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My experience with Google Earth

Since few days, i'm having a no free time to get online. I was kindda stuck to my own personal life matters. I sold my Desktop computer. I felt guilt complex. I'm quite excited but at the same time, anxiety is eating me up. I'm having a fast bowel due to anxiety and excitement. I think this is natural thing but still, i'm not being able to convince myself. The fear of loosing someone near and dear, all the things to which am attached, my place.. these things are occupied inside my mind. But whatever, for 'best', sometimes we've to move on from 'good'. Prerana has been really an interesting human being who always supported me when i was in confusion. She let me know how she experienced when she reached UK. Similarly, Jyoti, my old college friend.. he also advised me couple of things which i must appreciate. And my cousin brother who has recently been to Euro Tour told me all new things about the western environment,culture and roads. I liked his photographs standing nearby real-life dummies of bigtime celebrities like Elvis Presley. My Awu(Uncle) slightly teasing me about the good place, i'm going to be at. This all is becoming an overwhelming turmoil of excitement and fascination inside me. I still has to sell so many things. Give my old clothes to everyone who need them like old village children who don't have enough clothing on those cold winter days.

I just have been busy with google earth recently. My father has been seeing us all time from his fast ADSL connection using Google Earth. Google has not stitched all the terrain of earth but still, it's good to see, most of the places have been covered. This led me to use google earth myself and i was so glued to it for whole day that i almost cached all popular places that i'd like to see in later time. Out of curiosity, i found the places like the Santa Cruz,my own house,her(prerana's location) and her school and so many other beautiful places. Besides, this new google Earth Beta 4 has Google sky and i was so excited to see all those galaxy and stars. It's just so wonderful feelings to explore our universe inside this little screen. I think google is doing great jobs.

Shelton Fields,UK


For dowload and other info on google earth, click here
PS:- Google Earth is no more BETA!!! I just found that out. Have fun.


Anonymous said…
Waaaa, it's so nice to see your hometown. Looks lovely (along with my ghar too HEHEHHE)
Yayyyyy to Google Earth!
Anonymous said…
Oh, my boyfriend is hooked, too! Instead of using a search engine to know where a certain city is, he uses Google Earth. :D
Navin said…
prerana, yaaay to google earth..

Myam,Yeah, Google earth is so dynamic and i spent whole one day searching all my favorite places around the world.
Anonymous said…
I hope they have no photo from me - laying at the pool with nothing else with me than a dring.... So please be so kind and mark the special points with a black bar. THX

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