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UFO sightings in Nepal

It was July 2007 and i was watching some movies in the evening. Suddenly, all the indian News channel went rampant on displaying UFO sightings in Karnal. It was so bizarree and unusual to witness such thing however i didn't believe much. But, when people being interviewed were so frightened, surrounded by anxiety and briefing all things what they saw, it somehow made me believe it. Out of curiousity, i thought to make a blog post on that topic but i pulled my writing hand back because, it could be so nonsense topic.
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Today, i'm calling that topic back, because, someone sent on my mail the embed code of something strange they watched. It was UFO sighting and i tried to check frame by frame scenes of that video. He didn't mention where was the video taken but he just wrote it as unbelievable. Truly, it was a rare capture, done by people like you and me. I used to see, amateur videos of UFO sightings,they were so unnatural. Some even tossed the coin up, took a picture and tried to bluff people that it was a UFO indeed. Regardless of that, after watching this video below, i'm compelled to write something on UFO. Few years ago, there was HALLA(gossips) of UFO's crash landing in Nepal. May be Nepalese media didn't pay much attention but few of Nepalese bloggers made fun of it and made some posts on April 1st. I thought, any UFO cases were as fradulent as counterfeit money. Now, i'm gradually changing my perceptions.

These extra-terrestrial beings also named by us as Alien might come to study about our civilization. Who knows? As fictioned in movies, they might not be violent and deadly, but it's for sure, that the director morphed the character according to the description they got from the real-life witnesses. After all, to some extent, movies are reflections of our day to day life. And, thats how we presume, Alien as with shiny purple head, two big eyes, no ear, no nose but little tiny hole like mouth, strange tiny body. ...etc etc.

You really gotta check this video below. To me, it's not a movie video, it's not a game video, and nothing like that tricks done.. or if you guys find what this video has got really, please mail me as usual.

And, the mid July, 2007, the case of UFO sighting in Karnal of India, where they were briefing like two bright objects in the sky in evening held on there for almost 2 hours in still position. Check this video below, Star news channel briefings:

In Conclusion, it is also believed that most of the country's top security officers are aware of the existense of extra-terrestial life forms. It's just that they are suppressing the evidence of Unidentified flying objects. I also firmly believe that they do might have sample of such objects or aliens evidences. I always wondered when i saw many sudden glimpses of bright object at night, it was not always falling stars or meteors, it could be UFO then. It's silly to make wishes if it was UFO and thinking it as shooting stars(anyway, it's just a myth of making wish). Whatever, thinking of UFO has now started to dilute the mind cells of mine, What is beyond that SKY?


Anonymous said…
Hmmmm, these things are so hard to believe.
Navin said…
for me too, but i'm changing my perception
Anonymous said…
So for a long time we have been listening about UFO thing. there is lots of movies and documentaries and films are filmed about it .among them this video seems to me pretty much real .
by watching this video all the scientist who dosen't believe about UFO must think about it .Iam very much interested about these type of thing so we must bring this thing to highlight and put the truth about it wheather it is real or fake one
i dont know about the person who sent this video wheather he is faking us or he is really talking truth, concern person should investigate about it.and bring truth to us. we cant judge the reality of this video so we should take help about experct
Navin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Navin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Navin said…
now, i also believe there is something like UFO thing. i think government hide so many things regarding this extra-terrestrial thing.

Rujesh, if you search google with this keyword 'Area 51' You'll have some idea about what am i talking and thank you for your time :)

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