See!!! that's the San Francisco city behind us. That's cool. Again, brother and me on the top of the mountain :)
Father and myself!!! Same place.. eh. must be wondering why am i turning side, cos, sunlight was straight on my face and when i look at straight to sunlight, i look like a monkey with those tiny eyes doing chim-chim-chim, so couldn't face the camera and besides, i broke my glass today and i had to remain that way, whole day. Even the normal glass to make here would cost me around $150-$200. I nearly jumped off the hill when i was told that but somehow i helped myself. Tommorrow, i'm getting one from here after father assured me life goes that way over here. And, if i don't get the good deal at my bargained rate, i'm gonna get help of my relatives back there in Nepal to send power glass to me by express mail.
Will be back soon!!! tadaz


Anonymous said…
Really nice pictures. Seems like a wonderful place.
Good to know you are enjoying.
Anonymous said…
Nice pictures and nice place....
Kya gajaab ko pics rahechha yaar....
Navin said…
Prerana, yeah, i'm enjoying to see the part of this world. It's very nice, people are so civilized, good natural environment, better rules and regulations, human rights, and soo.. Automatic life, wow.. this is life. i guess :)

Aakar, yeap, those are the scenes from Santa Cruz, California. It's a great place to be in :)
Anonymous said…
i just watched those pictures..awesome!!!!!!!.....i thought there would be more of it when i would click READ MORE.........................
Navin said…
thank you lovsang.. oh..
the read more button is supposed to be that way, but i normally use it for very long long article or when i've to give credit to article, i put it in the read more section.

And that read more always shows up because, it's in the template. :)
never mind anyways.

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