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This is my last post

This is my last post. So far, i've posted so many things on different topics. Many people appreciated it. The proof is lots of emails i get thanking me for putting up some worthwhile topics. I really don't know what motivated me to blog but it's just the transition from paper to computer. I used to write my things on paper but with this blog, i'm doing things completely on computers. My lots of habit have changed overtime. And i don't regret. This is also my last post because, now on i'm not writing any words for this blog. So many topics came into my mind and mostly i put my thoughts which is tech-related. Being fun-loving in nature (though at first, i'm bit reserved but once getting to know each-other, i'm a wild animal) my most of the blogposts are also dedicated towards humor and satire. I also wrote lots of topics criticizing different subjects which we come through during our day to day life. Bottom line:- This is my last post for my blog. I thank all my readers for supporting me and reading my blog daily.

'We're the Men' - Last photograph of this place taken at Kazi dai's house
(from left)My father,Awu(uncle)Lakpa,Samdup(small cousin),my bro Tsering and Phinjo,my Grandfather,myself, Urken(cousin), Awu(uncle) Samden and Kazi dai

Since this is my last post, i've no more words to write but, BUT, It's only for 1 week. What did you think?? I am gonna go for ever. Nope. Technically this is my last post from here(Nepal) but i'll be posting more after a week. ehehehe.. Till then, miss me! umm.. that would be bit over.. umm miss my post :)


Anonymous said…
I nearly had a heart attack again
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
phewwww. for a moment i thought you were really dissapearing from meroguff.
Anonymous said…
I thought I had just found your blog...and you were going to disappear!

I like the pen with its own supply of paper - very cool!
Anonymous said…
Wow its something cool. god bless both of them and good vice should be win.
Anonymous said…
well its totally youre choice what can i say to you.
Navin said…
Ashish, lol..

Diane, thank you very much, i really appreciate that you liked the post and yeah, i'm not going to disappear so soon.

We youth, you've not read my full post, i'm not gonna leave this blog. it's just a way of writing. ehehehe

Hey, i'm in america and i'm typing these words off here in San Francisco
Anonymous said…
u going for study purpose.. ?
Navin said…
ah , to be an american citizen :).. yea work annd study

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