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How GAY are you?

Well, GAY has a different meaning than the one I used to think. You LADY, yeah you(you enlightened me on this regard), always tell your friends 'GAY' right?? now, i've found a tool online. It's called GAYOMETER. Just give answers to around 30 questions and it'll tell you how GAY are you.. funny yeah? About me?? HOW GAY AM I?? well, the answer is inside(Please click the 'read more' link below) This is my GAYOMETER RESULT : ---------------------------- NAVIN is 30% GAY! Loosen up my Straight Mate. These days women like a man with some softer edges to grab onto. ---------------------------- Want to try for yourself, here is the link :

"Ask Donald J. Trump Contest" Winner: A Nepalese

Rajesh Shakya Rajesh Shakya is the 'Ask Donald J. Trump Contest' winner. Donald J. Trump selected his question as the winning question out of the 564 entries. Personally, it really made us feel great, when we as a Nepalese is proud to introduce us to the world with some award winning honoring events. Donald J. Trump What was his question to "Donald J. Trump"? and what was Trump's Answer?(please click the 'read more' link below) Rajesh’s Winning Question to Donald J. Trump . . . “When you are at the peak of success, how do you manage not to fall from there? What do you enjoy most, success or the journey to success?” And the answer from Donald J. Trump . . . “The two most important things to consider are focus and momentum. If you lose either one of them, it’s hard to stay at the peak of your form. Safeguard them both and your chances for continued success are much greater. “I am fortunate in that I enjoy the process as well as the finished result. I enjoy t

Computer Technology

"We bought a new computer yesterday. I am also ready to purchase a new desktop computer and your advice will be appreciated," my sister in Kathmandu, a wonderful woman and about to be married, told me over the phone. "I expect that all members of your family will become proficient at the computer, including your son. Enjoy your new computer and learn from it. I learn much by it every day." I told her. "I can't advise you on the manufacturer since I know nothing about it. Quality is extremely important because you want to avoid repairs, which are expensive. If you buy a cheap computer with poor quality, then you will spend a lot of money buying replacement parts and paying for the labor to have them installed." "Here in the US, I buy only the DELL brand, which is more expensive, but it has an excellent reputation for quality (reliability), which means I rarely have to buy new parts and pay to have them installed. In the US, the reliability rat

A javascript trick that'll blow your mind

Today, i've come up with a very special Javascript trick that'll only and only work with Internet Explorer and i'm sure, someone will chew his/her fingers due to eye-dropping effects. What you've to do is, launch Internet Explorer , load a very image-rich colorful website (like geez), copy and paste the javascript code (for javascript code please click the 'read more' link below... ) and hit ENTER key. The next thing you'll see is unbelievable. Don't worry, it's just safe,nothing serious but just fun. I hope you'd like this trick. And here is the code below, copy it and paste it in the browsers address bar and hit ENTER key BUT, LOAD SOME COLORFUL WEBSITE BEFORE PASTING AND HITTING ENTER KEY,ELSE IT WON'T WORK. javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i-DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position='absolute&

Farmers take to Internet surfing during leisure

SYANGJA,NEPAL Oct 19 - Farmers here in Mapatari VDC of Syangja have grown a curious interest. After a long day's labor, many farmers here spend time at the village Community Information Center surfing the information superhighway. Jagat Bahadur KC, one among such farmers who has become fond of information technology lately, quips, "Though I am a farmer by occupation, how can I stay detached from information technology in this age?" (please click the 'read more' link below) "We learn about each and every thing going on in our district by coming to the Center," another farmer Ganga Bahadur Gurung says, "All the more, the internet even provides information about the whole world." Gurung says that he travels for an hour everyday from his village Pelkachaur VDC to learn computer in Mapatari VDC. These zealous farmers got the chance to be acquainted with computers only after Nepal Rural Information and Technology Society brought two computers to M

How to trace email address??

The objective of this post is 'how to trace any email address'? I'm not going to talk about email-clients(outlook,bat,etc) because, it won't let us see more than what we see. Rather i will be writing about web-based email address. I've email addresses on hotmail,gmail and yahoo. I shall be discussing about what i know. What are email headers? How to trace email address(Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo)? UPDATES(inside): (please click the 'read more' link below') Tracing email address was not that hard before but these days, it's some what restricted for normal eyes. The reason, it's restricted because, so many abusers started to abuse the header(what is header information, please read below) informations of emails and it was also the privacy leak since expert email-readers could figure out whereabouts of email senders. Well, still i can find all whereabouts of email senders. What are email headers? Email headers are some lines made up of some strange details

Firefox annoyances and speed-up hacks

I was having a terrible experience with Mozilla firefox recently. Even after updating it to latest version, some of my own problems weren't solved. So, i was reading a book on Firefox hacks and i was astonished to find that it worked with the solutions given. Today, i'm sharing em with my readers. Hope that would work. My problems : 1. Firefox crashing all the time, when some plugins loaded or when so many websites open at the same time. 2. Lousy firefox startups(memory problems) (please click the 'Read More' link below) Solutions for my problems: 1. Firefox crashing all the time, when some plugins loaded or when so many websites open at the same time. My solution: I was damn surprised that Firefox is not optimised for type of connection. It's just optimized for barely sustaining internet connection. I mean it would work great for Dial-up but i'm surfing net on broadband and when i tried to load so many many pages with multimedia streaming and so, for no reason

How to Create

To create email id with, follow the link below: well, Why msn? why not be with MSN ? because, you can't easily register with and it's said, it's a premium MSN service. I think it's a prestigious to have somename@msn for some people. (please click the 'read more' link below)

Street magic and Shakira

David Blaine's Street Magic and Wonderful Shakira. (please click the 'read more' link below) David Blaine's Street Magic Update: And Shakira?? well... it's a parody. Shakira is my FavFemSinger but whoever did this, i didn't feel anything bad. Because, even Shakira must be laughing watching her parody. ROFL

UFO sightings in Nepal

It was July 2007 and i was watching some movies in the evening. Suddenly, all the indian News channel went rampant on displaying UFO sightings in Karnal. It was so bizarree and unusual to witness such thing however i didn't believe much. But, when people being interviewed were so frightened, surrounded by anxiety and briefing all things what they saw, it somehow made me believe it. Out of curiousity, i thought to make a blog post on that topic but i pulled my writing hand back because, it could be so nonsense topic. (please click the 'read more' link below) Today, i'm calling that topic back, because, someone sent on my mail the embed code of something strange they watched. It was UFO sighting and i tried to check frame by frame scenes of that video. He didn't mention where was the video taken but he just wrote it as unbelievable. Truly, it was a rare capture, done by people like you and me. I used to see, amateur videos of UFO sightings,they were so unnatural. Som

STAR VOICE OF INDIA - my perspective

Believe it or not, STAR VOICE OF INDIA (VOI) is one of it's own kind. We're addicted to Indian Idol but if i've to admit, i'd say VOI is the best and singers are damn genuine than Indian Idol's. If we listen to singers from both programs, judge them and make a decision, then we'd definitely vote for VOI. I've been watching VOI since it's early few first shows. Their stage was not bright enough initially but as episodes ended one after another, their stages were made more vibrant,funky and lively. Singers are very talented but the songs they sing, at times, are not so good or not upto their standard. (please click the 'read more' link below) Once, i heard Toshi(a singer in VOI) singing something like "dard-e-disco, blah blah.. newyork, san francisco, dard-e-disco".. i was nearly dead hearing that lyrics and laughed on and on intermittently . I tried to find who the hell wrote that lyrics and which hindi movie it belonged to. I was astoni

GOOGLE does wonders ( YouTube Video Ads, YouTube in Google Earth )

I don't know why but i'm too much obsessed with google and it's services. These days, i'm trying to find what google is upto. Well, i'm not aware exactly on which date, they released particular services but some of the latest features, at least for me, they are here. (please click the 'read more' link below) YouTube Checkbox in Layers First off all, Now on we can have the Google's YouTube videos on GoogleEarth. If you go to the Layers(Bottom left) and tick that Youtube checkbox, there will be lots of YouTube videos on google map. I think this is the most exciting part. YouTube Icons on Google earth. Clicking em will launch the videos I checked couple of locations and their relevant videos, and i related myself too much. Everything was cool. I'm not much happy with the video of Nepal. I took a glance at one of the video from Kathmandu and there it was shown a very busy road, congested ..feels like no one to control traffic, so uncivilized, and so po

How to download YouTUBE video and save it to harddisk

While some video sharing sites are giving download link as an option still some conventional and big popular sites like YouTube is not letting us easily download all those videos we liked. (please click the 'read more' link below) Saving videos were easy jobs for hardcore geeks but for normal user? do they know how to dig into temporary internet folder and get what he has just seen? Some are even frustrated to download browser plugins which show 'Download' links during mouse over to the YouTUBE videos.Be it firefox or IE, plugins always sucked. They just made your browser crash or sometime, didn't work due to lots of compatibility issues, version fuss and bugs.. pheww.. Here is a very reliable and easy alternative. Kiss YouTube !!! yeah, KissYoutube used to be a and still it's . It let you rip the video off online. But now, it's giving us downloadable alternative. Download KissYouTube I mean, we've to download

Where does google store all the mails and stuffs??

Well, it does store all of em.. umm. check this pic below?? (please click the 'read more' link below) Got any idea?? We all know, google is the pioneer in giving us free 1 GB space when MSN hotmail was charging us $19 per year for 250 MB. Following the google's trend, others followed the same. Now, it's so shameful to provide anything less than 2 GB for free. GOOGLE TEAM, thank you guys, you revolutionized the way we used emails. Coming to the point, so far we believed that google's gmail with 2 GB would be much more to fill it up with mails. Someone even calculated how much time would be needed to fill all those gmail space. It was like 10-15 years. geez :) Now, that's become white lie. GMAIL users are short of space. WHAACK.. they filled their space?? that's true.. i don't know how but they did. I call em extreme living beings. Who lives always to the extreme limit. It's a big challenge to GMAIL as they initiated their project few years ago with na

Australia to ban LCD and Plasma screens

Australia is planning to ban plasma television and LCD sets. Aussie government is in the move to pass a law and if this law relating to technology gets approved. ALL LCD and PLASMA screens would be banned from Australia. The law which advocates proposed energy-efficiency rating system is the major threat for Aussie dealers dealing with these screens. (please click the 'read more' link below) According to one survey, Aussie citizens are demanding more and more LCD and Plasma screens as compare to conventional aging CRT screens. This is the main reason which could cause acute energy shortage and to prevent that, this step is taken. It's not me, it's Aussie government saying that way. They also are stating that these newer,bigger and slimmer screens are consuming more electricity juice that old CRTs. Now, i don't know how is this possible. I'm always made known and i read myself too that LCD are more power efficient that CRT. Whatever it's, it is their business

Nigeria denied Bill Gates Visa

Few days ago, when Nigeria Government denied Bill Gates Visa to Nigeria, it became news. His foundation donates huge sum of money to area where people are more exposed to AIDS. His foundation donates money to AIDS victim in Nepal too. (please click the 'read more' link below) bill gates But whatever, after few hassle-fassles, he visited Nigeria. Needless to say, one of the worlds most poorest country and infamous Scams they are involved into, there is few hope for them after billionaire Gates shell out some money out there. But why did they deny Bill Gates at first?? The Nigerian government required proof that the billionaire chairman of Microsoft would not stay in the country and become a drain on Nigeria's social services. It's ridiculous seeking proof like that.

Experts call for advanced ICT to fight disasters

Are we well prepared to deal with natural disasters? Do we have the technology required? These were questions raised at an interaction programme organized by Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) on Emergency Communication Systems, Tuesday. Suresh Ojha CAN-USA representative and RF/Microwave R&D engineer sated that California and Kathmandu shared the same seismic history, adding it was high time caution was taken to prevent extensive casualties after an earthquake. (please click the 'read more' link below) "Even though Nepal Army does have units to deal with natural disasters in all 75 districts, the technology we use is not advanced enough to mitigate the impact substantially,"stated Col. Kumar Dangol, Head at Research and Development Directorate, Army Headquarters. CAN president Biplav Man Singh stated that active emergency communication systems in Nepal were present in dams where once the water level exceeded the acceptable level. As siren goes off, that ale

Good Old version: Because Newer is not always better

Sometimes, when we upgrade certain programs, in the hope that it would get us something new and beneficial, instead it brings on sorrows and series of more expenditures to make. Lets take a scenario, someone upgraded his/her old software thinking he/she is not up-to-date with the world and just after he/she upgraded, he/she starts experiencing slowdowns, memory-hogs, program crashes and so. It's because, not always new things are better. If something old is giving us what we want, then why to upgrade and bear unnecessary problems? (please click the 'read more' link below) Few months ago, when i upgraded some of the programs on my pc, it worked good for some moment and started to create havoc thereafter. The most serious problem with the most 'updated softwares' is that they don't keep up with old hardware. Thinking to run Windows Vista on normal mediocre P4 is invitation to nightmares. I just talked about OS but this rule goes to every single software runn

Steganography - There's always a simple way to do it.

Steganography is the way of hiding crucial or secret informations. In computer terms, it's known as or popular for hiding text files into image photo files. So, when newbie opens an image files, he/she sees nothing but image file but it's only you, who could see the ALL THE SECRET INFORMATIONS put up into it. YOU DON'T NEED TO USE PROFESSIONAL SOFTWAREs to hide your informations into an Image file . There's always a simple way to do complex things. Today, i'm going to show the same simple method you can execute using some simple techniques. (please click the 'read more' link below) Requirements: * Winrar(unzipping tool) - I use Winrar because, it's better than any other zipping/unzipping utility. Better?? the compression rate is higher, that's the deal. * An image file( any photos) * Text (*.txt) files with VIP informations I'm using Vista home premium , this trick works in Vista. In windows XP , i've been using this all the time. Steps: 1

Burma Crisis and Malicious Code

Crisis in Burma and international attention it's drawing is becoming the main cause of the most PC infections around the world. If you get email with the following message, " (please click the 'read more' link below) Dear Friends & Colleagues, Please find enclosed a massage from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in support of the recent pro-democracy demonstrations taking place in Burma. This is for your information and can be distributed as you see fit. Best wishes. Tenzin Taklha Joint Secretary Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama " and if you open the attachment, which is Microsoft word document, then your PC's will be injected a malicious codes. This email looks so authenticate and so convincing, that even an intelligent user could be tricked into opening file. please read this link for more information

Biggest Mac Fans

Some people are so obsessed with something. I was astonished to find out that these are the people who have whole MAC/apple in collection manufactured till date. They are so obsessed with it that they've converted their living house into Mac Museum. (please click the 'read more' link below) James Savage's spare room Never seen this much obsession or madness for particular brand. Here is Jame's podcast . If someone is equally interested, he/she can check this other two sites too. Jeremy's and JD's . All mac fans.

Full Online Movies and Videos

Do you have excellent high speed broadband internet connection? When i was back there in Nepal, my internet connections sucked bigtime. Almost all ISP's(except SPICE NEPAL.. GEEZ :> ) out there suck bigtime. It's my wonderful experience here that am being able to download almost 100 MB file in 10-15 minutes. Thanks to high speed internet connection over here. With such a high speed internet connection, i can watch online TV , online movies and videos and so many other streaming multimedia contents. I use ONLINELIVE, a software which let me watch/listen to almost all FM stations, Pay TV channels and even Adult Channels(which i've no interest on). If you've excellent internet connection, you can download this from anywhere off the net. Just use google and download it for your service. I'm not going to refer to warez contents that let us download unlimited movies,songs and video but some people from Australia have created something like PEEKVID.COM. In this site,

The best morons

Let's have some fun. These are some stupid people not professional enough in their field for what they are doing. And they become MORONs, bloopers, whatever you say. Check this video out: Morons

How to find if someone has blocked you in MSN messenger

Any idea?? how to find if someone has blocked you on msn messenger?? well, not a fullproof idea but it works to some extent. It's called Triople MSN Block checker. and, nah, you don't need to enter your hotmail address/password. nothing like that. It just scans the port where the msn messengers sent packets. Simply type in the email address and check if they've blocked you or not There are certain things to follow up. If the person has set certain rules on his msn client, then this msn block checker may not give accurate result. To view what's it all about and check the person's email id if he/she has blocked you or not, CLICK HERE And, the traditional method is to add that person from another id. If that person blocks you in one id, but you see him/her online from another id, you obviously know what's the deal after then. Well, MSN messenger can't be run more than one instance. So, i suggest you to use, aMSN. Download it from here

Santa Cruz downtown street festival

Last weekend, we're just visiting places and there was street festival going on in Santa Cruz downtown. Lots of cars were modified into different things. People were gazing, staring at those wonderfully decorated pieces. One car was like lady's heel. One car was shaped like a pumpkin and so. Our attentions were drawn by guitar strings being strummed. We went to that direction and found some band was testing their instruments and microphone. After that little wait, i managed to record their performing video on my mobile phone. I enjoyed when i was listening to that band. Later, many people started to dance on their music. You can see that on this video. In the middle, my bro thought their song resembled to hindi music. I think he murmered that somewhere in this video. some band performing This car was decorated in such a way that it looked like a motherboard and chipset came out of the PC cabinet and took a shape of car Same car covered with innumerous Chips and IC boards

Nokia's marketting policy which indirectly criticizes iPhone's limited use

Nokia's marketting seems like a slap to Apple iPhone's limited user and limited service policy. Nokia posters in Newyork