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My Trip to San Francisco, USA

14 Sept 2007 -> Today is my departure date. I'm leaving my country Nepal at 2 pm. It was a very busy,hectic and tensed moments since morning. Almost all my relatives,friends and family members gathered to see-off us.

At around 11:00 am, all of them were there. It was a huge crowd out there. My mother was crying like baby as if she is not gonna see us ever. But she's is mom and may be she is going to miss us. Her eyes were swollen due to crying.

Since it's flight(Thai Airlines) at 2:00 pm, we've to get to airport around an hour earlier but thinking the 'Teej'(Nepali Women's festival) and the Traffic Jam it would cause from the Boudha to Airport route, we already headed towards Airport at around 12:00 pm. Still we couldn't make it in time. It was worst JAM i've ever seen. We stuck for an hour in that JAM and later someone let us know about the shortcut. We followed that route and in the way, requested Traffic police to have way for us and they let us go conveniently.

So, at around 1:15, our Uncle Awu Lakpa and Samden were there little earlier than us and were waiting for us. They were more than happy for us. We exchanged best regards and marched towards the airport checking queue. Awu's waived goodbye to us and i was cursing this festival Teej which deprived lots of my known ones to come there at time. Whatever, all the luggage and document checkings were done and finally my father and we two brothers were on board. We flew for Thailand Transit and it took around 3 hours to reach there.

It was my first experience on plane and i was real scared to death experience when it took off. I had been to chartered chopper before and i didn't find it that scary but this boeing plane really made me scared at first. I felt if it would go down or something like that. It's passe now. After that, i changed two more planes and i didn't feel that much fear like in first one. So, when we reached thailand, it was already 6:30 pm but my wrist-watch was showing me around 5:00 pm NST. So, on the way, i lost around one and half hour of Nepalese time.

That evening we stayed at NOVOTEL hotel of Thailand and it was one of the good hotel in Bankok. Very luxurious, stylish and design was nicely engineered. Before we take a nap, we thought to take a quick tour of thailand and a cab driver CHOW was at our service. He was a good guide and cab driver for us as he let us know so many things about Thailand. His cab was one of the best and it's even better than the most expensive car owner's car in Nepal. Highways were so subtle,clean and much much developed. Overhead crossed highways, big multi-lanes they were all great. I really enjoyed being there. Weather was little hotter than in Nepal and people were so friendly out there. Much civilized than Nepalese. Last word, Thailand has been a great short tour for us. And, Thailand is developed city. May be there are many poor livings in the countryside but still, the capital city can compete with the charms of the developed western cities.

And, we took a bath at NOVOTEL hotel, had dinner and slept. Next morning, we're onboard for Taipei,Taiwan- our next transit. This time it's China airlines with all the fancy stuffs inside. I watched movie,played games and used GPS. It was all attached to the the seats and looked quite scientific. That foldable mini screen looked like some fancy gadget from sci-fi movies. Whatever, i enjoyed this flight a lot and didn't notice much like how fast the 4 hours time passed.
Later, we were on Taiwan Airport and we had to wait there for 3 hours to get onboard for our next flight to San Francisco. So, 3 hours were so much for me. I was searching to eat some food and found a place where 'free wi-fi internet' was written. I took out my laptop and connected to that cafe's router. It was easy go and i started surfing internet while eating sandwiches. The connection speed is very high. I really felt glad. Time passed and we were on board for San Francisco. We're told it's approx. 8 hours flight which for me was going to be very tiresome and tedious journey. Some how i didn't notice it as long as i thought because i slept onboard and it was night flight and when we landed San Francisco it's 7 pm in the evening. Friend of my father came to receive us and we headed for our residence. By the time we reached our home, it was midnight, i couldn't sleep since i already slept in Plane and again it's a night to go. So, i slept very late that evening(That was Saturday evening in USA).

Today, here it's Sunday evening 10:34 pm and in Nepal, it's 11:15 am early in the Monday morning.


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