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USB 3.0 is new standard

Started off with USB 1.1 standard to now considered USB 2.0 as the fastest USB standard is going to be deluded very soon. It's because, new standard USB 3.0 is coming on its way very soon. USB is so ubiquitous that i'm sure nobody needs it's whole definition. We know it as a Universal serial bus(USB) in an unabridged form.

If we see carefully,almost all addons like digicam,portable harddrive, portable media players,mouse,keyboard, network card,wireless adapter,mobile phones, almost every tech gadget use USB standard as a medium to connect to each other. It won't be exaggeration if we call this current time as USB era in techworld. Before i start blabbering more on USB. Let me reveal some important things that i know.

When USB was first introduced, i didn't care much about it. I only knew it's bandwidth is faster than serial ports in motherboard. I used to think why would anyone need 12Mbps USB mouse just to move cursor on the screen. But today i know, to get the precision and massive mouse use on networked games, high bandwidth mouse and
keyboard is a must for faster response.

Normally, USB 1.1 had only 12 Mbps and USB 2.0 that we are using today has 480 Mbps
bandwidth theoritically. It's not wise to mistake Mbps with MBps. I want to clear this confusion with practical example.
I learnt (as a school goer):
1 bit= 1 or 0
byte = 8 bit
KiloByte(KB)=1024 byte and
MegaByte=1024 KiloByte(KB)
and so

For now, just remember above things.

Say, i used 56.6 Kbps modem. Lets try to find it's real speed in KB per second.

56.6 kbps x 1000 = 56600 bits
56600/8 = 7075 bytes
7075/1024 = 6.9 KB per second.

Theoritically, 56.6 Kbps modem is capable of transfering approx. 7 KB(KiloBytes) of data per second(which is not a reality when it comes to practical use due to packet compression,network latency and protocol it uses.)

Now, USB 1.1 had 12 Mbps transfer speed, that means 12 x 1000 x 1000 = 12000000/8 = 1500000 bytes/1024=1464.84375/1024=1.43MBps

USB 2.0 has 480 Mbps transfer speed, that means 480 x 1000 x 1000 = 480000000/8=60000000 bytes/1024=58593.75/1024= 57.22 MBps.

Now, theoritically, USB 1.1 was able to transfer 1.43 MB of data per second only whereas USB 2.0 is able to transfer approx 58 MB of data per second. We're using USB 2.0 standard.

Within few months USB 3.0 is coming in the market. Imagine what would be it's speed? ha ha ha.. it's massive 4.8 Gbps. I'm eager to calculate it's transfer speed in MBps.
4.8 x 1000 x 1000 x 1000 = 4800000000 bits
4800000000/8=600000000 Bytes
600000000/1024=585937 KB
585937/1024=572 MB--------------
So, copying 1 GB file would be done in 2 seconds theoritically. :)

I'm gonna love this USB 3.0 standard. This 4.8 Gbps USB 3.0 is ten times faster than today's 480Mbps USB 2.0. And this USB 3.0 would be equally backward compatible with old ports. Just like USB 2.0 is backward compatible with old ports. May be you've noticed, when you plugged in high USB speed Device to old USB port, a message popping up, "this device can perform better in higher speed USB port or something like that" i don't remember what was the exact phrase but i really did mention, it could perform better in high speed port.

I think this standard is more productive for people who has to move GigaBytes of data from here to there in regular interval. No more coffee break while transferring data and hence more time is saved for productive use. :)


Anonymous said…
I am a computer operator but still I didn’t understand this, by the why where r u? After link sharing you never come back on my blog.
Navin said…
I'm in US, Santa Cruz, and most pro'lly you must have seen my few days old post depicting myself in it and picturesque places i live in these days.
Anonymous said…
I am not talking about that BHAIYA’s kulfi its original (Muslim) kulfi and if you never eat real India kulfi then I must say to r not lucky.
Navin said…
oops, for not eating a mere indian icecream or whatever, i don't consider myself unlucky. Life is far better than that to have and feel lucky. i would rather ditch indian dishes(O course, KULFI hehe)and still call myself so lucky eating daal-bhat and didho-gundruk ko tarkari..
But the food,am having these's real new experience. :)
by the way, how old are you? (pss!! is that offensive)

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