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GOOGLE does wonders ( YouTube Video Ads, YouTube in Google Earth )

I don't know why but i'm too much obsessed with google and it's services. These days, i'm trying to find what google is upto. Well, i'm not aware exactly on which date, they released particular services but some of the latest features, at least for me, they are here.
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YouTube Checkbox in Layers

First off all, Now on we can have the Google's YouTube videos on GoogleEarth. If you go to the Layers(Bottom left) and tick that Youtube checkbox, there will be lots of YouTube videos on google map. I think this is the most exciting part.

YouTube Icons on Google earth. Clicking em will launch the videos

I checked couple of locations and their relevant videos, and i related myself too much. Everything was cool. I'm not much happy with the video of Nepal. I took a glance at one of the video from Kathmandu and there it was shown a very busy road, congested ..feels like no one to control traffic, so uncivilized, and so polluted. As, i checked the hoardings and tried to check the views clearly, it was pretty old video. Almost 8-9 years. Now, this is gonna repell the tourists to visit our country. They might or might not think before making their trip schedules.

Whatever, i'm pretty much excited about this new feature. Google, once again you rock guys!!!

And, next is about Adsense. I've been thinking about Video Ads and never really cared about one. But recently, if i go to my Adsense account and check the script part to put on any site, there i would see 'YouTube Google Ad'. This one is very intriguing.

I tried to get YouTube video AD script nagged me asking quite a details like 'my adsense email account,my phone number,location and other things'. To use this feature, i also had to have YouTUBE account. That means, if i don't have YouTUBE account, i can't use YouTUBE video ADs anymore. Finally, giving my some details regarding my adsense account and YouTube account, i got my script and i've put that script on the link below at the bottom of this page.

Last but not the least, if you really want to know what happens exactly when you make 'searches' on google. Then you've to watch small flash animation on the following link. It will let you know all the core inside of google, when you type certain keywords and press that search button.

Here is the link


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